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General Knowledge Quiz #184

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Which "Clue" character was a shade of purple?
What country's official languages are Urdu and English?
What was the world's most popular social network from 2005-2008?
What "i" word describes a house made of snow?
What farming implement resembles a trident, but often has four tines instead of three?
Who wrote the detective novel "Murder on the Orient Express"?
What Disney princess has a name that means "beautiful" in French?
What Greek god was the leader of the nine muses?
What country promoted eating fondue as a way to bolster cheese sales?
What ceremony do Jewish boys celebrate at age 13?
What did Roger Bannister do in just 3 minutes 59.4 seconds?
What is the Italian name for Naples?
What does a person with Munchausen Syndrome pretend to be?
What is a word that can mean "to constantly remind" or "an old horse"?
What does a narcoleptic do at inopportune times?
What is the term for a decorative arrangement that depicts the birth of Jesus?
Nativity Scene
Who is the month of July named after?
What capital city is named after a general who defeated Napoleon?
What type of Greek bread sometimes has pockets?
What are the NASDAQ and NYSE?
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level 70
Nov 29, 2017
Please accept also "ran a/one mile"
level ∞
Nov 29, 2017
Ran will work now, thanks
level 70
Dec 30, 2017
I lived in Wellington for five years without ever knowing it was named after Napoleon's nemesis. It took a guy in Seattle, decades later, to let me know.
level 43
Apr 12, 2018
I hope you told him of the military exploits of General Seattle.
level 57
Apr 13, 2018
I grew up in Wellington till I was 16, and was never taught at school about Napoleon. I only know this because I visited UK and read history books.
level 27
Mar 28, 2018
Can you accept "Fall asleep" for question 15?
level ∞
Mar 29, 2018
level 54
Apr 12, 2018
I live in New Zealand and didn't get the Wellington one... Not gonna lie, little bit disappointed with myself, I had no idea XD
level 67
Apr 13, 2018
I figured that someone with Munchausen Syndrome would pretend to be the guy in the painting "The Scream"
level 66
Apr 13, 2018
Did Facebook really not pass MySpace until 2008? It felt like MySpace was dying by about mid-2006.
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