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General Knowledge Quiz #189

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: October 29, 2018
First submittedSeptember 18, 2018
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In what U.S. state would you find the Grand Canyon?
Give an example of a cardinal direction
North, South, East,
or West
In what sport would you say the word "touché" when hit?
What are the world's three most important staple crops?
What is the crime of starting fires called?
Who was the only Catholic president of the United States?
John F. Kennedy
During what party game might people chant "how low can you go"?
What is either the name of the fairy from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" or something
you need to play hockey?
What part of Dumbo's body was larger than normal?
His Ears
What series of conflicts between England and France lasted 116 years?
The Hundred Years' War
What city did Plato live in?
In what city would you find the headquarters of the United Nations?
New York City
What word is formed from the ancient Greek words for "star" and "sailor"?
What is the nickname of rolling a pair of ones in dice?
Snake Eyes
What city is connected to Washington D.C. via the "red telephone"?
In what movie did Tommy Lee Jones search every "farmhouse, henhouse,
outhouse, and doghouse" looking for Harrison Ford?
The Fugitive
Who named the Pacific ocean?
Ferdinand Magellan
What type of surgery was first performed by South African doctor
Christiaan Barnard in 1967?
Heart Transplant
level 68
Sep 18, 2018
Ear for ears?
level 72
Oct 29, 2018
Agreed. Either the question needs to be reworded to what "parts" of the body or the singular form of the answer should also be accepted.
level ∞
Oct 29, 2018
level 80
Oct 29, 2018
I like the "Who named the Pacific Ocean?" question. I didn't know the answer, but I was able to get it after about four or five guesses.

Jetpunk = learning. Hooray!
level 69
Oct 29, 2018
I really thought it was Balboa, but I guessed Magellan later.
level 78
Jul 12, 2019
Balboa never got much further than the Delaware River.
level 77
Oct 29, 2018
Origin of astronaut < Greek, combining form of ástron a star, constellation, akin to astḗr star; cf. aster, -aster2 From Ancient Greek ναύτης (naútēs, “sailor”).
level ∞
Oct 29, 2018
level 72
Oct 29, 2018
I tried heart surgery and organ transplant but didn't try heart transplant. Sigh.
level 77
Oct 29, 2018
I tried heart replacement, replacing a heart, even the desperate "giving a patient a new heart." (And I remember when that was in the news. Louis Washkansky only lived a couple of weeks before succumbing to pneumonia, but it was big, big news at the time. I just couldn't remember what it was called. Sad.)
level 56
Oct 30, 2018
Same here. I tried heart surgery and I tried transplant. I just didn't think to try them together. :-/ oops.
level 64
Nov 26, 2019
Should’ve tried open face surgery
level 61
Oct 30, 2018
What's wrong with "The 100 Yrs War?" That is exactly what I typed and did not receive credit?!?
level 78
Jul 12, 2019
What's wrong with E and A?
level 58
Oct 31, 2018
Richard Kimble: I didn't kill my wife. Samuel Gerard: I don't care.
level 75
Dec 7, 2019
Where you at, Desmondo?
level 26
Nov 7, 2018
The Bushes were also catholics, and presidents - so that question needs revising.
level 78
Jul 12, 2019
Your source needs eviscerating.
level 68
Dec 17, 2018
The Fugitive sounds like a good movie; just wish that I had heard of it before taking this quiz.
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