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Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: March 20, 2020
First submittedMarch 19, 2020
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What do female mosquitoes eat that male mosquitoes don't?
What giant fire-breathing creature emerged from Tokyo Bay in an iconic 1954 movie?
What is composed of four different "nucleobases" abbreviated by the letters G, C, A, and T?
What is the last name of father/son politicians Pierre and Justin?
What have some weather stations in the Atacama Desert never once recorded?
What was the profession of 4 or 12 of the Apostles of Jesus?
What Russian monk met his end in 1916 when he was poisoned, shot, and then
dropped into a river?
Grigori Rasputin
What 21 day race typically travels through the Alps and Pyrenees before ending in Paris?
Tour de France
What "country" has a flag that features a white St Andrew's cross on a field of blue?
What country revalued its currency, the Bolívar, at a ratio of 1,000/1
in both 2008 and 2018?
What word refers to a three-sided polygon?
What do people have 20 of as children, and up to 32 of as adults?
In 1655, English soldiers set out to take Hispaniola from Spain. What island did
they conquer instead?
What country shares the island of Borneo with Malaysia and Indonesia?
What Hollywood actor has been romantically involved with two celebrities named Jennifer?
Ben Affleck
What is the name of bear who lives in England's "Hundred Acre Wood"?
Winnie the Pooh
Who, according to his father Leopold, was "the miracle which God let be born in Salzburg"?
Wolfgang Amadeus
In 1930 the Chrysler Building became the tallest building in the world.
What nearby building surpassed it just 339 days later?
Empire State
What beverage chain altered its "mermaid" logo to cover the nipples in 1987?
Who wore black for the rest of her life after the death of her husband Albert in 1861?
Queen Victoria
Level 77
Mar 20, 2020
100% on one of these after a long time.
Level 72
Mar 20, 2020
Please accept Pooh for Winnie the Pooh.
Level ∞
Mar 20, 2020
That will work now, thanks!
Level 83
Mar 22, 2020
Or Xi.
Level 77
Mar 20, 2020
I couldn't get Rumpelstiltskin out of my head. I knew the answer too.
Level 71
Mar 21, 2020
Maybe reword the Apostles question ...4 or 12 ?
Level 74
Sep 4, 2020
Yes. I assume it should read 'the profession of four of twelve of.." or 'the profession of four of the twelve..."
Level 60
Mar 23, 2020
Godzilla doesn't breathe fire - it's atomic breath.
Level 83
Mar 23, 2020
I second this.
Level 80
Mar 23, 2020
yeah it's ionized radiation
Level 56
Mar 23, 2020
Finished with 2:00 minutes, except for "Ben Affleck".
Level 67
Mar 28, 2020
So you didn't complete the quiz with 2 minutes remaining then?
Level 55
Mar 24, 2020
"Le Tour" alone should work along with "Le Tour de france".
Level 67
Mar 25, 2020
There should be a 'the' before 'bear' in the Pooh question.
Level 67
Mar 31, 2020
I know I'm being asinine here, but trigon is another name for a three-sided shape.
Level 59
Aug 21, 2020
I thought blood was drank not eaten
Level 55
Oct 30, 2020
Female mosquitoes suck. Literally.