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Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: May 10, 2020
First submittedMay 7, 2020
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What is the number 30 in Roman numerals?
Who, implausibly, turned back time by flying around the Earth really fast in a 1978 movie?
What would Volkswagen mean if you translated it into English?
People's Car
What device was first used by the government of France in 1792, and finally retired in 1977?
From what language do many words starting with AL come from, including
"algebra", "albatross", and "alcohol"?
What five digits come next in the series 2481632?
Name one of the two countries of the world that starts with A but doesn't end in A.
Afghanistan | Azerbaijan
In what movie does Dr. Richard Kimble try to find the one-armed man who killed his wife?
The Fugitive
What was St. Petersburg known as between 1924 and 1991?
Which playing card is also known as a knave?
What city was founded on the ruins of Tenochtitlan in 1524?
Mexico City
What country's ruler was forced to renounce his claim to be a divine being in 1946?
What country has by far the lowest level of economic freedom in the world,
according to the Heritage Foundation?
North Korea
What substances are commonly measured in Troy ounces?
Precious metals
and gems
Which three classical composers are known as the "Three B's"?
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johannes Brahms
What does P stand for in 3:00 PM?
Which Canadian province has the abbreviation BC?
British Columbia
In what European language are the letters A, I, O, U, W, and Z all valid words?
Level 75
May 9, 2020
Only Beethoven was a classical composer. Bach was a Baroque composer and Brahms a Romantic composer.
Level 79
May 9, 2020
Words can have more than one meaning:
Level 73
May 10, 2020
Yeah, I heard Bach bought his wife flowers every week, yet Brahms didn't even have a wife.
Level 68
Jun 21, 2020
@Dogbutt underrated comment,
Level 61
Jun 20, 2020
I would argue Beethoven was more of a Romantic in his later works.
Level 79
May 9, 2020
In Slovene valid words are A, O, K, H, S, V, Z 😊 As interjections also E, I, U.
Level 74
Mar 4, 2021
In Serbian A, E, I, L, Nj (it is a single sound), O, S, U. Maybe some else...
Level 82
May 9, 2020
Where you at, Desmondo?!!
Level 66
May 10, 2020
I don't get the question with the numbers, even after seeing the answer. What does it mean?
Level 73
May 10, 2020
2 | 4 | 8 | 16 | 32 | 64 | 128
Level 24
May 10, 2020
It's simply doubling 2 to eventually get 128.
Level 67
May 13, 2020
The last question is interesting. I wonder what the list would be for each country. Im not sure my language has any (exclamations/interjections excluded obviously) ow wait we have "u". English only "a" and "i" (though some might say "o" like in o'clock. But I consider it an abbreviation) I believe?

Would love to see this list (and to see which vowel is at the top)

It is not just about vowels I realised, we have a few more, though most are abbreviations. An accolade is required, though sometimes the word it came from doesn't exist anymore. Like 's, others are 't 'n 'r 'k. You would only find the 's in official documents though (the one where the original word is not used anymore)

Level 63
May 19, 2020
Of course, the USS Enterprise pioneered that technique a decade before Superman. Or a couple of centuries after him. Time travel - it's confusing! :)
Level 59
Jun 25, 2020
LOL. "Kirk" was my first answer.
Level 73
Jun 7, 2020
Lithuania is mainly Catholic. Is it not further north than Ireland (by about one degree, I fancy)?
Level 70
Jun 20, 2020
Came to write the same thing. Wikipedia states that northernmost point of Lithuania is at 56ΒΊ27' N and the northernmost point of Ireland is latitude: 55Β° 23β€² 4β€³ N.
Level ∞
Jun 20, 2020
That question has been replaced.
Level 78
Jun 20, 2020
I always forget Japan. So frustrating.
Level 60
Jun 20, 2020
Imagine citing The Heritage Foundation as a legitimate source. XD
Level 69
Jun 20, 2020
To be fair, most people this skeptical of the Heritage Foundation have no use for the concept of economic freedom.
Level 66
Jun 14, 2021
... at least as measured by The Heritage Foundation.
Level 40
Jun 21, 2020
I'm Polish and I didn't get the last one hahah. And that's true - a might be translated as "yet" i is "and" o means "about" u usually means "at" w means "in" and z means "with" ;))
Level 66
Jun 22, 2020
So I'm not alone with this one :)
Level 63
Nov 3, 2020
They almost made a big budget action movie about the three classical composers. Bruce Willis was going to play Beethoven, and Mickey Rourke had agreed to star as Brahms. Arnold Schwarzenegger simply said: "I will be Bach".