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General Knowledge Quiz #64

Answer these random trivia questions.
Last updated: March 10, 2015
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What did Cinderella's carriage turn into after midnight?
a Pumpkin
Dolly, the first clone, was what type of animal?
a Sheep
Until 1903, what stimulant was added to Coca-Cola?
What Greek titan was said to hold the Earth on his shoulders?
What is either a Black Sabbath song or a super hero?
Iron Man
What was the hunchback of Notre Dame's name?
What was New York serial killer David Berkowitz better known as?
Son of Sam
Who are the best-selling disco group of all time?
The Bee Gees
What Irish's writer's last words were supposedly "either those curtains go or I do"?
Oscar Wilde
What is the only country in which the Komodo Dragon is found in the wild?
What landmark was built for the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle?
The Space Needle
What is the main ingredient in borscht?
What is Cartman's first name?
Milli Vanilli and Ashley Simpson were both caught doing what?
Morrissey was the lead singer of what band?
The Smiths
Who does the Lorax speak for?
The Trees
What is the word for a corpse used for medical or scientific research?
What “live free or die” state has the lowest rate of seat belt use in the US?
New Hampshire
What Las Vegas hotel is shaped like an Egyptian pyramid?
The Luxor
Dungeness, King, and Spider are types of what?
level 72
Jan 24, 2013
Can't Quasimoto be accepted for the Hunchback?
level 28
Jan 25, 2013
Quasimoto is the correct spelling according to the first google search
level 65
Aug 3, 2015
Only if you search for the wrong thing.
level 53
Aug 3, 2015
Only sort of...if you Google "Quasimoto" you get references to a hip-hop producer, not a character in "Hunchback".
level 48
Feb 6, 2013
Would have thought that miming should be ok alternative to Lip-Synching?
level 68
Dec 3, 2015
Me too. I'm British and would always say miming.
level 46
Nov 16, 2016
Also tried miming
level 45
Apr 18, 2014
Who are these people who have never heard of the smiths???!!?!???!!
level 44
May 2, 2014
Me, for one. I'm a middle-aged classic rock type. The Smiths aren't really my era or genre.
level 64
Jul 13, 2014
put my hand up! Never heard of them either!
level 70
Jul 21, 2014
Please don't confuse "don't know lead singer" with "never heard of". I don't know the lead singer of the Bee Gees, either (though I'd probably get the last name).
level 75
Jul 30, 2014
You've only got three to choose from - Barry, Maurice or Robin.
level 25
Jan 7, 2016
Meaningless songs in very high voices?
level 66
Sep 12, 2014
Who, or what, are "the smiths"?
level 71
Oct 3, 2014
Accept "mime" and "miming" for lip-synching? Also, it's a bit of a laugh building Luxor Casino like a pyramid, since there are no pyramids anywhere near Luxor. They must have thought "if it's Egyptian that's near enough"!
level 75
Jul 19, 2015
They were probably using a marketing ploy to get people to think of deluxe when they thought of The Luxor.
level 65
Aug 3, 2015
There are a couple very small pyramids in Deir el-Medina, where the people who built the Valley of Kings have their tombs, but I agree with your point!
level 55
Nov 14, 2014
I couldn't spell Lip-Synching to save my life.
level 72
Feb 27, 2015
I tried various spellings of Selina before I realized it was asking about Cartman, not Catwoman.
level 55
Aug 3, 2015
It's Ashlee Simpson, not Ashley.
level 31
Aug 4, 2015
level 36
Sep 7, 2017
Woo hoo I live in the state with the worst seat belt percentage😒😒😒
level 15
May 3, 2018
I seem to be one of only 40 % who gets the song reference
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