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Geography Analogies #3

Fill the blanks in these geographical analogies.
Last updated: March 04, 2019
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This is to this …
As …
New York is to the UN
Brussels is to the EU
Nicaragua is to Costa Rica
Libya is to Chad
Yankee is to America
Kiwi is to New Zealand
Bald Eagle is to
the United States
Lion is to England
Caspian is to Azerbaijan
Black is to Ukraine
München is to Köln
Munich is to Cologne
Nepal is to Himalayas
Andorra is to Pyrenees
Land of the Rising Sun
is to Japan
Middle Kingdom
is to China
Arc de Triomphe
is to Paris
Brandenburg Gate
is to Berlin
Borscht is to Ukraine
Goulash is to Hungary
This is to this …
As …
San Juan is to Puerto Rico
Manila is to Luzon
Apples are to Washington
Potatoes are to Idaho
Victoria is to
British Columbia
Regina is to
St. Andrew is to Scotland
St. George is to England
San Marino is to Italy
Lesotho is to South Africa
Sinhalese is to Sri Lanka
Tagalog is to Philippines
Keystone State is to
Show-Me State is to
Monaco is to Principality
Dubai is to Emirate
Vostok Station is to Cold
Death Valley is to Hot
Alexandria is to
Alexander the Great
Constantinople is to
level 59
Sep 25, 2013
Geography analogies are the best!
level 75
May 4, 2016
level 57
Sep 25, 2013
Can you accept unicorn as well as lion please?
level 65
Mar 19, 2014
The EU has three capitals, on equal footing, in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.
level 71
Feb 23, 2016
This is true, but the UN headquarters is in New York and the EU is, for all intents and purposes, headquartered in Brussels.
level 65
May 10, 2016
I'm sorry - did I miss the part where your opinion trumps the EU treaties? Why is everyone okay with South Africa having three capitals, but not with the EU doing the same?
level 62
Mar 11, 2016
Exact, Strasbourg or Luxembourg would be to EU what Geneva is to UN
level 65
May 10, 2016
That would be true if Geneva was either the legislative or the judiciary capital of the UN, but it isn't, so, no.
level 42
Aug 12, 2014
Got Black Sea in the last few seconds - I kept thinking I was misspelling Azov.
level 63
May 4, 2016
I'm not sure exactly what the analogy is for Manila... San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, but Luzon is not a political entity, so that's the wrong analogy. San Juan is the largest city on the island of Puerto Rico, but Manila is not the largest on Luzon (Quezon City is). Perhaps you're resting on "San Juan is the largest metro area on the island of Puerto Rico."
level 65
May 5, 2016
It's the logical answer. You could say that it's the largest urban areas on each island, if that makes you happy.
level 59
May 5, 2016
I tried Dublin for the potatoes one...
level 34
May 8, 2016
Death Valley isn't the hottest place on Earth. It's Al Aziziyah, Libya.
level 67
Jul 18, 2016
For nearly a century the Mediterranean city of El Azizia in northern Libya has held the official title for having been the hottest place on Earth ever recorded. But the world record was taken away on Thursday after an investigation by the World Meteorological Organisation found the measurement was probably bungled by someone who misread a thermometer. In striking out the Libyan record – after 90 years to the day – the title of the hottest ever place on Earth passes to Death Valley in California, where the temperature reached 56.7C in 1913, the WMO said.
level 49
Jul 19, 2016
Dangit, I thought of emirate. Why didn't I just enter it?
level 45
Oct 7, 2018
Bruxelles should be accepted
level 70
Oct 9, 2018
I'm sure it is, in the French version of this quiz.
level 54
Jan 28, 2019
Middle kingdom can also apply to Egypt. Please accept this too.
level ∞
Mar 4, 2019
Doesn't fit the analogy.
level 63
Apr 14, 2019
The answer New Zealand seems wrong. The analogy was Yankee (resident of the US) to America (a continent or two) so for Kiwi (resident of NZ) the answer is difficult but Oceania would surely be closer?
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