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Geography General Knowledge #7

Answer these random geography questions.
Last updated: September 13, 2018
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What is the world's most populous country?
What is the highest mountain range in South America?
What family name is shared by approximately 40% of Vietnamese people?
What strait separates Alaska and Russia?
Bering Strait
What country has a town named Marathon, after which the race was named?
What is the world's biggest freshwater lake by surface area?
Lake Superior
What A word means "island chain"?
What is the only country where komodo dragons live in the wild?
What building is famously located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
The White House
What country shares its name with a U.S. state?
What strait, starting with the letter B, divides Europe from Asia at Istanbul?
In what city would you find the Kowloon peninsula?
Hong Kong
What English town is famous for its white cliffs?
What uninhabited island, starting with the letter P, was settled by HMS Bounty mutineers?
Pitcairn Island
What is the second largest desert in Africa?
Kalahari Desert
What is the biggest island in the Indian Ocean?
What type of bird is depicted on a Canadian $1 coin?
Common Loon
What building was Galileo said to have dropped a cannonball from?
Leaning Tower of Pisa
In what country is Vegemite popular?
What is the German word for Germany?
level 49
Jul 29, 2013
Can't spell Archipelago.... grr.
level 68
Nov 2, 2018
To the JetPunk gulag you go.
level 56
Jul 30, 2013
Dover is definitely not a city
level ∞
Aug 13, 2015
Changed it to town.
level 39
Dec 3, 2013
can hellespont be accepted
level 77
Mar 2, 2014
I don't think so, since Istanbul is specified...
level 66
Feb 2, 2016
Yeah, the Hellespont is the Dardanelles, not the Bosporus.
level 80
May 26, 2014
Had to look up the English spelling of that strait, knew it only in my language.
level 71
Jun 30, 2014
Vegemite is also popular in New Zealand.
level 60
Jan 26, 2017
Not as popular as Marmite.
level 26
Mar 17, 2015
I couldnt spell pitcairan. I still dont think this is correct.
level 70
Feb 3, 2016
You've got an extra syllable in there.
level 75
Nov 1, 2018
Are you familiar with the word cairn which is a pile of stones or a kind of terrier? It's spelled the same way with pit added at the beginning. At least that's how I remember it.
level 37
Jan 18, 2016
Easy peasy. Two minutes left.
level 67
Feb 2, 2016
I thought Lake Baikal in Russia was the biggest freshwater lake?
level 64
Feb 2, 2016
yes, by volume
level 44
Dec 29, 2017
Boston Marathon is named after a city in the USA...
level 32
Jan 23, 2018
Please accept Moher for "English city famous for white cliffs." It is famous.
level 66
Jul 26, 2018
But Moher is neither a city nor is it in England.
level 51
Jul 27, 2018
Also, those cliffs aren't white.
level 46
Feb 20, 2018
Is it reasonable to accept just 'Pisa' as a shortened version?
level 75
Nov 1, 2018
Leaning tower was accepted for me.
level 34
Nov 12, 2018
But Pisa Tower was not.
level 38
Jul 26, 2018
Pitcairn Island isn't "Uninhabited". Around 50 residents live there, in Adamstown.
level 66
Aug 29, 2018
Yes, but it was uninhabited when the Bounty mutineers settled there.
level 47
Nov 4, 2018
So the problem is entirely dependant on syntax and grammar. What uninhabited island is how the question starts, so the answer has to be an uninhabited island at the point in time of the question. In order for the issue to be historical, the question would be better framed as: 'What island, uninhabited at the time, starting with the letter P, was settled by the HMS Bounty mutineers?' Or for complete clarity, omit the word uninhabited, which does not actually add relevant information to the question? Good quiz
level 58
Nov 1, 2018
Tres facile
level 57
Nov 1, 2018
Isn't Caspian lake the largest in the world by surface, or is it considered a sea?
level 59
Nov 1, 2018
I think you have it backwards: it's called the Caspian Sea, but it's sometimes considered a lake. I don't know what exactly the dividing line between "salt water" and "fresh water" is, so I don't know whether it would qualify for this answer.
level 63
Nov 1, 2018
I wrote Pisa tower, wasnt accepted
level 53
Nov 1, 2018
Pitcairn Island has a population of 48
level 67
Nov 1, 2018
Back in the days of almanacs, I saw one that said pop. (est.): 55. I wondered why anyone would have to estimate that. Can't you just call someone up in Pitcairn and ask who's living there at the moment? "Bill, Dan, Lisa's on vacation just now..."
level 30
Nov 1, 2018
Round 1, I'm disappointed in myself. I'm from america, and I couldn't remember the White House, but I remembered Archipelago. What is wrong with me????
level 55
Nov 1, 2018
19/20. The bird on the Canadian coin stumped me. I tried the Canada Goose out of desperation.
level 34
Nov 1, 2018
I.. uh. I literally typed in every country in the world when China wouldn't work. They were asking for city. Hong Kong. I feel really stupid.