Things That are Grand Quiz

"Grand" is a part of each answer.
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Last updated: November 13, 2018
First submittedNovember 17, 2010
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Arizona's most prominent feature
Grand Canyon
Alternative to an upright
Grand Piano
Bases-loaded home run
Grand Slam
Michigan's second biggest city
Grand Rapids
Nashville country music showcase
Grand Ole Opry
Type of epileptic seizure
Grand Mal
High-ranking chess player
Grand Master
Las Vegas casino
MGM Grand
Type of stadium seating
Where you'll see
a ribbon-cutting ceremony
Grand Opening
What separates Texas and Mexico
Rio Grande
Crime-based video game series
Grand Theft Auto
Leader of the Spanish Inquisition
Grand Inquisitor
French brand of orange-flavored brandy
Grand Marnier
Prominent Chinese waterway
Grand Canal
The Republicans, by another name
Grand Old Party
Rich fishing grounds off Newfoundland
Grand Banks
New York's largest train station
Grand Central
Ballet leap with split legs
Grand Jeté 
Group that determines if there is
enough evidence for a trial
Grand Jury
Level ∞
May 31, 2013
Updated and expanded!
Level 74
Jun 8, 2013
Crap...knew Grand Jete and Grand Mal, but misspelled both. Jette and Maul, Mol, Moll, MOLE? sigh...
Level 72
Jun 8, 2013
Upright - all I could think of was goal posts in football.
Level 20
Jun 9, 2013
I don't know why but I figured I'd see Mario Kart Grand Prix on here. =(
Level 82
Jun 9, 2013
Inquisitor seems like one of the easier ones to guess, based on the clue, even if you had no idea... and yet only 26% got it. Fewer than got Grand Piano and Grand Marnier. Strange.
Level 78
Aug 22, 2014
I thought I had typed it, but it was rejected. My guess is I spelled it incorrectly. I didn't try again because I assumed it wasn't the answer.
Level 77
Oct 9, 2014
I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition!!
Level 43
Jun 6, 2021
Me neither.

But I bet you didn't expect The Poondipoodian Whopidoopen!

Or duckroll.

Level 74
Apr 23, 2015
The clock ticked down to 2:39 before I remembered my last answer: Opening for ribbon-cutting ceremony. Overall, a "grand" quiz!
Level 68
Dec 8, 2016
I thought grand canal would be an answer when I clicked on this quiz, but I was thinking of the one in Venice so I didn't guess it for china. Learn something new everyday.
Level 91
Feb 25, 2017
Get ready to change "Rio Grande" to "Grand Wall"
Level 53
Jul 15, 2021
4 years later, and i don't see that happening any time soon
Level 60
Jun 6, 2019
maybe add grand prix?
Level 67
Jun 6, 2019
I didnt know most of these, even after seeing the answers. And I kept trying variations of gran turismo... tourismo turisno even turino.. both came out in 1997.. both with cars, never played either so never fully registered which title belonged to which game.
Level 58
Jun 6, 2019
Pontiac ___________
Level 37
Nov 9, 2019
Grand Central is a Terminal, not a station.