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Things that are Gray Quiz

All the answers contain the word "Gray" or Grey".
Last updated: November 20, 2013
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Fast breed of dog
What your brain is made of
Gray Matter
Vodka brand
Grey Goose
Queen of England for nine days
Jane Grey
Printer mode for when you're
out of color ink
Popular tea variety
Earl Grey
He-Man's castle
In morality, there
is no black and white only...
Shades of Gray
Canadian Football championship
Grey Cup
TV show starring McDreamy
Grey's Anatomy
She ain't what she used to be,
ain't what she used to be
Old Gray Mare
Its scientific name is Canis Lupus
Gray Wolf
"Just for Men" hair dye product
Touch of Grey
Very intelligent bird species
African Grey Parrot
He doesn't age, but his portrait does
Dorian Gray
She danced dirty with Patrick Swayze
Jennifer Grey
Mashup of Jay-Z and The Beatles
Grey Album
Pardon me, but would you have any?
Grey Poupon
Semi-legal commercial activity
Grey Market
... are gonna clear up,
so put on a happy face
Gray Skies
level 75
Dec 29, 2013
Nice picture. I think I saw that same piece at the modern art museum in DC. Are you sure it's public domain?
level 73
Dec 29, 2013
kalbahamut, I want to buy you a beer.
level 64
Dec 29, 2013
For such comments there has to be "+1" or a "like" button. :)
level 67
Oct 30, 2017
And now finally, years later, there is!
level 71
Sep 14, 2014
level 19
Apr 20, 2016
level 38
Dec 29, 2013
There should have been "50 Shades of Gray" in this quiz.
level 21
Jun 10, 2016
That's what I was thinking.
level 70
Apr 11, 2014
Could you consider adding gray jay for intelligent bird?
level 49
Aug 7, 2014
Great quiz, lots of fun. Thanks
level 76
Oct 12, 2015
Grey matter, darn it - I was thinking little grey cells. I couldn't get the image of Poirot out of my head...
level 71
May 5, 2016
2 small points which don't matter too much - Lady Grey is also a popular tea although I see that adding that will cause problems with the Jane Grey answer, and grey market is not illegal (or semi-legal), it is totally legal
level 70
Oct 3, 2016
On "Grey's Anatomy", there's been a relevant, um, casting change.
level 61
Dec 5, 2016
I thought Jean Grey was in the X-Men.
level 73
Jan 10, 2017
Love the Danger Mouse reference for the mashup
level 67
Aug 21, 2018
Can someone explain the "Mashup" and "Pardon me" answers to me please, because I'm still none the wiser.
level 55
Nov 21, 2018
Sure, if it's not too late, three months later.. A "mashup" is a technique used by DJ's whereby they combine two distinctly different songs through sampling or dubbing to make one unique song. Danger Mouse (a popular DJ) did this to great effect on an entire album by combining songs from JayZ's Black album and the Beatles "White" album and releasing it as, naturally, the Grey Album. "Pardon me" was an ad campaign ran in the US by Grey Poupon mustard in the eighties. It basically played up to the idea that Grey Poupon is a fancy sounding French mustard, used by discriminating sophisticated people, purposely done in an over the top humorous way in order to get Americans on board with the brand. In one of the ads, two rich guys pull up beside each other in their Rolls Royce's in which each are inexplicably eating dinner but, Oh no, one of them has run out of mustard. They each roll down their windows, and the one guy asks the other.."Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?"
level 76
Feb 19, 2019
Instead of a rather unknown hair coloring product, maybe change the clue to "Last Grateful Dead top 10 song". Besides that are lots of hair coloring products with grey in the title. Off the top of my head I can think of "Great Looking Grey" and "Grecian Grey" It's hard to remember which one is made by Just For Men.