Things that are Gray

Can you guess these answers that all contain the word "Gray" or Grey".
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Last updated: June 16, 2019
First submittedAugust 10, 2011
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Fast breed of dog
What your brain is made of
Gray Matter
Queen of England for nine days
Jane Grey
Tea variety named after a nobleman
Earl Grey
She danced dirty with
Patrick Swayze
Jennifer Grey
He started out grey but came
back white after battling the Balrog
Gandalf the
Its scientific name is Canis lupus
Gray Wolf
... are gonna clear up,
so put on a happy face
Gray Skies
Printer mode for when you're
out of color ink
Vodka brand
Grey Goose
Canadian Football championship
Grey Cup
Very intelligent bird species
African Grey Parrot
He-Man's castle
Semi-legal commercial activity
Grey Market
Most famous of medical textbooks
Gray's Anatomy
He doesn't age, but his
portrait does
Dorian Gray
She ain't what she used to be,
ain't what she used to be
Old Gray Mare
In morality, there
is no black and white only...
Shades of Gray
Level 38
Dec 29, 2013
There should have been "50 Shades of Gray" in this quiz.
Level 21
Jun 10, 2016
That's what I was thinking.
Level 76
Apr 11, 2014
Could you consider adding gray jay for intelligent bird?
Level 72
Jun 17, 2019
I looked it up out of curiosity, and while grey jays are said to be a bit cheeky, exceptional intelligence does not appear to be one of their particularly noteworthy features (and certainly they are nowhere NEAR the African Grey). And to complicate things, they’re not even called grey jays anymore; they’ve been officially renamed the Canada jay. Think of them as the North Macedonia of the avian world.
Level 57
Aug 7, 2014
Great quiz, lots of fun. Thanks
Level 77
Oct 12, 2015
Grey matter, darn it - I was thinking little grey cells. I couldn't get the image of Poirot out of my head...
Level 60
Dec 5, 2016
I thought Jean Grey was in the X-Men.
Level 82
Jun 16, 2019
Never knew of Jane Grey, but conveniently confused her with Jane Seymour.
Level 79
Jun 17, 2019
"Pardon me, but do you have any grey ______?"
Level 83
Jun 19, 2019
Sounds like a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog punchline.
Level 66
Jun 17, 2019
Isn't the photo of an Italian greyhound? Maybe change to a greyhound as more commonly used as racing dogs.
Level 72
Jun 17, 2019
I also thought that was an Iggy. But it’s still close enough to be a good clue image, IMHO.
Level 67
Aug 29, 2019
Does it matter, it is a Grey ... Hound... ;)
Level 89
Jun 17, 2019
For the last question, that is what I would call a 'grey area' i.e. when something is not certain one way or the other, it is a bit of a grey area... I think this is a British saying, although (pre-empting nit-pickers) I don't presume to speak for ALL British people or ALL English-speakers. I would therefore suggest 'area' or 'areas' might be an acceptable alternative?
Level 70
Jun 17, 2019
Agree that area(s) should be acceptable.
Level 78
Jun 18, 2019
Gray area is what I thought of for the semi-legal commercial activity. Never heard of grey market. (Also never heard of the vodka or parrot.)
Level 44
Jun 23, 2019
Yes, I kept trying to put in area or areas. I could not believe that gray areas was not the answer.
Level 44
Jun 17, 2019
I only knew the Old Gray Mare answer because of the crazy old man in The Simpsons!
Level 41
Jun 19, 2019
Level 66
Jun 21, 2019
morality question...

Types in grey areas and was annoyed.

Level 44
Jun 23, 2019
Yep, me too.
Level 67
Aug 29, 2019
gray; tone, tones, toner, tonal, color, colour, print, hue, hues, setting, mode, modus ....
Level 42
Mar 7, 2020
i thought it said gay...
Level 71
Mar 20, 2020
Small detail, but in biology, specific names (second part of the scientific name) always start with lowercase letters. So it should be Canis lupus. Ideally, the whole name should be italicized.
Level ∞
Mar 20, 2020