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History by Letter - O

Name these historical people, places, and things beginning with the letter O.
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Last updated: July 27, 2019
First submittedJuly 26, 2014
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Turkish empire that
conquered Constantinople
Ottoman Empire
Site of a "land rush" in 1889
Japanese island and site of
bitter fighting in WWII
First king of the Netherlands
William of Orange
Greek athletic competition that
started in 776 BC
Relatives of the Visigoths
Jacqueline Bouvier's second
Aristotle Onassis
Nickname of Joan of Arc
Maid of Orleans
Roman poet who wrote
Language in which
"Beowulf" was written
Old English
Also known as the
Bolshevik Revolution
Pioneer trail from Missouri to the
Willamette Valley
Oregon Trail
Cromwell's first name
One of two epics attributed to Homer
Drug that led to two wars in China
"Father" of the A-bomb
J. Robert
Site of 1993 Israel/PLO accords
Ancient Mexican civilization known
for colossal head sculptures
Cartel that declared an
oil embargo in 1973
Deadliest D-Day beach
Omaha Beach
level 52
Aug 18, 2014
Seems to be a "thing" to be first to comment, so, here it is! My first "first"!
level 66
Aug 22, 2014
You're mistaken. This is not youtube.
level 77
Sep 16, 2014
I think this is the first "first!" comment I've seen on this site, actually. Make a habit of it and I'm sure you'll be very popular.
level 77
Sep 16, 2014
Could you accept Aeolde Eanglyyshe?
level 44
Sep 16, 2014
You've Celticized it. Maybe something more Germanic like Aeldenglisc.
level 56
Jun 12, 2017
Erm, Old English is already Germanic...
level 77
Sep 16, 2014
I tried Olde English just to be cute....guess I'm not cute enough because it didn't work.
level 60
Sep 16, 2014
You should allow 'Oranje', for 'Orange'. It also start with a O, and it is the real name of Willem van Oranje.
level ∞
Oct 15, 2016
Oranje will work now
level 64
Nov 25, 2018
the time delta between the original comment, the fix, and this meaningless missive...fabulous
level 77
Sep 16, 2014
I'm an idiot! I mixed up the 1993 Israel/PLO accords with the Dayton Agreement, so I tried Ohio twice!
level 55
Sep 17, 2014
Oo Man! As a Legends of the Hidden Temple fan, Can't believe I missed Olmec!!
level 52
Jun 12, 2017
I would have guessed that answer anyway because it's the only ancient Mexican civilization I know of that begins with the letter O, but I only knew about the large heads from "history of the entire world, i guess."
level 73
Aug 10, 2017
pshht...you, sir, are no blue barracuda.
level 54
Apr 30, 2015
Was OPEC really a cartel?
level 76
Dec 14, 2015
level 59
Jun 11, 2017
I was surprised too, because when I think of cartels, the first things that come to mind are drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia. I looked the word up and found out that "cartel" means any group that cooperates to limit competition from others (using unfair methods).
level 72
Mar 10, 2016
I was like, wait, Kafka doesn't begin with an "o"... {derp}
level 56
Jun 12, 2017
so erudite...
level 78
Oct 19, 2016
Nobody did big, ugly heads like the Olmec! Señor Xtapolapocetl makes a great addition to any basement.
level 65
Feb 8, 2017
Excellent quiz. Tougher than most. Good things to learn
level 76
Jun 11, 2017
Never heard of ostrogoths. When oligoths and oh-my-goths didn't work I gave up.
level 79
Jun 3, 2018
Their successors, the astrogoths, pillaged the moon and left it full of craters.
level 64
Nov 25, 2018
you have to be a redditor and/or an imgurian +1
level 53
Jun 14, 2017
The name "William of Orange" usually denotes either William the Silent or William III of England. Neither of them was king of the Netherlands, they were stadholders. King William I was of the house of Orange, but is rarely called 'William of Orange'.
level 38
May 25, 2018
No, it is more common to call him Willem van Oranje.
level 62
Dec 29, 2018
That moment when you're Greek and miss Onassis because you didn't know Jacqueline Kennedy's original name. :$
level 38
Mar 10, 2019
^ You're right. It would have been more correct to state her former names as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, but I think the quiz make wanted to make it that much harder for some of us.