History General Knowledge #7

Can you answer these random history questions?
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Last updated: November 1, 2020
First submittedJanuary 9, 2015
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What fleet of warships did Spain launch against England in 1588?
Spanish Armada
What started on October 29, 1929 and lasted for about a decade?
Great Depression
What "M" word refers to the ancient region in the area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?
On what Pacific island did islanders build giant statues called moai?
Easter Island
Who was the personification of the American female factory worker in WWII?
Rosie the Riveter
Whose "little red book" of quotations has been printed billions of times
Mao Zedong
What fermented food product was called "liberty cabbage" during WWI?
What figurative barrier separated democratic and communist Europe?
Iron Curtain
What country was once led by military leaders called shoguns?
In which modern-day country was the Anglo-Boer war fought?
South Africa
What insecticide was banned in part due to Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring"?
What British monarch had the title "Empress of India"?
Queen Victoria
What country was ruled by "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Duvalier?
What modern-day country was once the largest and most profitable Dutch colony?
What did Karl Marx and the Unabomber both write?
What Mexican general defeated the Texans at the Alamo?
Antonio López de
Santa Anna
What 1950s scenesters were famous for wearing berets, playing bongos, and snapping?
Who famously lived at Robben Island prison from 1964–1982?
Nelson Mandela
What was the tallest manmade structure in the world in the year 1900?
Eiffel Tower
What group of French-speaking people settled in Louisiana after being
forced out of eastern Canada?
Level 82
Jan 11, 2015
Liberty cabbage, freedom fries ...
Level 74
Jan 15, 2015
Although Detroiters and Vermonters seemed happy with their French names...
Level 60
Jul 2, 2015
Mesopotamia is also referred to as "the cradle of civilization". That would be a good acceptable answer as well.
Level 59
Jul 2, 2015
Level 43
Aug 14, 2020
Also "Fertile Crescent' correct me if that also includes somewhere else
Level ∞
Nov 1, 2020
Those aren't strictly accurate. For example, parts of the Levant are in the Fertile Crescent but not Mesopotamia. In any case, I've changed the clue to give the starting letter therefore preventing confusion.
Level 73
Jul 2, 2015
Mandela was on Robben island until 1982, he was then moved to another prison not on Robben island (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelson_Mandela)
Level ∞
Feb 16, 2017
Level 71
Jul 2, 2015
Acadians, huh? What's the difference between an Acadian and a Cajun? I've only ever heard of the latter.
Level 79
Jul 2, 2015
I tried Cajun first, which is a corruption of the word Acadian, but it's commonly used. Accept it?
Level 65
May 4, 2016
Clue's wording is precise. Refers to settlers who started out in Acadia and settled in Louisiana. It's the descendants who are Cajun.
Level 72
May 22, 2016
If the QM had worded it as the people who LEFT Eastern Canada, then the answer "Acadian" makes sense, but since it refers to the people who *settled* there – and I understood "people" to mean people in the general sense, such as "the Columbian people" or "We the people" or "People of the Book" as opposed to only the actual people who arrived at the time of the migration – then I feel the answer is more appropriately "Cajun". It makes sense to accept both, no?
Level ∞
Nov 1, 2020
Cajun will be accepted now.
Level 78
Jul 13, 2015
agree with ander217 but for slightly different reason Cajun is the more common way to refer to the ethnic group that exists today in Louisiana. here is a possible resource https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajun

please consider accepting. otherwise nice quiz that I could score 100% on with that answer.

Level 37
Nov 24, 2017
As the QM explained previously, Cajuns are the DESCENDANTS of the Acadians who migrated to Louisiana.
Level 70
Dec 29, 2017
Level 48
Dec 18, 2018
When they lived in Acadia, they were Acadians. They left.
Level 80
Oct 14, 2017
Liberty Cabbage is great with a side of Freedom Fries.
Level 54
Dec 29, 2017
Great quiz, thank you. I thought the answer was 'The Great Depression' but, whatever I typed in, it wouldn't work. Perhaps I was typing too fast and made a typo, but I thought I would mention it, in case a greater number of possible type-ins could help help future players. Thanks again.
Level 39
Jan 24, 2018
Saying that the division was between democratic and communists states is not the most accurate. First because `democracy` has more than one meaning depending to who you ask. Democracy does not necessarily mean free elections. Not to say that Spain and Portugal were dictatorships during a part of the cold war
Level 71
Jan 25, 2018
The real Rosie the Riveter just died a couple of days ago, aged 96. Her name was Naomi Parker Fraley.
Level 69
Jun 7, 2018
Good quiz. I got 16 straight off and then sat and stared blankly at the last four.
Level 67
Jan 6, 2019
I typed dtp for the insecticide. Close enough! I guess there was a trace of it (the answer, not the insecticide...) somewhere in my brain, wherever it came from... it is too close to be random...
Level 56
Oct 4, 2020
I keep forgetting the Alamo! Something should be done about that.