History of Florida

Try to answer these questions about the history of the state of Florida.
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Last updated: December 22, 2019
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What theme park was built near Orlando in 1971?
Disney World
What beverage was invented to help the Florida Gators football team in 1965?
What national park was established in 1934?
What part of a ballot can be "fat", "pregnant", or "hanging" - as was
famously demonstrated in 2000?
What group of Native Americans fought three wars against the U.S. government in the 1800s?
What future President fought against those Native Americans while
serving as military governor of Florida?
Andrew Jackson
What hurricane devastated South Florida in 1992?
Hurricane Andrew
Where were space shuttles launched from?
Kennedy Space
Who is given credit as the first European to explore Florida?
Juan Ponce de León
What was he looking for? (According to a dubious legend)
Fountain of Youth
What was explorer Hernando de Soto looking for when he visited Florida in 1539?
What city, founded in 1565, is the oldest European settlement in the U.S.?
St. Augustine
What disease was eradicated from Florida in the 1940s with the help of DDT?
What drug did the Medellin Cartel bring into Miami in great amounts in the 1980s?
What stock car race was first held in 1959, and won by Lee Petty?
Daytona 500
What two countries are the largest sources of Florida's foreign-born population?
What bearded, daiquiri-loving novelist lived in Key West from 1931 to 1939?
Ernest Hemingway
What 1930s architectural style is Miami's South Beach famous for?
Art Deco
In the 1880s, Ybor City was famous for its cigar industry. What city is Ybor City part of today?
Level 82
May 29, 2017
And I just watched the first half of Pirates of Caribbean too! The one where they were catching a mermaid and looking for silver chalices and all. And I miss the answer!
Level 56
Jun 14, 2017
Which answer?
Level 83
Jul 30, 2017
If I had to guess, probably the one about the Fountain of Youth, because they look for that in the fourth Pirates movie.
Level 64
May 29, 2017
When typing Andrew for Andrew Jackson it gives you the name for the hurricane, might suggest to change that question.
Level ∞
May 30, 2017
Most people will just type Jackson. The ones that type Andrew will just get a freebie!
Level 74
Jul 30, 2017
I got Jackson by trying to type Jacksonville.
Level 44
Jun 26, 2019
I also got Jackson by trying Jacksonville
Level 82
Jun 29, 2017
Do you really need to give people the "Art" in "Art Deco"?
Level 63
Jul 3, 2017
The answer to the first question should be Magic Kingdom, which is a theme park. Disney World is not a theme park, but is comprised of several theme parks, water parks, hotels, etc.
Level 81
Jul 31, 2018
Level 66
Jul 30, 2017
Walt Disney World:

Walt Disney World

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Level 79
Jul 30, 2017
I found this much easier than other states and I've never lived in Florida.
Level 70
Jul 30, 2017
I put El Dorado for de Soto. Is that also acceptable?
Level 66
Mar 19, 2020
Could argue either way. He wanted El Dorado for its gold. But I think they should accept El Dorado.
Level 67
Jul 30, 2017
Aren't Yankee Snow Birds the biggest group of foreign born living in Florida?
Level 60
Oct 29, 2017
I tried New York.
Level 60
Oct 29, 2017
Walt Disney World is not accepted for Disney World? It's the complete name.