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History of India

Try to answer these questions about the history of India.
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What was the former name of Mumbai?
What disputed region have China, India, and Pakistan battled to control?
What was Gandhi’s first name?
What honorific, meaning “great soul”, do many people know Gandhi by?
What culinary product did Gandhi march to the sea to obtain?
What country ruled the Indian subcontinent from 1858 to 1947?
What country controlled the state of Goa until India invaded and reconquered it in 1961?
What river is considered to be the “cradle of civilization” on the Indian subcontinent?
The oldest scriptures in Hinduism are known as the Vedas.
What language are they written in?
What Greek conqueror invaded India?
What empire controlled most of India from the 1500s to 1800s?
Mughal Empire
What famous mausoleum was built in Agra to house the tomb of Shah Jahan’s wife?
What worldwide religion follows the teachings of Siddhārtha Gautama?
What religion, started around 500 BC, practices non-violence against all people and animals?
Who was the first, and only, female Prime Minister of India?
Indira Gandhi
Who was the first Prime Minister of India? (Hint: His jackets were iconic)
What popular board game is thought to have originated in India before 600 AD?
Who was the first person to sail from Europe to India?
What nomadic European ethnic group originally came from India?
What empire, led by Ashoka, controlled nearly the entire subcontinent in the 200s BC?
What Catholic nun gained international renown for her charity work in Calcutta?
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level 75
Jul 17, 2017
May I suggest changing the third question to read something different? Perhaps what was the first name of the Indian religious leader known popularly as "Gandhi?" As you show in a later question, there's another very famous Indian Gandhi.
level 73
Jul 17, 2017
Everybody knows which Gandhi the quiz is asking about.
level 65
Jan 5, 2018
Yes, even everyone in India could probably guess it, but Indira, Sanjay, Rajiv, Sonia, and Rahul were/are pretty big deals. It's particularly obvious if you don't know about these people.
level 80
Jul 20, 2017
Besides, if you answer the other one, it fills in that answer later on in the quiz.
level 65
Jul 26, 2017
M Gandhi was not a religious leader.
level 69
Jul 22, 2017
why isn;t moghul acceptable?
level 79
Jul 26, 2017
Mogul has been accepted for Mughal for centuries :: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mughal_Empire
level ∞
Jul 27, 2017
Mogul will work now
level 46
Jan 5, 2018
Lol, but Mogul or Moghul do not even come close to its actual Urdu?Hindi pronunciation. It is best translated as Mughal.
level 46
Jan 5, 2018
level 59
Jan 9, 2018
The reason why it could be accepted is because Mughal is a "translation" of Mongol.
level 6
Jan 6, 2018
i got all of them right. the quiz was pretty simple.
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