History of Italy

Name these facts from Italian history after the collapse of the Roman empire.
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Last updated: December 7, 2019
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Fascist leader of Italy, 1925-1943
Benito Mussolini
African country invaded by Italy in 1935
First king of a united Italy (1861)
Victor Emmanuel II
General whose "redshirts" fought for that unification
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Capital of Piedmont that was the first capital of Italy (1861-1865)
Frenchman who conquered Italy in the early 1800's and made many reforms
Rome's largest church, completed in 1626
St. Peter's
Artist who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Scientist who discovered the moons of Jupiter
Galileo Galilei
Family name of the notoriously corrupt Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)
Cultural "rebirth" that started in Italy around 1300
City known as the "birthplace" of the above
Family that ruled that city. Notable members included Cosimo and Lorenzo
Poet who wrote "The Divine Comedy"
Dante Alighieri
Lagoon-based city that dominated Mediterranean commerce in the Middle Ages
Title for the ruler of the above
Rival of that city. Birthplace of Columbus
German empire that technically ruled Italy from 951-1806
Holy Roman
Faction that were rivals of the Ghibellines
The Guelphs
Germanic tribe that ruled Italy from 568 to 774. They gave their name to Milan's region
The Lombards
Level 70
Feb 15, 2015
Should accept Abyssinia as alternative for Ethiopia. It's what it was called at the time.
Level 76
Feb 15, 2015
Agreed. It was Abyssinia in 1935 not Ethiopia.
Level ∞
Feb 16, 2015
Okay, Abyssinia will work now
Level 56
Feb 15, 2015
Thank Goodness for Assassin's Creed. Most of what I know of Italy came from playing that game.
Level 73
Feb 15, 2015
Please accept Langobards
Level 71
Feb 15, 2015
If you knew Langobards, you knew the common, modern name.
Level 64
Oct 20, 2017
Not necessarily, no. In German, they're called Langobarden, so naturally I knew Langobards, but I only got Lombards because I know that the region is called Lombardia/Lombardy/Lombardei.
Level 81
Oct 22, 2017
not if you are Italian, where Longobardi/Langobards are the germanic people while Lombardi are modern day inhabitants of Lombardia
Level 61
Feb 15, 2015
Abyssinia should be the preferred choice with Ethiopia as an acceptable alternative.
Level 63
Feb 18, 2015
Isn't St. Peter's in the Vatican City, not Rome?
Level 76
Nov 4, 2015
That's so confusing... I thought that Giuseppe Garibaldi was a composer. It turns out the composer was called Giuseppe GaribOldi.
Level 54
Dec 15, 2015
Could you accept Peters church..?
Level 28
May 23, 2016
Please accept the Italian word "Rinascimento"
Level 52
Nov 20, 2016
Genova should be accepted, as Venezia, Torino, Firenze are
Level 48
Oct 20, 2017
Should also include original names, Rinascimento for Renaissance (maybe less relevant than the other suggestions, but since second one's an adopted french word...), San Pietro for Saint peter, Longobardi/Langobardi for Lombards
Level 58
Oct 20, 2017
This quiz is in English, not Italian. Besides, Longbardi/Langabardi is not the original names, as the Lombards were a Germanic tribe and you've given the modern Italian names, I don't think the Lombards spoke 21st century Italian in the first millennium!
Level 38
Mar 12, 2018
Oh, please! - English has incorporated so many words/terms from other languages, that saying the "This is an English" quiz is rather pompous to say the least. Answers in the native language should always be the preference, with the English translation as the alter- nate.
Level 57
Oct 20, 2017
Napoleon was not French. He was born and raised in Corsica.
Level 80
Oct 20, 2017
Napoleon was born four months after Corsica was (once and for all) conquered by France.
Level 78
Oct 20, 2017
I had the family surname of the pope in a file somewhere among the cobwebs of my brain, but my brain first pulled the name Lizzie Borden out of a nearby file instead of Lucrezia Borgia, then it couldn't get the darned draw shut in time to pull open the correct file. Does anyone else notice that happening as they get older? It's so frustrating (and a little scary, too.)
Level 78
Apr 18, 2019
Hang in there old girl - you're still doing just fine. We seniors have to stick together.
Level 63
Oct 20, 2017
nice quiz :)
Level 72
Oct 20, 2017
I was so preoccupied with the Sforzas, that I completly forgot about the Medici and Borgias. :(
Level 50
Mar 23, 2020
Accept duke for Doge maybe? Everything else is in english except for that one.
Level 52
Jul 12, 2020
Italian for duke is "duca." Doge is in italian specifically because it is unique and doesn't have an english equivalent.
Level 52
Apr 14, 2020
Where is the answer stats?