Hong Kong A-Z

For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the territory of Hong Kong.
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Last updated: August 23, 2019
First submittedAugust 22, 2019
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If you started in Hong Kong and dug directly through the center of
the Earth, you would emerge in this country
On Lantau Island you will find a 100 foot tall statue of this person
Country that has controlled Hong Kong since 1997
Hong Kong's currency
Over 50% of Hong Kongers can speak this language
Hong Kong's "Avenue of Stars" is modeled on Hollywood's Walk of ____
Hong Kong borders this Chinese province of 113 million people
Word most often used to describe the 1997 transfer of power
Hong Kong was the epicenter of H3N2 and H5N1 outbreaks of this virus
Country that invaded Hong Kong in 1941
Peninsula home to over 2 million people
Famous martial artist: Bruce ___
Former Portuguese territory located nearby
Lo mein, for example
Famous hotel: The Mandarin ______
Hong Kong is located near the delta of this river
Chinese dynasty that lost control of Hong Kong in 1841
In 2018 and 2019, Hong Kong won the Asian championships of this sport
Industrial city on Hong Kong's northern border
Every few years Hong Kong is struck by one of these storms
In 2014, hundreds of thousands of protesters carried these
Highest point on Hong Kong Island: ______ Peak
Director of "Face/Off" and "Mission Impossible 2": John ___
Major port city about 500 km northeast of Hong Kong
Cantonese is a subset of this southern Chinese dialect
Monsters known as "Jiangshi" are a staple of Hong Kong cinema.
In English, we might know these creatures as ...
Level 83
Aug 22, 2019
It's spelled "protesters". And "of" would be better than "of of" in that clue. :)
Level ∞
Aug 23, 2019
All typos in that clue have now been fixed.
Level 57
Aug 23, 2019
Protesters and Protestors are both fine.
Level 57
Aug 23, 2019
Lo mein is a kind of pasta, not noodles.
Level 71
Aug 23, 2019
Nothing on the wikipedia page seems to suggest that
Level 80
Aug 23, 2019
You think pasta can't be noodles?
Level 57
Aug 23, 2019
Yue equals to Cantonese, just like Pearl River equals to Zhujiang.
Level ∞
Aug 23, 2019
It can be used that way, but the way the clue is written is more correct:


Level 71
Aug 23, 2019
"Xiamen" is a bit of a stretch for a Hong Kong quiz I think. What about something like "Deng ________ was the leader of China when China took back control of Hong Kong"/"What was the personal name of the leader of China when when Britain gave back Hong Kong to China"? That was awkward to write without using the word "handover".
Level 81
Aug 23, 2019
So wanted the O answer to be Orange.
Level 72
Aug 24, 2019
QM, I have a few notes. Please accept Wu, as it is the Mandarin form of his name. Also, I think that “religious figure” might be better than “person” for the statue question, as I think the latter implies a historical figure. Finally, since the Xiamen question is a bit of a stretch, might I suggest instead using “What is the Mandarin name for Hong Kong?”
Level 80
Aug 24, 2019
Wu is spoken in Shanghai. Yue is spoken in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. They're quite distinct, as far as I know, though I'm not expert on Chinese. Also Wu does not start with Y.
Level 57
Aug 24, 2019
"Mandarin form of his name" > Wu is spoken in Shaghai, it's different from Yue.

Sure, but what? Also good spot on W not being the same letter as Y, that always gets me in these quizzes

Level 72
Aug 24, 2019
Kal, I’m obviously talking about using Wu as an answer to the W question.
Level 80
Aug 24, 2019
If it was obvious it would be obvious.
Level 82
Aug 27, 2019
Seems perfectly plainly put to me, but then I was going to make the same point that Wu should be accepted as the actor's surname.
Level 65
Aug 24, 2019
Buddha was historical. I think the evidence that he lived is pretty strong, and even if you're not religious, the name of the person who started a religion followed by millions of people is certainly historically significant.
Level 72
Aug 24, 2019
I don’t contest the evidence of a historical Buddha, but often Buddha statues are representing a Buddha with special divine elements. I know some Christians that would object to asking the question “What man towers over Rio de Janeiro?” because they would complain that he’s “more than just a man.” Although Buddhists tend to be more chill, I see a similar situation here.
Level 80
Aug 24, 2019
If you called Jesus a historical figure no Christian would object to that. Some atheists might.
Level 72
Aug 29, 2019
Okay, I am giving you what I think you can take as a definitive answer here, as I have been a Buddhist (Tibetan school) for nearly 30 years, a dharma teacher, and a former ordained nun.

Buddhists do not worship the Buddha, nor consider him a god, “divine”, or anything other than a fully awake human being. We consider him a person – a fully-awoke person, a great teacher, and an example for us to be sure – but definitely not “more than” a person, like the way Christians view Jesus. To do so would be undermining the most fundamental point of Buddhism, which is that through the practice of meditation and the cultivation of awareness and compassion, we also – meaning everybody! – can also become fully awake (aka enlightened), and therefore become a buddha as well. It is our human birthright and innate nature, and there have been many buddhas throughout history.

All Buddhists would be fine with this wording, not because we’re chill (although we are!), but because it is correct.

Level 44
Jun 5, 2020
If it said "religious figure" it would be far too easy to guess. "Person" is fine - even Charlie Brown is a (fictitious) person.
Level 60
Aug 24, 2019
Hong Kong is hit by typhoons several times each year.
Level 59
Aug 24, 2019
If you're considering a question for X that's actually related to Hong Kong, you should ask for the Mandarin Chinese name of Hong Kong. The answer would be Xianggang.
Level 63
Jan 22, 2020
Just couldn't figure out the correct English spelling of typhoon. Where I live they're called Taifun which probably comes from the Cantonese tái fung. Well, now I know.
Level 73
Feb 9, 2020
I agree with the suggestion for an 'x' cue above. What is the Mandarin name for Hong Kong: Xianggang. Seems more relevant than Xiamen.