State Quiz - Idaho

Can you guess these facts about the U.S. state of Idaho?
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Last updated: September 9, 2020
First submittedSeptember 3, 2019
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Capital city
U.S. states that Idaho borders
Canadian province it borders
British Columbia
What people do at Sun Valley
State nickname
The Gem State
"Serpentine" river that traverses the entire length of the state
Snake River
Daredevil who tried to jump over that river in a steam-powered rocket
Evel Knievel
Largest city in Idaho's panhandle
Coeur d'Alene
2004 cult film set in Idaho (hint: "Vote for Pedro")
Napoleon Dynamite
Fish that travels over 1400 km from the Pacific to spawn in Idaho
Idaho is the nation's #1 producer of this crop
Word that comes after Post, Idaho, and Twin in the names of three cities
The original European settlers were traders looking for this
Native American tribe whose name is French for "pierced nose"
Nez Perce
Largest religious denomination, which about 20% of Idahoans belong to
Latter-Day Saints
Level 82
Sep 3, 2019
Would you accept Super Dave Osborne for the daredevil question?
Level 78
Sep 4, 2019
Or more spellings? His name is so hard to tell that I'd suggest anyone putting "evil" "eval" or "evel" should just get it.
Level 82
Sep 9, 2020
Or Funkhauser.
Level 59
Dec 29, 2019
Super Dave Osborne was a character played by Bob Einstein. A parody of Evel Knievel but not at all the same person. But I agree that there should be some leeway on Knievel's name.
Level 82
Sep 9, 2020
I'm happy someone out there thinks there is someone out there who would actually think they were the same person.
Level 68
Sep 14, 2019
Thanks for getting around to making this quiz. Idaho is winning her way to fame.
Level 80
Dec 29, 2019
Skiing at Sun Valley? Where do they go for picnics and sunbathing? Snow Mountain?
Level 72
Dec 29, 2019
Not Idaho
Level 65
Dec 29, 2019
Trying to think of other notable things related to Idaho...and it's pretty tough sledding. Ruby Ridge jumps out, and the blue football field. I just looked up famous people from Idaho and there really aren't any. Aaron Paul is probably the most famous. Sarah Palin and Victor Wooten were born there but raised elsewhere, and there are some C-list athletes too, but that's about it. Oh, and Larry Craig and his trademark "wide stance" when going to the bathroom. I also read that the super-rich are now buying up all the pristine nature in Idaho so they can ruin that too.
Level ∞
Sep 9, 2020
I once read this book that was set in Idaho. It's very well-written if extremely boring. In the book, the author says Idaho is a place where the entirety of human history has happened elsewhere.
Level ∞
Sep 9, 2020
That said, I'd have to say that Idaho is looking pretty good right about now. Definitely a top candidate for the next state to be ruined by fleeing Californians :)
Level 80
Sep 11, 2020
"Private Idaho"?
Level 21
Dec 29, 2019
I'm in 6th Garde and in computer class in 3rd grade we did a State Study, I Drew Idaho randomly, and Learned about Evel Kneivel, but it never mentioned his name, I remebered the name sun valley, but I forgot that they skied. I forgot about Snake River, too
Level 72
Dec 29, 2019
Woo! My favourite state!
Level 79
Sep 12, 2020
My favorite category on Win Ben Stein's Money: "If you da pimp, Idaho".