Immigrants and Exiles

Based on the description, name these people who left their home country for another.
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Last updated: August 19, 2014
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First female Nobel Prize winner, she was born in Poland and moved to France
Marie Curie
Self-destructive Dutch painter who moved to France
Vincent Van Gogh
Viennese psychologist who moved to London to flee Nazis
Sigmund Freud
Rival of Stalin exiled in Mexico
Leon Trotsky
American whistleblower who found sanctuary in Russia
Edward Snowden
Religious leader who fled to India from Tibet
Dalai Lama
Failed artist who caused a bit of trouble after moving from Austria to Germany
Adolf Hitler
German emperor who lived in the Netherlands after World War I
Wilhelm II
Polite bear who left his home in darkest Peru to appear in a London station
Paddington Bear
Before meeting Jacqueline Bouvier, this shipping magnate moved from Turkey to Greece
Aristotle Onassis
Rotund French actor who became a Russian citizen to avoid taxes
Gérard Depardieu
Singer of "Queen" whose family fled anti-Indian violence in Zanzibar
Freddie Mercury
Polish piano genius who moved to Paris
Frédéric Chopin
German communist agitator who found refuge in London
Karl Marx
Polish film director who lived in the US, but fled to France to avoid statuatory rape charges
Roman Polanski
Holocaust perpetrator who lived in Argentina before being captured in 1962
Adolf Eichmann
French painter who escaped European morality by moving to Tahiti
Paul Gauguin
Prime Minister of Israel, she was born in Russia and grew up in America
Golda Meir
Dutch prince who conquered England when asked nicely
William III
This "Proud Mary" singer moved from America to Switzerland
Tina Turner
Level 71
Aug 19, 2014
And then there are the poets of exile: Heinrich Heine, who wrote movingly about dreaming in German while living in Paris, Dante, who was condemned to death as well as exiled by his political opponents in Florence and who still nursed what he knew were unrealistic hopes of returning, and Tu Fu, who suffered internal exile that produced his most poignant works.
Level 47
Aug 19, 2014
Please allow Trotzki and Trotzky, too
Level ∞
Aug 19, 2014
Level 80
Aug 19, 2014
Couldn't believe I blanked on Eichmann, but then saw the results and I guess I wasn't the only one.
Level 58
Aug 19, 2014
The last one reminded me of someone missing. Immigrant to US from England, then exiled to Switzerland... Charlie Chaplin!

I'm disgusted with myself. Sometimes my fingers type phonetically, and I typed "GAUGAN" before my brain intervened to put the right letters in... but it had been accepted! I'm mortified.

Level 85
Aug 19, 2014
Did anyone else feel rushed? I fully read and considered most of the clues, but had to really hurry and didn't have any time to consider the last 6 or so. One more minute would have been nice - I know I would have come up with at least 2 of the ones I missed if I'd had a few seconds to think.
Level ∞
Aug 19, 2014
Added 2 more minutes.
Level 67
Aug 19, 2014
I wouldn't say France to Tahiti is much of an emigration. Tahiti is part of French Polynesia; it would be like saying moving from the US to, say, Guam is emigration.
Level 78
Aug 19, 2014
That was a great quiz!
Level 56
Aug 19, 2014
This really was a good quiz, nice job! The Hitler causing a bit of trouble comment made me laugh.
Level 37
Jun 23, 2018
Here, Here! - I had him in mind, but took me a while to realize that the quiz master was being facetious with the "little trouble" insertion.
Level 81
Aug 20, 2014
Please allow Skłodowska for the first one ;).
Level 40
Aug 20, 2014
I love that you included Paddington Bear!
Level 36
Dec 6, 2014
Please let 'Tenzin Gyatso' work for 'Dalai Lama'
Level 75
Jan 20, 2015
Great quiz! I hadn't heard of racial discrimination against Indians being the reason for Freddy Mercury's family's departure from Zanzibar. They were Parsi (ethnically Persian community long-established in India) -- though they would have had Indian nationality. Of course, racists don't make much distinction when they apply their twisted logic...
Level 73
Oct 5, 2016
Took me a while to conjure up Gauguin, but the only one I was utterly clueless on was Turner.
Level 43
Feb 17, 2018
Not sure you can call William's participation in the Glorious Revolution 'conquering England'. He (grandson of Charles I) and his wife (until then the next in line to the throne) were invited by Parliament after all! Additionally, both became monarchs of Scotland too.
Level 72
Dec 26, 2018
good points, but just being pedantic (after all this is Jetpunk), the next in line to the throne was the newly born James Stuart - later the Old Pretender. The Great Pretender was of course a different person on this quiz.
Level 67
Aug 21, 2019
Wow I had 1 more than average ! This is so not my subject. History and "new facts". I mean previously non existing facts. Like there have "always" been trees, but people doing stuff are new facts, no matter how many centuries ago. And I have hardly any information on those kind of facts (but more language and science areas) and not too much interest either. Unless a person on its own was interesting already not because he was some general in war. (though admittedly I have a similarly bad memory for those too, painters and composers etc, but atleast some sort of interest)
Level 81
Sep 29, 2019
Totally separating Roman Polanski from his later actions, his interview in the early 1970s on Dick Cavett's show is an absolutely captivating story of being a Jewish child in WW2. He witnessed the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Krakow, concentration camps, hiding in the countryside with a Catholic family and postwar chaos. He has the elocution to bring that history to full life for a viewer.
Level 52
Sep 10, 2020
I missed Freud because I read "Viennese" as "Vietnamese" :'(
Level 65
Sep 24, 2020
Friedrich Engels also fits the description of Marx.