Italian Foods

Based on the descriptions, name these popular Italian foods and beverages.
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Last updated: November 14, 2018
First submittedMay 19, 2014
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Flat bread with tomato sauce and cheese
Like ^ but folded over into a half-moon
"Navel-shaped" stuffed pasta
Espresso with milk and steamed foam
Brandy distilled from winemaking leftovers
Sauce made of basil,
garlic, pine nuts, and olive oil
Twice-baked almond cookies,
often dunked in coffee
Egg dish similar to a crustless quiche
Grilled bread, rubbed with garlic,
and topped with tomatoes
Generic toasted bread with toppings
Sweet lemon liqueur
Creamy rice dish
Sheets of pasta layered between
sauce and fillings
Cured pork belly
Dessert made with ladyfingers
whose name means "pick me up"
Type of cream cheese used in ^
Italian style of ice cream
Cornmeal porridge
Sparkling white wine of Veneto
Uncooked, thinly sliced ham
Level 67
May 19, 2014
Very disappointed to miss both Biscotti and Polenta. I love these quizzes!
Level 79
May 20, 2014
It's actually spelled "prosecco", just so you know.
Level ∞
May 20, 2014
This has been fixed
Level 47
Jun 14, 2014
Dessert not desert
Level 35
Jun 14, 2014
It's spelled "dessert", not "desert"
Level ∞
Jun 14, 2014
Level 59
Jun 14, 2014
I think "Prosciutto" is also known as "Carpaccio"
Level 29
Nov 13, 2015
Nope, they're completely different things.
Level 46
Aug 2, 2019
@ItalianoMedio96 Nonsense. Carpaccio is made out of meat OR fish...
Level 67
Jun 16, 2014
I'm Italian and I would consider a couple descriptions not really clear, but in one case 47% of the users got the answers (biscotti) it might be me being too picky. In another case, got by 98% of the users (pizza), I have to admit I am too precise. In any case, as you all know foreign words are often used with a different meaning. Anyway, for your consideration: a twice-baked almond cookie it's a specific kind of biscotti. Please refer to english wikipedia where biscotti is a redirection of cantucci, which was my guess when I read the description - I only realized it was wrong when you mentioned that is dunked in coffee and instead cantucci are dunked or served with vin santo (dessert wine). Biscotto (plural biscotti) is an umbrella word which includes many kinds of pastries/cookies. As for pizza, as said to be extremely precise that indicated in description is the pizza margherita. You should consider about giving a broader description indicating various toppings.
Level 69
Oct 1, 2019
Cantucci really should work.
Level 64
Jun 16, 2014
This quiz is too American! Oh wait.....
Level 42
Aug 30, 2014
i wasn't aware the limoncello was supposed to be sweet...
Level 37
Apr 18, 2015
i'm fan of italian dishes...
Level 65
Apr 13, 2016
Cappuccino is misspelled. There is double P
Level 77
Apr 20, 2017
Level 75
Aug 12, 2019
Cappuccino is still misspelled, and still tastes delicious.
Level 33
Apr 20, 2016
great quiz
Level 44
May 26, 2016
please accept bruschetta for crostini
Level 57
Mar 26, 2018
I missed crostini. And I am Italian.
Level 45
Oct 1, 2018
I'm Italian and some things should be corrected: biscotti is the generic term for baked cookies, they're not exclusively made with almond. And they're never dunked in coffee, no Italian does this in Italy. Also prosciutto is air-dried, "uncooked" may be confusing. For the guy saying carpaccio is only fish, you are wrong. Carpaccio is thinly cut raw beef, but the term can be associated to any thinly cut meat, including fish. Raw is key here, not the animal.
Level 81
Jul 28, 2019
well, carpaccio was at first only raw meat (look for the entire fascinating history of carpaccio and his inventor Giuseppe Cipriani @the Harry's Bar in Venice). then the name became widespread and was adopted for every dish of meat/fish/octopus/whatever thinly sliced. Anyway Carpaccio was a painter, so no edible at all, unless you have a taste for unusual meat :)
Level 71
Oct 27, 2018
Carmella, where's the gabagool?!
Level 52
Feb 12, 2019
I clearly can't spell my Italian foods... just eat them.
Level 48
Aug 1, 2019
Pasta Pizza Mama Mia! American here lol
Level 47
Sep 12, 2019
First Try: gets two. Looking at the answers: wait i should know all of these...
Level 77
Nov 17, 2019
I guess enough people guessed it so the approximate clue is fine, but prosecco isn't necessarily sparkling and is produced also in Friuli-Venezia Giulia - Prosecco village is actually there.
Level 33
Nov 25, 2019
Could Limoncino be used as an alternative to Limoncello?
Level 79
Dec 5, 2019
The food item in the picture was not first made in Italy.
Level 55
Dec 5, 2019
thought frittata was spanish
Level 78
Dec 5, 2019
I like the clue of cornmeal porridge. In my region it's called cornmeal mush. Polenta sounds much better than either of those.
Level 35
Apr 3, 2020
i got pizza. the hardest one
Level 35
Apr 11, 2020
i think it is spelled lasagna, but i am not sure
Level 36
Jun 13, 2020
Accept panzarotti with calzone. And say cured/dried meat for prosciutto. Biscotti doesn't have to be almond.