James Bond Trivia

Can you name these facts about James Bond?
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Last updated: September 17, 2018
First submittedJanuary 5, 2015
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Actors who played James Bond
(in official films)
Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig
Bond's code number
Author who created James Bond
Ian Fleming
First James Bond novel
Casino Royale
First James Bond movie
Dr. No
Make of Bond's car in "Goldfinger"
Aston Martin
Goldfinger's henchman with
a deadly hat
Goldfinger's pilot
Pussy Galore
Dame who starred as M
Judi Dench
Henchman with steel teeth
British agency that Bond works for
Scottish estate of the Bond family
Bond's military rank
How Bond likes his martinis
Shaken, not Stirred
M's secretary who loves Bond
Miss Moneypenny
Movie that took place in space
Mike Myers parody of James Bond
Austin Powers
Musical artist who wrote the
theme song to "Live and Let Die"
Paul McCartney
Ernst Blofeld's criminal organization
Bond has a "license" to do this
She played Jinx in "Die Another Day"
Halle Berry
She played Christmas Jones in
"The World is Not Enough"
Denise Richards
Level 59
Jan 27, 2015
A fun quiz, with a good mix of questions. Thank you, I really enjoyed it
Level 81
Mar 16, 2015
Wait - I thought he had a license to fish.
Level 78
Mar 16, 2015
I scored 18, but the average score was 20. I'm impressed with the rest of you who know your Bond trivia!
Level 75
Aug 25, 2016
You shouldn't be impressed - James Bond is a chauvinistic, alcoholic, sex pest
Level 52
Mar 28, 2017
someone is jealous
Level 78
Dec 9, 2018
The books were written in the 50s and 60s. Women went for chauvinistic, alcoholic sex pests back then - at least they did in the movies. Times are different now, but it doesn't change how we were back then.
Level 75
Dec 9, 2018
Even by yesterday's standards, Bond is an unpleasant fellow. A gentleman of the 60s surely should know the rule, "never hit women".
Level 84
Mar 16, 2015
Great quiz!
Level 73
Mar 18, 2015
Minor error - there's no I in Blofeld
Level 53
Mar 18, 2015
Great quiz! Did anyone else feel compelled to write "Random Task" instead of "Oddjob"?
Level 34
May 22, 2015
its a great quiz
Level 71
Jan 24, 2016
finished with 0:07 left
Level 71
Mar 9, 2016
He must have a licence to drive
Level 21
Jan 1, 2018
This made my day aha
Level 71
Mar 18, 2016
David Niven also played Bond
Level 14
Jan 16, 2018
David Nixen played Bond in the UNOFFICIAL 1967 Bond Casino Royale
Level 80
May 20, 2017
"And I wish I was James Bond. Just for the day! Kissin' all the girls. Blow the bad guys away!" --- Scouting For Girls
Level 54
Jun 7, 2017
I'm still not over Denise Richards playing a nuclear physicist in The World is Not Enough.
Level 37
Apr 14, 2018
Ditto! - She would have been better cast as a space cadet in Moonraker!
Level 78
Oct 12, 2018
Come on, folks. It's a 007 film not "Citizen Kane". Was she really any less qualified or convincing than say Ursula Andress,

Britt Ekland, or Barbara Bach?

Level 70
Dec 9, 2018
Ursula Andress played a beachcomber. Britt Ekland played a bumbling assistant. Barbara Bach played a sexy spy, which was basically a stock character even back then. A nuclear physicist is perhaps somewhat harder to pretend you know what you're talking about and have it come out believable.
Level 37
Nov 23, 2017
24/27. I LOVE Sean Connery today. He's aged like fine wine.
Level 52
Nov 1, 2018
a bit of slack on the spelling of Lazenby would be nice........you allow a double 'm' for Fleming.
Level 59
Dec 9, 2018
Easy one .. 1:49 though. Stumbled on "Jaws" as FR name is "Requin".

Also, inverted shaken and stirred

Level 66
Dec 9, 2018
It's weird that everyone is always decrying the lack of originality in Hollywood as a recent phenomenon, meanwhile Ion has been churning out James Bond movies that are mostly carbon copies with impunity for more than 50 years and nobody minds.
Level 46
Sep 2, 2020
It's called a tried-and-true formula. Bond is iconic for more reasons than I can list and as someone who has grown up with his suave, witty character - I'm not going to expect him to change any time soon. When you consider that each film follows the same person, with the same faults (any Bond fan has come to love and associate him with) and facing the same enemies, it becomes difficult to find ways to become inventive. Albeit, Eon Productions have done a fantastic job of sustaining the franchise. The fact that 2012s Skyfall made 1.109 billion USD at the box office, says that people still love the films (with me, someone who has grown up with the franchise, included). By the way, if you have an issue with Eon Productions perhaps you should also look at Disney. 7 of 10 "renaissance" films are a case of stolen identity (case in point - Ariel, who is mistaken for an ordinary, flipperless human). The Beast in The Beauty and the Beast is really a handsome prince but he's mistaken for a beast
Level 59
Dec 12, 2018
So...... Eon productions only?