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Last Name Vocabulary

Based on the definition, guess the word that is also a famous person's last name.
Last updated: August 02, 2013
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Boat trip taken for pleasure
Tom Cruise
Young goose
Ryan Gosling
Card suit that outranks all others
Donald Trump
One who makes barrels
Bradley Cooper
Leader of the Catholic church
Alexander Pope
Person who steers a boat in
rowing (short version)
Courteney Cox
Sides of rivers
Tyra Banks
Metal worker
Will Smith
Wreath of flowers or leaves
Judy Garland
Shallow area of a river that
allows for crossing
Henry Ford
Randy Savage
Archaic way of saying "two"
Mark Twain
Bird that rises from its own ashes
River Phoenix
Luxurious country vacation home
David Villa
Hearty; robust
Nathan Hale
Administrative subdivision of a city
Hines Ward
One who has received a varsity letter
David Letterman
The rear of a boat
Howard Stern
Rapid. Or, a type of bird
Taylor Swift
Catholic leader in charge of a diocese
Joey Bishop
Marsh plant used for making
baskets or mats
Geoffrey Rush
Bob Dole
level 76
Sep 24, 2013
Got everything except Nathan Robust. Not sure who that is. A few others took me a minute to figure out, including the Randy which is embarrassing after featuring the same guy on my famous Randys quiz. When I figured it out, as he would say.. "oooohh yeah."
level 35
Sep 24, 2013
Nathan Hale, not Nathan Robust...
level 50
Nov 27, 2015
He knows its Nathan Hale. He was just trying not to give the answer away.
level 79
Mar 16, 2017
Which you've now done. :-)
level 68
Jul 21, 2018
He's putting cheaters on the dole.
level 58
Nov 27, 2015
oooooh, Yeah. The Macho man. oooh yeah.
level 32
Sep 24, 2013
Thanks, that's really a creative one.
level 66
Nov 27, 2015
One of these words is a word in my mother tongue, too: in Finnish, "villa" means "wool".
level 58
Nov 27, 2015
Bit funny doing this almost 100% American quiz to suddenly come across David Villa. For those thinking "Who is Dayvid Viller?" his name is actually pronounced Davv-id Viya.
level 27
Aug 2, 2017
Does anyone else have that moment when all you can think of for Howard is Howard Keel, then you convince yourself that you are spelling it wrong because that is a part of a boat, then you get all confused and don't answer the other questions? Same.
level 62
Feb 28, 2018
For the "metal worker" clue, I couldn't get past former governor of my home state (Massachusetts): William Weld!
level 76
Sep 5, 2018
Given the argument over the definition of "Trump" in a playing card context, and especially given the amount of hot air that comes from that man, maybe the British definition of "fart" would be more appropriate.
level 44
May 8, 2019
What about Pauly Shore as an addition?
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