Medieval English History

Name these historical facts about England from the 5th to 15th centuries.
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Last updated: December 13, 2016
First submittedMarch 15, 2014
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"Great" king of Wessex
Alfred the Great
Old English poem featuring Grendel
System of vassals and serfs
Conqueror of England in 1066
William the Conqueror
French region he came from
King he defeated
Harold II
Decisive battle
Battle of Hastings
Cloth depicting the conquest
Bayeux Tapestry
Book of 1086 that cataloged
the taxable property of England
Domesday Book
Archbishop murdered in 1170
Thomas Beckett
Epithet of Richard I
Cœur de Lion
"Great Charter" signed by
King John in 1215
Magna Carta
Region that Edward I
conquered in 1283
Group of people expelled in 1290
What struck England in 1348
Black Death
Author of "The Canterbury Tales"
Geoffrey Chaucer
Great victory of Henry V over
the French in 1415
Battle of
Notable weapon used in that battle
Houses that battled in the
Wars of the Roses
"Hunchback" king who
may have murdered his nephews
Richard III
Place where the nephews
were imprisoned
Tower of London
Level 80
Mar 30, 2014
My wife makes fun of my anglophilia. 22/22! Who's laughing now?
Level 32
Oct 25, 2020
Level 55
Apr 1, 2014
Sad to see Alfred is the least well-known of these
Level 28
Nov 20, 2014
I know!
Level 75
Apr 12, 2016
If it's any consolation, Beckett is now the least well-known.
Level 77
Apr 10, 2017
Currently Jews are less well known than both.
Level 27
Sep 9, 2015
Normandy wasn't French. The Normans hated the French and vice versa.
Level 35
Nov 6, 2015
No, the duchy of Normandy was in fact a vassal of France, and therefore considered French
Level 27
Jan 6, 2016
Uh, no. Whilst Normandy was technically in France, it was not French. The Normans and the French hated each other. (I distinctly remember learning this in my Medieval History A Level class, as I was playing William at the time!)
Level 58
Jul 7, 2017
There is more to France than the King of France.
Level 60
Jul 10, 2017
Modern nations aren't really analogous to how medieval kingdoms existed. Normandy in William's day was part of France in the sense that the Duke of Normandy was a feudal vassal of the King of France, and the Normans spoke French and had adopted Catholicism, but medieval duchies were vastly more independent than modern sub-national regions tend to be. The phenomenon of centralised nations based (more or less) around a single ethnic group is very modern, and even then not as absolute as most people think of it.
Level 79
Nov 19, 2015
Bow, bows, bow and arrow, bows and arrows, crossbow, crossbows...I give up. Aarghhh! Curse you, longbow!
Level 52
Jul 8, 2017
Yep .... archery.... archers... and all the ones you mentioned.....
Level 65
Nov 19, 2015
Godwinson should be accepted for Harald II.
Level 27
Jan 6, 2016
Harold. Not Harald. Harald was a Norse king, who also fought Harold Godwinson for the throne, but he lost.
Level 54
Feb 1, 2017
I don't understand why so many people wouldn't at least guess jews for the group. It's my go to for any persecuted group in Europe.
Level 63
May 21, 2020
That's how I got it. I don't remember ever learning about it before.
Level 80
Jul 7, 2017
What reliable source spells Becket with two t's?
Level 4
Jul 7, 2017
it's Azincourt, not Agincourt ....isn't the same city
Level 59
Jul 7, 2017
Nevertheless, in English it is known as the Battle of Agincourt.
Level 67
Jan 24, 2018
It is the same place. Azincourt in modern French, Agincourt in Old French and English. It's only a little village, not a city.
Level 45
Apr 20, 2018
Azincourt finally should be accepted..
Level 43
Apr 20, 2018
That term anti-Semitism gets to me. Racism is racism everywhere. There isn't a special kind of racism just against Jewish people. If Jewish people suffer racism or perpetrate it, its just as bad as if it happens to anyone else. Why use a term that promotes exceptionalism?
Level 69
Dec 18, 2018
Some folks consider "Jew" to be an ethnic category--for them, the word "racism" would be sufficient. Some people consider "Jew" to be a national category--for them, the term "anti-Zionist" would be sufficient, though for others this is highly controversial. Some people consider "Jew" to be a religious category. We don't have a general word for anti-religious bigotry, let alone one for bigotry specifically against the practitioners of Judaism, who have been persecuted longer and more consistently than any other faith.

For people who do not want to commit to one specific category for the fairly unusual label "Jew," anti-Semitism is a useful construct.

Most people who are opposed to Jewish "exceptionalism" are also opposed to Jews. Tell me, MDW, do the terms "racism," "colorism," "classism," "sexism," "homophobia," "trans-phobia," etc, get to you because you could get across the essential point with the word "bigotry," with only exceptionalist details being lost?

Level 59
Feb 8, 2020
Thank the anti-semites for that. German anti-Jews embraced the term in the 19th century & it stuck.
Level 56
Jul 31, 2018
Please accept 'Azincourt' for the battle of Agincourt because it's the french name of this battle and also the actual french and english name of the city it took place in. See
Level 64
Jun 24, 2019
Maybe it should be accepted given how international the user-base of Jetpunk is, but you should understand that's simply not the name of the battle in English. From the Wikipedia article, the first two sentences are "Azincourt is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in Northern France.The Battle of Agincourt took place nearby".
Level 44
Mar 1, 2019
There is absolutely no proof that Richard III murdered his nephews; at the least the question should say "allegedly".
Level 63
May 21, 2020
There's no proof, but it's highly likely. It already says "may have murdered".
Level 72
Mar 28, 2019
I was really hoping that “Of Canterbury” could be accepted for the archbishop question. I remembered that he was a Thomas, not More, but couldn’t quite get myself to Beckett.
Level 58
Aug 7, 2019
"Which king was blah blah blahed in 1657?"

> Can you accept "of England"?

Level 56
Jul 8, 2019
Beckett should be accepted I feel. Thanks! Great quiz!
Level 52
Apr 21, 2020
The 'region' conquered by Edward in the 13th century was the Principality of Gwynedd, not Wales.