Memorable American TV Characters #2

Name the TV shows that featured these memorable characters.
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Last updated: May 27, 2014
First submittedSeptember 11, 2011
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Sam Malone
Samantha Jones
Sex and the City
Sam Beckett
Quantum Leap
Oscar the Grouch
Sesame Street
Joey Tribbiani
Carla Espinosa
Dr. Zoidberg
Señor Chang
Lionel Hutz
The Simpsons
Willis Jackson
Diff'rent Strokes
Bob Loblaw
Arrested Development
Mr. Krabs
SpongeBob SquarePants
Elana Gilbert
The Vampire Diaries
Ginger Grant
Gilligan's Island
Ricky Ricardo
I Love Lucy
Earl of Grantham
Downton Abbey
Sookie Stackhouse
True Blood
Liz Lemon
30 Rock
Archie Bunker
All in the Family
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
Gabrielle Solis
Desperate Housewives
Winnie Cooper
The Wonder Years
Sue Sylvester
Level 21
Sep 11, 2011
I love how Bob Loblaw is on here. bahahaha.
Level 81
Jul 17, 2014
love that show. love that character.
Level 43
Sep 12, 2011
Señor Chang <3
Level 43
Sep 12, 2011
oh and im on here to :-D
Level 33
Jul 18, 2014
...and why not, zoidberg?
Level 46
Sep 12, 2011
Have a neat summer

-Winnie Cooper

Level 17
Nov 24, 2011
Senor Chang! I love community!! Its like my favorite show! Inspector Space-Time!!!!
Level 10
Apr 25, 2012
Only 27% get Carla Espinosa???? yall are seriously missing out! Scrubs is like the best show everrrrrr!!! also on my best show ever list is Cougar Town and Psych!!!!!! :) seriously though, go on netflix and look up scrubs, i promise after a few episodes you will be addicted. <3 the janitor! lol ~GirlOnFire
Level 10
Apr 25, 2012
i forgot about Dance Academy!!!! :) <3 it soooo much! i <3 Tara she is my fav...
Level 50
Jun 22, 2013
Joey Tribbiani was also on "Joey". Not that it was very long-lived... or very good, for that matter. Just saying.
Level 52
Jun 11, 2014
It's Elena not Elana for the Vampire Diaries one
Level 47
Jun 15, 2014
The Earl of Grantham is like totally from an American TV show
Level 88
Jul 14, 2014
How did the Earl of Grantham make this list? Neither the character, actor, nor series is American. If I remember right, his wife was from the States, maybe change the clue to her?
Level 72
Jul 17, 2014
Level 63
Jul 17, 2014
If the clue said simply "Chang" then I would have gotten it. He actually was only referred to as Senor Chang during the first season.
Level 65
Jul 17, 2014
Is is bad that I only knew like 5 of these shows
Level 63
Sep 13, 2015
Bob Loblaw and Senor Chang! Woohoo!
Level 11
Sep 30, 2015
you wrote Elana wrong. It's Elena
Level 82
Dec 13, 2015
How is "Downton Abbey" included in "American TV Characters" ? I thought it was a British show with British characters.
Level 89
Apr 14, 2017
Level 53
Jan 3, 2016
Small typo - it's Elena Gilbert not "Elana."
Level 69
Jan 15, 2017
Sam Beckett was also on China Beach.
Level 49
Apr 6, 2017
its Elena Gilbert not Elana Gilbert
Level 32
Jun 19, 2018
The last names throw you off sometimes. Can't believe I missed Willis from Different Strokes when "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?" is such a well known quote.
Level 50
Oct 18, 2018
American TV characters quizzes probably shouldn't include characters from a British TV show, entirely made in Britain, with a British cast and creative team.