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Based on the definitions, guess these vocabulary words that end in Ment.
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Last updated: July 9, 2013
First submittedJanuary 25, 2011
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Dirt at the river bottom
Hydrogen, helium, carbon, etc...
Addition to the Constitution
The heavens
Graduation ceremony
Item of clothing
Robe worn by the clergy
Skin cream
When police encourage a person
to commit a crime
Thin wire inside a light bulb
Baptism, confirmation, communion, etc...
White-collar theft
Connects bones to other bones
The number of people attending school
Legislative body of the U.K.
District of Paris
Army unit of about 3,000-5,000 soldiers
Animal skin material used like paper
Level ∞
Apr 28, 2013
Updated and expanded!
Level 74
Sep 19, 2018
Here's a 2nd and a 3rd -ment vocab quiz.
Level 74
Jul 7, 2013
Could you accept "raiment" for item of clothing and "emollient" for skin cream?
Level 52
Jul 7, 2013
"Emollient" doesn't seem to end in "-ment".
Level 54
Jul 7, 2013
Liniment for ointment?
Level 72
Jul 7, 2013
Liniment and raiment should definitely be accepted. Just as correct as the answers now approved.
Level ∞
Jul 9, 2013
Okay, those will work now.
Level 24
Jul 14, 2013
are you cereal i can't believe i couldnt think of firmament!!! man i feel so dumb
Level 77
May 12, 2014
mmmm.... cereal...
Level 40
Jun 9, 2014
I did enticement for the crime question. That is the same thing isn't it?
Level 59
Dec 21, 2016
QM could you accept Government for white collar crime?
Level 82
Jan 13, 2019
or investment ;)
Level 86
Jan 14, 2017
I also wrote down enticement for the police one. Any chance it could be added?
Level 74
Jun 14, 2014
The international meaning of commencement is "the start of something". It is only used to refer to graduation ceremonies in the US and Canada.
Level 79
Jun 30, 2014
At my graduation we were told it was called graduation to mark the end of school, and commencement because it was the beginning of our adult life. That seems to fit your definition, so what's the problem?
Level 76
Mar 17, 2015
Maybe in other countries graduation also means something different?
Level 70
Jan 10, 2016
Never heard of 'Commencement' in regards to graduation. Still it gives US patrons a chance to get a point.
Level 71
May 1, 2019
Well said, Malbaby!
Level 44
Aug 6, 2014
Ointment and cream are 2 different things. Each exclusive of the other. Creams are water-based. Ointments are oil-based. It's like giving "acrylic" as the clue when the answer is "watercolor". You could use "salve" or "topical medicine". (And liniment is more different still, not a cream either, but a liquid.)
Level 53
Apr 24, 2015
I figured it out anyway, but you are right about ointment.
Level 72
Jun 11, 2016
Where do you get that creams cannot be oil-based? They certainly can be in a cosmetics context...
Level 58
Apr 19, 2015
Darnit, my French lessons led me to try vestament and vetement, but not vestment
Level 59
Jul 5, 2015
Cream and ointments are not the same thing.
Level 44
Dec 13, 2015
The reason the french district question percentage is so low is probably because one would have to know French in order to get it. I know the word, but I couldn't spell it.
Level 75
May 8, 2016
Wow, typing -ment a jillion times sure adds to the charm of this quiz O.o
Level 44
May 13, 2016
Ointments and creams are totally different things, from a pharmaceutical standpoint.
Level 48
Jan 21, 2017
Agree that enrollment and commencement are words not used in the context you provide in the UK, having said that I did appallingly on this quiz even where the answers were entirely straightforward!
Level 41
Aug 5, 2017
"bowel movement"?
Level 67
Aug 18, 2017
Surprised not to see announcement or tenement on the quiz.
Level 69
Feb 3, 2020
Just view it with detachment.
Level 62
Oct 20, 2017
Well, now we're becoming familiar with the25th Amendment's "Emolument"
Level 33
Jun 11, 2018
technically feces isn't excrement as it doesn't enter the body on a cellular level
Level 37
Aug 30, 2018
Damn! I got arrondissement, but missed garment and a host others (and I'm not French).
Level 40
Nov 14, 2018
could you accept ammendment for amendment?
Level 62
Feb 3, 2020
Could use one with 'impeachment'. :P
Level 80
Feb 3, 2020
From White House to tenement, if only our government actually functioned properly...
Level 49
Feb 3, 2020
Can you just except, for example, sedi for sediment because all of the answers end in ment.