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Moved Sports Franchises Quiz

These sports franchises either moved cities or changed names. Give us the previous name or city.
In the case of more than one change, use the most recent
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedDecember 30, 2010
Last updatedSeptember 4, 2018
Times taken16,512
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Current Team
Former Team
Oklahoma City Thunder
Seattle Supersonics
Washington Wizards
Washington Bullets
Los Angeles Lakers
Minneapolis Lakers
Memphis Grizzlies
Vancouver Grizzlies
Utah Jazz
New Orleans Jazz
Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Colts
Tennessee Titans
Houston Oilers
Dallas Stars
Minnesota North Stars
Arizona Coyotes
Winnipeg Jets
Current Team
Former Team
Carolina Hurricanes
Hartford Whalers
Colorado Avalanche
Quebec Nordiques
Los Angeles Dodgers
Brooklyn Dodgers
San Francisco Giants
New York Giants
Atlanta Braves
Milwaukee Braves
Washington Nationals
Montreal Expos
St. Louis Rams
Los Angeles Rams
Oakland Athletics
Kansas City Athletics
Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals
level 83
Dec 30, 2010
Great quiz! And amazing that you put it together so quickly after I suggested it just last week. :D Good idea to add the note at the bottom, especially for the A's and the Cardinals. In the case of the Athletics, it makes the quiz much more difficult!
level ∞
Dec 30, 2010
In truth, I made the quiz before you suggested it. I guess great minds think alike!
level 67
Apr 3, 2016
Not sure if this list was suppose to be all inclusive of active franchises but the Atlanta Thrashers also moved to become the Winnipeg Jets.
level 26
Dec 30, 2010
this is a MOVED sports franchises quiz right? then why is the washington bullets considered a move to the washington wizards....they didnt go anywhere!
level 67
Dec 15, 2015
The subtitle says moved or changed names. I agree; the last qualifier is pretty lame, in regards to the Bullets.
level 83
Dec 30, 2010
"These sports franchises either moved cities or changed names. Give us the previous name or city." Title notwithstanding, it's pretty plainly spelled out.
level 71
Jan 7, 2011
What about the Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets?
level 31
Mar 4, 2011
Weren't the Arizona Cardinals called the Phoenix Cardinals after St. Louis but before Arizona? Do I have my history wrong? If I have it right, though, wouldn't that be the most recent name change?
level 73
Nov 16, 2011
didnt' the atlanta thrashers become the winnipeg jets?
level 40
May 7, 2015
Yes they did, 15 years after the Winnipeg Jets became the Phoenix Coyotes (later Arizona Coyotes).
level 27
Jan 6, 2012
Chicago Cardinals? or Philadelphia A's?
level 71
Jan 13, 2013
And if you want to get into the forgotten prehistory of some major American teams, then how about the Decatur Staleys (now the Bears), the Portsmouth Spartans (now the Lions), the Fort Wayne Pistons (now in Detroit), the St. Louis Browns (now the Orioles), the Syracuse Nationals (now the 76ers), or the Philadelphia Warriors (now Golden State)? This leaves out, of course, teams such as the Rochester Royals, who became the Cincinnati Royals, then the Kansas City Kings, then the Sacramento Kings and possibly the Seattle whatevers in the near future. Or the Buffalo Braves, who became the San Diego Clippers, then the LA Clippers. The list goes on . . . good excuse for an expansion.
level 36
Apr 30, 2013
The athletics originally played in philadelphia and the braves originally played in Boston So both those answers should also be acceptable
level 51
Jun 4, 2013
good quiz 100%
level 57
Jul 3, 2013
I have a few gripes 1. washington wizards never moved just changed their name 2. some of these teams (atlanta braves, oakland athletics and arizona cardinals) have moved more than once. Before moving to milwaukee the braves were in boston, before moving to kansas city the athletics were in philadelphia and before moving to st louis the NFL cardinals were in chicago. the accepted answers and the guesses should reflect that. otherwise good quiz
level 77
Jun 6, 2014
Wouldn't you know it... the only ones I missed were from the NHL.
level 72
Feb 1, 2019
God help you if you're from Canada. Admit that Tim Horton's tastes worse than the styrofam cup and is weaker than US coffee and you're done for.
level 72
Jun 25, 2014
The inconsistencies remain. For example, if you count Washington Bullets for that franchise (which is correct according to the instructions, then you should count Tennessee Oilers for the Titans and
level 36
Mar 16, 2015
A's were originally in Philadelphia, and the Rams originally played in Cleveland.. Braves also played in Boston.. Agree that the bullete//wizards doesn't fit, especially given how many times the clippers have moved.
level 41
Sep 8, 2015
Arizona Coyotes used to be Phoenix Coyotes,
level 68
Feb 25, 2016
You might want to update this since the St. Louis Rams just recently moved to Los Angeles
level 68
Mar 21, 2016
Philadelphia should definitely be accepted for the Athletics
level 71
Apr 3, 2016
This is certainly outdated, they are the Los Angeles Rams again. Obviously since I'm playing this in 2016.
level 30
Apr 16, 2016
Agreed. You might want to flip the hint and the answer for the Rams question, since they moved again.
level 36
Aug 21, 2016
Braves were originally from Boston and the athletics were originally from Philadelphia
level 29
Dec 18, 2016
Rams are back in LA now, plus there are other teams such as the Syracuse Nationals who moved to Philadelphia to become the 76ers and the Rochester Royals who moved to Sacramento to become the Kings
level 38
Feb 1, 2018
Why wouldn't you accept the Philadelphia A's, Boston Braves, Chicago Cardinals, or Cleveland Rams since these franchises started out in these cities I mentioned?
level 65
Oct 15, 2018
St. Louis Rams are back in L.A. now, so should be taken off. Also, I agree with other commenters that Philadelphia should be accepted for the A's.
level 60
Jan 29, 2019
If anything, they should just switch places. St Louis should be the previous and LA is current.