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Movie Characters by Clue

Based on the clues, name the movie character.
Last updated: September 03, 2015
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Hates Snakes, Fedora, Whip
Indiana Jones
Breathes Noisily, Has Issues with Son, Telekinetic Choker
Darth Vader
Logical, Pointy Ears, Resurrected
Bicycle Basket, Reese's Pieces, Builds a Phone
Vietnam Vet, Didn't Draw First Blood, Archery Enthusiast
John Rambo
Blue Face Paint, Freedom!, Impregnates the Princess
William Wallace
Leg Braces, Ping Pong, Shrimp
Forrest Gump
White Russian, Hates the Eagles, Bowling
The Dude
Skull Island, Empire State Building, Killed by Beauty
King Kong
Figment of Imagination, Makes Soap, Starts a Club
Tyler Durden
Don't Call him Chicken, Hover Skateboard, Best Friend is Old
Marty McFly
Chosen One, Knows Kung Fu, Hacker
Truancy, Twist and Shout, Day in Chicago
Ferris Bueller
Jazz Flute, By the Beard of Zeus!, Chose Milk on a Hot Day
Ron Burgundy
Nice Business Cards, Investment Banker, Serial Killer
Patrick Bateman
Georgia, Name = Color, Vivien Leigh
Scarlett O'Hara
Know-it-All, Crookshanks, Almost Killed by Troll
Hermione Granger
Amnesia, Regal Tang, Helps Rescue a Fish
Amnesia, Treadstone, Running from the CIA
Jason Bourne
Dad is Triton, Friends with a Crab, Becomes Human
level 66
Sep 23, 2013
In American Psycho the character was 'Patrick Bateman'. He was Batman in a different movie!
level 80
Oct 24, 2013
I think that may have been a Freudian slip... or an intentional attempt at humor. Bateman is accepted, by the way.
level 73
Nov 13, 2013
and "Batman" is not accepted. :( I reloaded the quiz just to check. Disappointing.
level ∞
Sep 3, 2015
Fixed. :)
level 47
Nov 17, 2013
it should have frodo/gandalf/legolas, sherlock holmes, james bond, batman/bruce wayne, harry potter
level 45
Jan 26, 2016
level 33
Nov 22, 2013
"Chose milk on a hot day" Hahaha love it
level 65
Feb 5, 2016
haha thats jokes, I didn't even read that part at first cause jazz flute gave it away
level 28
Apr 19, 2014
FINALLY got 100% on a movie quiz. I was beginning to question my movie buff status
level 34
Jul 17, 2014
isn't it a cowboy hat not fedora?
level 74
Aug 5, 2014
No. Harrison Ford wore a cowboy hat as Bob Falfa in American Graffiti, but the fedora is Indy.
level 49
Dec 29, 2014
You're kind of generous I typed Ron hoping I'd remember the last name and you gave it to me. Same thing happened with Marty. Thanks.
level 59
Jan 22, 2016
William Wallace isn't a movie character.
level 56
Jan 22, 2016
It's a fictional film based on historical events, and although the 'character' is based on a real life historical figure, it's still a 'movie character', given that it's a movie, and he's a character in it.
level 48
Jan 22, 2016
Considering how historically inaccurate Braveheart is, most of those clues can probably only be applied to the movie version of the character.
level 73
Mar 17, 2018
The Scots didn't paint their faces blue. The Picts did, but that was hundreds of years earlier.
There's no record of Wallace screaming "Freedom!" as he was being castrated and disemboweled.
And it's pretty unlikely that he impregnated Princess Isabelle since she was 4 years old and in France at the time the film takes place.
level 73
Mar 17, 2018
good move, though, if you laugh off the historical inaccuracies.
level 55
Jan 22, 2016
Ron Burgundy?
level 59
Jan 23, 2016
If you're giving actor names, I would say "Amnesia, Ellen" would be a fairer clue than "Regal Tang", which are not words which appear in the film, for example, so you have to know what that is to get it.
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