Movie Multiple Choice #1

Can you answer these multiple choice questions from the world of film?
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Last updated: May 10, 2020
First submittedFebruary 2, 2019
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1. Which of these is NOT a real job title that appears in movie credits?
Key grip
Best boy
2. What was the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
The Avengers
Iron Man
3. Which of these actors DIDN'T appear in "Pulp Fiction"?
John Turturro
Uma Thurman
Bruce Willis
Samuel L. Jackson
4. What is it called when an actor breaks character to directly address the audience?
Sweeping the rug
Bending the narrative
Following the loose thread
Breaking the 4th wall
5. Which of these movies was NOT directed by M. Night Shyamalan?
The Ring
The Sixth Sense
6. True or false. Since 1930, the percentage of Americans who go to the movies frequently has increased.
In 1930, more than 65% of Americans went to the theater every week. Today it is around 10%.
7. Which of the following is filmmaker Michael Bay known for?
Fanciful costume design
Sweeping Western landscapes
Romantic comedy
8. Which of the following characters would you be most likely to see in a film noir movie?
An African tribal leader
A cynical private investigator
A fighter pilot
A beach volleyball player
9. What term is used to describe the the western films directed by Italian director Sergio Leone?
Spaghetti westerns
Mafia westerns
Tuscan westerns
Neapolitan westerns
10. In the movie "Frozen", who is Olaf?
A knight
A snowman
A ghost
A reindeer
11. Which of these lines DIDN'T come from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"?
You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Bring out yer dead!
We want... a shrubbery!!
It's just a flesh wound
12. For which of these movies did Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar for Best Actor?
The Revenant
Blood Diamond
The Last King of Scotland
13. In the "Godfather" series, where was Vito Corleone born?
Corleone, Sicily
New York City
14. Did Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in any movies together, other than "Pretty Woman"?
They also appeared together in "Runaway Bride"
15. Where is the Temple of Doom in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"?
South America
Level 79
Feb 3, 2019
Might want to be a bit more specific on the percentage of Americans who go to the movies.

Looks like 86% of Americans "go to the movies", as only 14% said they never go.

Level 64
Feb 7, 2019
When you're done with the quiz it says "In 1930, more than 65% of Americans went to the theater every week. Today it's around 10%". I don't doubt that for a second. In the age of the internet and I mean the price you pay for a ticket...
Level 71
Mar 3, 2019
Also, the 1930s was during the Great Depression and people were looking for movies as a way to escape the daily drudge. People no longer see movies as their cheap means of escape.
Level 80
May 10, 2019
Sure, the internet nowadays, but TV didn't really kick in until the 50s. If you wanted to see moving pictures in the 1930s you went to the cinema.
Level 73
Feb 4, 2019
"Film noir movie" is somewhat redundant, no? Isn't it usually just called a "film noir"?
Level 76
Feb 12, 2019
Around here we call it a 'film noir filmy hangdog shadow caper ciné.'
Level 73
May 10, 2019
I'm surprised the MCU question is the least correctly guessed.
Level 85
May 10, 2019
That also surprised me. Even with Endgame dominating the box office I would have thought the first MCU film would be pretty easy to guess. Or maybe there aren’t as many MCU fans here as I thought.
Level 82
Oct 12, 2020
Well, Spider-Man (with Toby Maguire) is based on marvel comic and came out in 2002. I wasn’t sure if it counts as an MCU movie, but I chose it thinking that it must be some kind of red-herring meant for the younger users here - that they’d only remember the Andrew Garfield/Tom Holland movies, would then choose Ironman, and would get it wrong...

I guess other people also had the same reasoning I had.

Level 82
May 10, 2019
Aced it. Also shocked that Iron Man is the least guessed answer.
Level 73
May 10, 2019
Batman came out in 1989. Not sure why it doesn’t count. I have never seen a superhero movie but I remember not going to see batman so i wouldn’t have to see the endless sequels
Level 75
May 10, 2019
There were superhero movies before Batman. Batman belongs to the comic book publisher DC while the question concerns another publisher, Marvel. There where other movies adapted from Marvel comic books before 2008. However, only with Iron Man did they start to connect their individual movies into one long narrative that culminated in the Avengers movies where many superheroes fight together - and this super-narrative they call Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Level 67
Feb 28, 2020
The main reason is that batman is not marvel. The clue is in the name, Marvel Cinematic Universe ;)
Level 58
May 10, 2019
I am surprised , Spiderman is from 2002, Iron Man from 2008 . Why Iron Man is listed as the first ?
Level 82
May 10, 2019
Because Spider-Man (2002) is not part of the MCU. Ah. I guess that's where people were getting confused. They didn't know what the MCU was. That makes sense.
Level 50
May 10, 2019
2002 Spider-Man isn’t part of the MCU. MCU Spider-Man was first in Captain America: Civil War.
Level 58
May 10, 2019
OK, understood
Level 55
May 10, 2019
I guess I'm going to have to google to find out what the MCU is. I'm guessing it's something for children? Ok, done, it's a film series based on American comic books, so for kids. That would explain the low percentage of correct answers as I'm sure that most people taking these quizzes are adults and wouldn't have watched these films
Level 75
May 10, 2019
There are many, many, many adults who watch these movies, and most are not even comic book fans. The latest MCU installment is about to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. To label comic books or their adaptations as kids stuff does not reflect reality in this day and age.
Level 75
May 10, 2019
Although that outdated image is still prevalent in the older (50+) generations, at least outside of North America.
Level 70
May 10, 2019
Labeling comic book content "for kids", and in so smug a way, shows your ignorance and pedantry. Might want to leave the 1950's mentality, we're in the 21th century.
Level 82
May 11, 2019
or people who are still kids at heart? Or not completely dead inside? Over 2 billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide and climbing just for the latest installment in the series. *someone* is seeing these movies.
Level 67
Feb 28, 2020
That is the most odd thing to say, next you are gonna say puzzles are only for kids, or quizzes! I personally think it is mostly adults that go to these movies. In case of reading the actual comic books, yea kids would have the majority there.

Do you also think adults dont eat icecream or chocolate?

Honestly when thinking of these movies I dont even think of kids (initially, ofcourse I am aware kids will like them too.) But more of 20-30 year olds (or, well 16-36). They are basicly just action movies. But instead of a "normal hero" a super hero.

If people think this about about animation I can atleast somewhat understand it, but those are still to be enjoyed for all ages.

Level 75
Sep 14, 2020
Saying these movies are for children is wrong . More aimed at a teen to early 20s audience .I'm not a fan myself ( although i love Christopher Nolan's Batman series ). I personally find most of these movies stupid but a lot of people of all ages love them.
Level 69
May 11, 2019
Wasn't the first movie in the MCU the Hulk? At the end of that movie Robert Downey Jr appears as Tony Stark talking with SHIELD.
Level 67
Feb 28, 2020
It has been released after Iron man. Not all countries have the exact same release date, but iron man was released in theathers around the 1st of May and the incredible hulk around the June 13th. (Not counting special opening premieres)

Japan was late(r) with both movies, releasing September 27th and August 1st, but still in the same order.

Level 66
Mar 3, 2021
I'm surprised many people didn't do so hot on this quiz. I found it pretty easy.