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Movie Titles in Spanish Quiz

Translate these movie titles from Spanish to English.
These movie titles actually appeared in Spanish or Latin American theaters
They are not necessarily word-for-word translations
Also, these movies sometimes had different titles in different Spanish-speaking countries
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedJune 19, 2011
Last updatedJuly 25, 2014
Times taken29,161
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Guerra mundial Z
World War Z
El discurso del rey
The King's Speech
Resacón en Las Vegas
The Hangover
El caballero oscuro
The Dark Knight
El laberinto del fauno
Pan's Labyrinth
Noche en el museo
Night at the Museum
Los cuatro fantásticos
Fantastic Four
El hombre araña
El sexto sentido
The Sixth Sense
La milla verde
The Green Mile
La vida es bella
Life is Beautiful
Sospechosos habituales
The Usual Suspects
La bella y la bestia
Beauty and the Beast
Solo en casa
Home Alone
Bailando con lobos
Dances with Wolves
La sirenita
The Little Mermaid
La princesa prometida
The Princess Bride
Tres hombres y un bebé
3 Men and a Baby
Regreso al futuro
Back to the Future
Los cazafantasmas
Colegio de animales
Animal House
La guerra de las galaxias
Star Wars
El padrino
The Godfather
level 48
Jun 21, 2011
that was pretty fun to try and puzzle out speaking French but not Spanish
level 64
Nov 9, 2016
Same here. More logic problem than knowledge quiz, which may well be more fun.
level 60
Jan 14, 2019
Same I dont know/have never learned any spanish. got 18/24 And only seen back to the future and night at the museum. I did try mermaid though (forgot little) 3 mAn and a baby ( I assume since it wasnt accepted) animal farm. and war of the worlds. Close though ;) just kings speech and ghostbuster I wasnt close
level 61
Jun 22, 2011
I would think "casa de animales" would be a better translation for "Animal House"
level 38
Nov 18, 2017
Yes. Definitely. "Colegio de Animals translates "Animal School", which is not the title of the move. By the way, these aren't actual translations, are the Some of them are way off base.
level 33
Oct 5, 2011
100% with :07 left. I was stuck on how to spell Labyrinth, lol
level 20
May 8, 2012
I actually tried "the postman always rings twice" for the twins. I was a little thrown at first until I realized that the titles were translations of American or British movies.
level 54
Aug 27, 2013
8/24 not bad considering I've never spoken spanish in my life (or really seen it written down for that matter).
level 67
Sep 23, 2013
Got em all without ever learning a word of spanish. Oh, yeah!
level 27
Apr 20, 2014
12/24 and I wouldn't even know how to say goodbye in Spanish haha
level 50
Aug 8, 2014
"Beauty & The Beast" should be an acceptable answer. Most quizzes accept an ampersand instead of "and".
level 27
Aug 8, 2014
Quite a fun quiz, but incorrect. Spiderman, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, The Amazing Spiderman and The Amazing Spiderman 2 all kept their original titles when published in Spain. Same goes for Brave (not called valiente over here) :)
level ∞
Aug 8, 2014
The quiz is correct. In the case of Spider-Man, check out the Argentinian title:
level 43
Aug 11, 2014
Well, what do you know, having a Spanish aunty does come in handy...
level 50
Aug 20, 2014
For 'El caballero oscuro', the first thing that popped into my head was 'The Lone Ranger'! I did watch that yesterday, though, so it could be expected.
level 70
Nov 8, 2015
the lone ranger is "el llanero solitario"
level 44
Aug 25, 2014
How did more people get The Hangover (which was tricky because it wasn't even close to a literal translation) than Dances With Wolves. Like i suck at spanish but pretty much everyone knows baile and lobo.
level 81
Sep 10, 2015
Las Vegas. That hinted me off. And I did a quiz earlier about movies happening in Las Vegas.
level 49
Nov 9, 2016
Yeah, that's as basic as it gets in spanish. Just a matter of recognizing the movie that sounds most like 'Dancing With Wolves'.
level 37
Jul 9, 2015
¿no se supone que es "guerra de las estrellas"?
level 47
Nov 11, 2016
If you've never seen El Labyrinto del Fauno, go watch it. It is so good!
level 61
Nov 24, 2016
Don't know how many times I typed "Night in the Museum"...
level 32
Mar 12, 2017
i just translated the page
level 33
May 5, 2017
NEWBS!! Just translate the page!
level 16
Oct 17, 2017
Too easy (by the way, I'm Spanish)
level 63
Sep 11, 2018
As others have pointed out, you still need to know the correct titles in English. Habla'ing the ol' espagnol aint enough
level 65
Dec 29, 2017
It would help if I knew the English titles.... I tried "Night in the Museum" and "Dancing with Wolves" to no avail.
level 38
Sep 17, 2019
^Same here. I eventually got Dances With Wolves as I saw the movie. But couldn't figure out why Night in the Museum wasn't being accepted.
level 53
Jul 24, 2018
level 42
Jul 24, 2018
Great I got 100% but then when i opened the quiz Google translated the quiz for me
level 26
Apr 9, 2019
The thing is, google automatically translated the spanish words for me when i loaded the page, so I it was pretty easy to cheat.
level 55
Jun 5, 2019
Given that the 'Life is beautiful' film is not originale named like that (in English), but "La Vita é Bella' (Italian), it can be somewhat misleading that the English name is used.
level 47
Jul 28, 2019
Fun quiz! Although I haven't seen a lot of movies, I got a good number of them! Just could not figure out how to spell labyrinth no matter how many different spellings I tried :)
level 63
Aug 24, 2019
Spiderman is aired in Spain as Spiderman and also Brave was Brave. I guess other spanish speaking countries may go otherwise thou.