Movies by Year, 1950-1969

One question per year about movies and actors. Can you answer them all?
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Last updated: November 5, 2019
First submittedAugust 26, 2013
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Actress Sharon Tate is murdered by followers of this madman
Charles Manson
Charlton Heston visits this planet, only to find out that it was Earth all along
Planet of the Apes
This movie debuts, featuring a soundtrack by Simon & Garfunkel
The Graduate
Clint Eastwood stars in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", by this Italian director
Sergio Leone
Julie Andrews stars in this movie about a musical Austrian family
The Sound of Music
This actress marries Richard Burton for the first time
Elizabeth Taylor
This desert epic, starring Peter O'Toole, wins an Oscar for Best Picture
Lawrence of Arabia
Dr. No, the first movie to feature this character, is released
James Bond
This film, based on a Leonard Bernstein musical, hits theaters
West Side Story
This director fights with censors to allow "Psycho" to be released
Alfred Hitchcock
Charlton Heston stars in this movie about a charioteer in the time of Jesus
This actress is born to Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (give her first name)
Jamie Lee Curtis
This "Casablanca" actor dies of cancer
Humphrey Bogart
This singer stars in his first film, "Love Me Tender"
Elvis Presley
This rebel without a cause dies in a car crash
James Dean
Marilyn Monroe marries and divorces this baseball player
Joe Dimaggio
This actress has her first starring role in "Roman Holiday"
Audrey Hepburn
"What a glorious feeling" sings Gene Kelly in this movie
Singin' in the Rain
This actor stars as Stanley Kowalski in "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Marlon Brando
This comedian stars alongside Dean Martin in "At War with the Army"
Jerry Lewis
Level 81
Dec 6, 2013
haha... I missed Singin' in the Rain... I think because I typed in "Dancing in the Rain." d'oh
Level 72
Dec 6, 2013
Considering what they had to use to make the "rain" show up on film, "Singin' in the Milk" would be more apropos. Gross!
Level 81
Dec 7, 2013
It's so hot! Milk.. was a bad choice..
Level 79
Jun 23, 2016
I just went to a screening of Singin in the Rain with the widow of Gene Kelly (Patricia Ward Kelly) who said that's an old urban legend. They backlit the water with a complicated setup of stage lights. No milk required!
Level 79
Sep 2, 2016
Had they used milk, Gene Kelly would've been splashing around in white puddles.
Level 74
Dec 6, 2013
100%! But I'm really surprised so few people know Sergio Leone while 95% knew Sound of Music.
Level 45
Dec 9, 2013
Sergio Leone was the only one that slowed me down.
Level 55
May 6, 2014
I was just telling my husband that I don't know who directed anything.
Level 84
Sep 15, 2014
Big difference between knowing the name of a movie and knowing who directed it. Do you know who directed Sound of Music?
Level 78
Jun 23, 2016
Good analogy. I don't.
Level 45
Oct 11, 2017
Robert Wise ha
Level 74
Aug 19, 2018
Robert Wise was surely a competent craftsman but he didn't have any distinctive trademarks. On the other hand, Sergio Leone's films are identifiable within a few minutes, if not seconds.

There may be a difference between the USA and Europe though which explains my surprise. In Europe, when people think of westerns, what they have in mind are Spaghetti westerns rather than John Wayne or Gary Cooper movies (remember that scene from Die Hard when Hans Gruber confuses the two?). And when you ask European non-movie buffs which directors they can name, Leone would likely be in the top 3, along with Hitchcock and Spielberg. Another funny thing from this side of the pond: Very few Germans have heard of The Sound of Music. But the older generations all know Doctor Zhivago.

Level 78
Nov 18, 2019
In Austria even fewer people know Sound of Music, unless you live in Salzburg. They like to say it's because they have an older more accurate movie about von Trapps, but Mir likely it's because they're not keen on watching how easily their country became Nazi.
Level 60
Feb 12, 2017
I was a big fan of the Eastwood spaghetti westerns so I knew Sergio Leone. Also the soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone.
Level 48
Nov 5, 2017
just watched the Hateful 8 again, so deserving of his Oscar for the score. what's crazy is that Bernard Hermann never won an Oscar for any of his Hitchcock scores, which are some of the best in history!
Level 82
Dec 31, 2014
The first one was the only one I didn't get.
Level 81
Jun 23, 2016
The last one was the only one I didn't get.
Level 50
Jun 23, 2016
Got a grand total of five. My movie knowledge drops off hard before the 1980s.
Level 60
Feb 12, 2017
Got them all with 3:08 left.
Level 45
Oct 11, 2017
finished with 2.08 left not bad considering I was born in 1985
Level 74
Nov 29, 2018
Only 54% got West Side Story? Wow.
Level 37
Sep 17, 2019
Could not think of Sergio Leone to save my life. Th only one that kept popping up in my head was Fellini, though I knew that he was the wrong answer.
Level 45
May 14, 2020
Wow 11 is way better than I was expecting to do, this stuff is way before my time
Level 59
May 27, 2020
remembered the first one because of "once upon a time in hollywood"