Movies General Knowledge #1

Answer these random questions from the world of film.
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Last updated: September 19, 2017
First submittedMay 26, 2015
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What was the name of Dorothy's dog in "The Wizard of Oz"?
What city in southern France hosts a famous film festival?
What character has been portrayed by Ben Affleck, George Clooney, and Val Kilmer?
What movie starred Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis?
Black Swan
What country produces the most films each year?
What movie took place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania?
Groundhog Day
Who was born as an old man and died as a baby?
Benjamin Button
What object was used as a murder weapon at the end of the movie "There Will Be Blood"?
Bowling Pin
What movie, starring Katherine Heigl, was about a woman who has
been a bridesmaid 27 times?
27 Dresses
What chubby director had a famous silhouette?
Alfred Hitchcock
What movie's poster features a polaroid inside a polaroid inside a polaroid?
Who was able to go to an art museum, an observation deck, a baseball game, a pool,
a fancy restaurant, and a parade all on the same day?
Ferris Bueller
What movie is subtitled "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"?
Dr. Strangelove
Who starred as Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Twin"?
Danny DeVito
What movie ended with the line "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"?
What was the name of the snowman in the movie "Frozen"?
In what country did the movie "Mad Max" take place?
Who was the villain in the movie "Thor"?
Who wrote, directed, and starred in "Citizen Kane"?
Orson Welles
What type of animal was Clyde in the movie "Every Which Way But Loose"?
Level 80
Jun 28, 2015
Bowling skittle not acceptable?
Level ∞
Sep 18, 2017
That's a new one to me. It will work now.
Level 80
Apr 11, 2016
Surely a 'bowling skittle' should be acceptable?
Level 61
Jan 5, 2017
I tried that first as well.
Level 86
Sep 20, 2017
If I were the medical examiner, I would list the cause of death as "milkshake". Surely, he was dead inside before any bowling-related implements became involved.
Level 73
Sep 20, 2017
Man...that movie had such amazing potential. It started off incredibly and just kind of died in the middle. I don't remember anything that happened after the oil derrick disaster that left his son deaf. The ending will live on as a classic ending, but it was almost overacted to the point of absurdity. Like a melodramatic parody of itself. It's too bad.
Level 72
Sep 21, 2017
I didn't see that movie, but now I want to. Any movie that has death by milkshake and/or bowling pin sounds excellent to me.
Level 81
Apr 4, 2018
It was the lack of milkshake that killed him. Daniel Day-Lewis had drunk it up.
Level 78
Apr 6, 2018
Level 81
Sep 27, 2017
"Right turn, Clyde!"
Level 46
Dec 31, 2017
I struggled on this one but good quiz.
Level 59
Jan 14, 2018
I missed the Benjamin Button one because I thought the title of the movie was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Level 89
Feb 16, 2018
It was, but the title doesn't answer the question.
Level 73
Apr 8, 2018
once benjamin britten (who i very well knew was wrong) had sunk into my brain, i couldn't get passed that anymore.
Level 55
Apr 4, 2018
I wrote skittle, pin, bowling ball and ball. :(
Level 55
Apr 4, 2018
and monkey for Orangutan
Level 70
Jun 10, 2018
I'll give you skittle and pin, but an orangutan is not a monkey.
Level 62
Apr 4, 2018
"Mine Fuhrer! I can walk!"
Level 82
Apr 4, 2018
Level 51
Apr 4, 2018
As a John Hughes fan I appreciated the Ferris Bueller questions.
Level 75
Apr 4, 2018
Shouldn't "ape" work for the "Every Which Way But Loose" question?
Level 78
Apr 6, 2018
At first I tried Beautiful Girls for the Natalie Portman movie. For some reason I always confuse the names of Mila Kunis and Mira Sorvino.