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Movies that Start with C

Based on the descriptions, name these movies that start with the letter C.
Quiz idea: webkinztoco123
Ignoring "a"
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First submittedJanuary 23, 2014
Last updatedSeptember 15, 2019
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Tropical bobsledders compete in the Olympics
Cool Runnings
Girl with glass footwear has until midnight to win the love of a Prince
Musclebound barbarian must kill an evil wizard to avenge the death of his parents
Conan the Barbarian
Evil spirit will murder you with his hook if you look into the mirror and
say his name five times
Jersey girls wants to be a singer, but must first do raunchy
dance moves as a New York City bartender
Coyote Ugly
Evil doll is possessed by the soul of a serial killer
Child's Play
Monster destroys New York, as recorded by a person without access to a tripod
Plane full of convicts is hijacked
Con Air
American cafe owner in Morocco won't have true love, but will help
a WWII freedom fighter
Outback bushman / knife owner travels to New York City to find true love
Crocodile Dundee
In a world where no new children are being born, a pregnant woman must be protected
Children of Men
New Yorkers have a mid-life crisis and decide to go on a two-week long cattle drive
City Slickers
Poor girl from Butcher Hollow, Kentucky grows up to be a famous country singer
Coal Miner's Daughter
Rich man can have anything he wants except for his childhood sled
Citizen Kane
Telekinetic girl commits mass murder after being humiliated at prom
Husband and wife are efficiency engineers who efficiently raise twelve children
Cheaper by the Dozen
Egg-eating man fails to communicate or follow rules and is
ultimately ground down by the system
Cool Hand Luke
Ultraviolent gang member / classical music enthusiast is
given experimental aversion therapy
Clockwork Orange, a
level 77
Mar 20, 2014
Love the clue for Cloverfield. "Found footage" movies are horrible, without exception. Though that was probably the best one.
level 70
Mar 20, 2014
You mean Cloverfield is better than Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity? At least it makes some sense there (=student's film project, device of tracking down ghosts), but in Cloverfield it's just an idiot carrying his camera all around while a cheap CGI monster attacks New York. That's why most found footage movies are so annoying: it makes no sense that they are "found footage".
level 60
Mar 20, 2014
I feel like Cloverfield always had the potential of being good, but it never quite got there.
level 67
Apr 27, 2016
This. I had way too high expectations for Cloverfield.
level 80
Jul 3, 2014
"Egg-eating man fails to communicate" - Great clue! Made me laugh. And did anyone else read the "In a world where..." clue in the movie trailer guys voice?
level 83
Jul 8, 2014
Very sad to see what's ranked at the bottom of the list. Guess the clue also... failed to communicate.
level 70
Apr 9, 2017
I didn't need to read past "egg-eating man..." I thought it was sufficient for anyone who's seen the movie and remembered that the movie had to begin with "C".
level 57
Jan 2, 2019
I don't think the clue failed; but it is disappointing that it is at the bottom. I always wondered in that scene how they managed to make his stomach appear so bloated.
level 72
Apr 27, 2019
What we've got here...
are a whole lot of people who need to see a classic Paul Newman movie.
level 72
Feb 10, 2015
Any chance writing the Casablanca clue so it doesn't give away the ending?!
level 64
Apr 27, 2016
That movie has been out for almost 75 years. I think we're past the "spoiler" threshold.
level 70
Apr 9, 2017
Right, because nobody born after 2000 will ever watch the movie for the first time. *sigh*

Jerry has a good point.
level 32
Oct 11, 2016
The clue for Cheaper by the Dozen doesn't make sense. The husband and wife are engineers? The husband is a College football coach and the wife is a book writer.
level 77
Aug 1, 2019
You are thinking of the 2003 remake. The clue is referencing the original film from 1950.
level 80
Nov 11, 2017
Really think the Citizen Kane clue should be changed so it doesn't spoil one of the greatest endings ever. Im sure theres plenty of young people taking this quiz who haven't had a chance to watch it yet.