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Movies that Start with J

Based on the descriptions, name these movies that start with the letter J.
Ignoring "the"
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Last updated: September 16, 2019
First submittedJanuary 31, 2014
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Giant shark eats skinny dippers and people in small boats off the coast of New England
Nothing could possibly go wrong in a theme park that brings dinosaurs back to life
Jurassic Park
Children play a board game that turns their house into a tropical jungle
Boy has adventures inside a humongous piece of fruit
James and
the Giant Peach
Hilarity ensues as a musclebound man becomes pregnant
Four female Chinese emigrants play mahjong and talk about their daughters
Joy Luck Club, the
Boy is raised by animals in a tropical rainforest but must go to a
human village to avoid a man-eating tiger
Jungle Book, the
Muscular man and rival compete to buy a sold out Christmas toy
Jingle All the Way
Sports agent gains a conscience and loses all his clients except for one
Jerry Maguire
Teenage girl gets pregnant after shenanigans with her cross-country runner boyfriend
Terminally ill man volunteers to sacrifice himself to appease an angry volcano
Joe Versus the
The assassination of America's 35th President was actually an elaborate conspiracy
White man is born into a family of black sharecroppers and has spastic dance moves
Jerk, the
Woman tries to cook all the recipes in a French cookbook over the course of a year
Julie and Julia
Former assassin kills dozens of Russian mobsters after one of them kills his dog
John Wick
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman team up to defeat a supervillain
Justice League
Man with teleportation abilities is pursued by a secret society of people who try
to kill people like him
Man with a great voice and a gyrating pelvis launches his musical career with
the help of his prison cellmate
Jailhouse Rock
level 64
Jul 8, 2014
"I was born a poor black child."
level 77
Feb 6, 2015
"The lord loves a workin' man. Don't trust whitey. See a doctor and get rid of it."
level 73
Sep 24, 2019
The miracle glasses or the Shinola?
level 71
Sep 29, 2019
β€œWait a minute! What's happening to my special purpose?”
level 20
Dec 21, 2015
THe dreaded cat juggling...
level 20
Apr 28, 2017
I only remembered what 'James and the Giant Peach' was called in my native language so I guessed a bunch of different names, 'Joe and the Giant Peach', Jimmy John, Johnny, Jim, but never James πŸ˜‘
level 69
Jul 26, 2017
I got three, and didn't even recognize any of the others when the answers showed up. Bet I'd better go back to the countries category. Well, "Jack to the Future" and "Jar Wars" aren't even on here :)
level 39
Jul 26, 2017
To be fair, terminally ill man sacrifices himself for volcano applies to .Madagascar 2 as well. At least, he thought he was terminally ill
level 57
Aug 15, 2017
except that movie title doesn't begin with "J," so...
level 43
Nov 4, 2017
What no mention of the Robin Williams comedy "JACK" ?
level 71
Sep 29, 2019
The less said about that movie, the better.
level 74
Dec 8, 2018
Could you accept Joe Versus Volcano (without "the") or even Joe vs Volcano?
level ∞
Sep 16, 2019
level 29
May 11, 2019
level 38
May 31, 2019
I typed in "John F. Kennedy" and it didn't work.
level 78
Sep 17, 2019
That would be because the movie was titled "JFK".
level 73
Sep 19, 2019
Why is "James" by itself an acceptable answer for "James and the Giant Peach"?
level 77
Oct 14, 2019
To save you some time typing in the answer
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