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U.S. Vice Presidents Quiz

There have been 48 different Vice Presidents in the history of the United States. How many can you name?
Parties: Democratic, Republican, Whig, Democratic-Republican, Federalist
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Last updated: August 28, 2018
First submittedApril 1, 2009
Times taken49,091
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Mike Pence
Joe Biden
Dick Cheney
Al Gore
Dan Quayle
George H. W. Bush
Walter Mondale
Nelson Rockefeller
Gerald Ford
Spiro Agnew
Hubert Humphrey
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard Nixon
Alben Barkley
Harry Truman
Henry A. Wallace
John Nance Garner
Charles Curtis
Charles Dawes
Calvin Coolidge
Thomas R. Marshall
James S. Sherman
Charles W. Fairbanks
Theodore Roosevelt
Garret Hobart
Adlai E. Stevenson
Levi P. Morton
Thomas A. Hendricks
Chester A. Arthur
William A. Wheeler
Henry Wilson
Schuyler Colfax
Andrew Johnson
Hannibal Hamlin
John C. Breckinridge
William R. King
Millard Fillmore
George M. Dallas
John Tyler
Richard Johnson
Martin Van Buren
John C. Calhoun
Daniel D. Tompkins
Elbridge Gerry
George Clinton
Aaron Burr
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
level 43
Apr 29, 2012
I imagine most people got Richard Johnson from typing in Johnson (for Andrew Johnson or Lyndon B. Johnson). I know I did.
level 78
Jun 1, 2013
Much tougher than the presidents quiz. I managed to come up with 21. As one former VP pointed out this job isn't worth a bucket of piss.
level 55
Apr 8, 2014
I thought it was JNGarner that said that 'wasn't worth a bucket of warm spit'?
level 43
Aug 22, 2014
I think it was LBJ.
level 78
Nov 8, 2014
I see Garner credited with both quotations. Maybe it was originally piss and then someone changed it to spit to be nicer and now both are in circulation? Or maybe he said no such thing and they just made it up.

In either case, I think the really important question is, what's worth more? Warm piss or warm spit? And does the warmth effect the value?
level 77
Jan 22, 2017
I'd have to say the former is worth more than the latter. It can be diluted and used as fertilizer (on non-edibles), and it can also be used full strength around a garden to deter animals. The temperature has no effect on its usefulness. :)
level 53
Oct 13, 2015
Other than the vice presidents who became president themselves most are not well known historically.
level 78
Jan 23, 2017
Cheney and Biden are both pretty well known for now, but in time they will likely be forgotten. Quayle is still a punchline, but fading from memory as well. Gore and some of the others are famous for failed presidential bids- and Gore also for his work on addressing climate change. I think Nelson Rockefeller has got to be by far the most famous in his own right, and for things not related to the presidency or vice presidency. Burr and Calhoun may be runners-up.
level 62
Jan 31, 2018
Burr, Calhoun, Stevenson, and Rockefeller are historically noteworthy. The others...
level 52
Mar 20, 2018
Agnew could probably also be on that list
level 47
Sep 8, 2019
Wait why is nelson rockefeller noteworthy?
level 69
Jun 1, 2013
Wow, I came up with 20 and I'm English!
level 35
Nov 30, 2013
This was kinda easy. Couldn't figure out Agnew untilthe last second. Got all of 'em.
level 25
Apr 23, 2014
Hey jacky911! Don't sweat it! Most of the state of Maryland couldn't figure out Spiro Agnew until it was too late (and I'm a native Marylander, so I should know :-).
level 54
Aug 11, 2014
I like the picture of Cheney. Oh Dick, you old fox, you.
level 44
Aug 24, 2014
When a VP fills the spot of a President do they not then fill the VP spot?
level 78
Nov 8, 2014
The last time this mattered was when Kennedy was shot. Johnson, his VP, became president. At the time there was no provision for choosing a new VP and thus, the office remained vacant. In 1967 the 25th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted and the law changed. Now, if PotUS dies and the VP assumes his office, then the new president nominates a new VP to succeed him, and that VP must be confirmed by Congress.
level 77
Jan 22, 2017
Yes, Potus doesn't have to die. He/she can willingly resign or be forced to resign, for example by becoming physically incapacitated or impeached and convicted of a crime. Anytime the VP assumes the presidency for any reason, there is now a provision to appoint a new one.
level 73
Jun 1, 2015
i missed jefferson and nixon, but got dawes and hamlin...the latter 2 are more interesting in terms of trivia regarding their vice presidency
level 60
Jun 1, 2015
*Joe Biden* *Give Up*
level 77
Jun 1, 2015
When in doubt, try a president's name. That's how I got Fillmore, Roosevelt, Tyler, Arthur, and Van Buren.
level 32
Jun 3, 2015
I'm American and I got 13... that's sad...
level 61
Jul 3, 2015
And you like certain sandwiches at Wendy's?
level 62
Mar 24, 2018
It really isn't sad. Most of these men were inconsequential historically. Have you even heard the term "greatest vice president in history"? Probably not. The vice president's most important role is casting a tie-breaker vote in the Senate, which happens very rarely. The men on this list who are historically noteworthy are memorable for reasons other than being vice president (eg., Burr, Calhoun, Rockefeller). There is only so much time to learn history (and science and the arts, and whatever else interests you). Learning the US vice presidents really should not be a priority for anyone. Still a fun quiz though.
level 78
Jun 28, 2018
If you are over 18 you should be able to get at least 15 or 16 of these. But if you feel bad about it then just think you have room for improvement.
level 47
Dec 17, 2015
A woman had two sons. One joined the Navy, the other became Vice-President. Neither was heard from again.
level 74
Nov 13, 2019
You can say that again!
level 39
Dec 23, 2015
Please accept Darth Cheney for Dick Cheney.
level 64
Nov 9, 2016
Can you accept Michael R. Pence? Since that was his name on the ballot.
level 81
Jan 22, 2017
Where? In my state, I remember seeing Mike Pence on the ballot.
level 48
Jan 22, 2017
Tricky for a brit of course. I did manage to get a few of the recent ones, but then just guessed people that were president.
level 57
Jan 22, 2017
I got 40
level 77
Jan 22, 2017
I aced the first row. All but three served during my lifetime and the others were still living when I was young.
level 47
Mar 1, 2018
A woman had two sons. One joined the navy, the other became Vice President and neither was heard from again.
level 74
Nov 13, 2019
Oh, look, Two-and-a-half years later, you did. See you in 2020!
level 62
Mar 13, 2018
Question: How many US Vice Presidents can you Name? Me: None.
level 37
Aug 9, 2019
I got 22. Knew more than I imagined. Can never remember Cheney's name for some reason; Just that he's a really bad shot.
level 8
Apr 7, 2018
Great Vice pres quiz I got them all right
level 8
Apr 11, 2018
Also I didn’t realize there were so many Johnson’s as Vice Presidents,,
level 8
Apr 13, 2018
Question what pres saud this about Gerald Ford. He can’t chew gum and walk at the same time, he spent too many years playing football without a helmet.
level 70
Apr 30, 2018
Selina Meyer didn't work...
level 76
Jun 28, 2018
So close to eternal fame.
level 70
Oct 29, 2018
Ah, the old times, when Vice Presidents were named Elbridge, Hannibal or Schuyler, and not Mike, Joe or Dick.