Names for Warriors

Guess these words and proper terms that refer to various kinds of warriors.
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Last updated: December 4, 2019
First submittedMay 10, 2014
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Mounted medieval warrior dubbed sir
Covert spy or assassin of feudal Japan
Military nobleman of feudal Japan
Soldier for amphibious or
ship-to-ship combat
Commander of 80 Roman soldiers
Roman arena combatant
Elite special ops soldier of the US Navy
Soldier who sells his services
to the highest bidder
Elite bodyguard of the Ottoman sultans
American militiaman ready on
very short notice
Elite soldier of ancient Persia
Generic term for a special ops soldier
Nepalese soldier of the British Army
Porthos, Athos, or Aramis, e.g.
Irregular soldier - not to
be confused with a large ape
Female warrior of Greek legend
Sabre-wielding cavalryman of Europe
Spanish conqueror of the New World
Spearman in a Greek phalanx
One of the twelve foremost warriors
in Charlemagne's court
Level 79
May 15, 2014
got paladin but it was just a guess. Thanks D&D.
Level 52
May 15, 2014
You should also accept MinuteMEN for Minuteman.
Level 53
May 15, 2014
But the clue is "American militiaMAN", so clearly the answer should not be in the plural.
Level 49
May 15, 2014
For "Elite soldier of ancient Persia", I came up with "Cataphract" and then wasted several minutes trying to figure out how I was screwing up the spelling. Maybe make the clue more specific, like "Elite foot-soldier"?
Level 72
Aug 12, 2016
I definitely went cataphract first. Immortals isn't even the Persian name - it's just the name used by the notoriously inaccurate Herodotus.
Level 56
Jul 10, 2020
Cataphract isn't a Persian word either.
Level 49
Jan 11, 2019
Why should be roman/byzanitine soldier an answer for question "Elite soldier of ancient Persia"?
Level 35
May 15, 2014
Thank you, Age of Empires.
Level 22
May 21, 2014
Thank you Assassin's creed revelations! ;)
Level 39
Jul 29, 2015
Phalangite should also be accepted.
Level 72
Aug 12, 2016
Only missed 'minutemen', though from the clue it's kinda obvious. Surprised 'paladin' is so low.
Level 59
Aug 28, 2016
The term "musketeer" suggests they use muskets, certain fire-arms. Yet, the famous Three Musketeers rarely use muskets.
Level 34
Aug 29, 2016
The soldiers were called musketeers, regardless.
Level 79
Feb 28, 2019
The musketeers were trained in using muskets and swords, pikes, or daggers. Firearms of the age were slow to reload and not very accurate meaning that in a battle that started as a fire fight it might end up as a melee. Common musketeers were probably not very adept at using bladed weapons, as the musket was a way of making even a minimally trained soldier deadly, but the three musketeers in the Dumas novel are not just musketeers but part of the king's elite guard. Once the rifle replaced the musket and the bayonet was invented and popularized, use of swords by foot soldiers gradually died out, though cavalry continued to use sabers for almost another three centuries. The musketeers of France included both foot soldiers and light cavalry, the light cavalry were called dragoons.
Level 66
May 5, 2020
Yes, Dragoon, why is this not also a correct answer for a sabre-wielding cavalryman?
Level 51
Aug 28, 2016
thank you civ 5
Level 46
Dec 2, 2016
Level 88
Aug 28, 2016
When the Winged Hussars arrive!
Level 33
Aug 29, 2016
Coming down the mountainside!
Level 50
Aug 30, 2016
The samurai question is quite misleading to those knowledgeable on the subject, you should at least allow daimyo (like a lord as opposed to a knight), great quiz otherwise
Level 70
Jul 15, 2019
I think that it’s fine. Samurai, on average, would have seen a lot more military action then the Daimyo. I do agree though that maybe “nobleman” is too strong for samurai, perhaps “lesser nobleman” is better?