NBA Basketball Records Quiz

Name the players who set these memorable NBA records.
Through 2019–20
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Last updated: October 11, 2020
First submittedSeptember 17, 2012
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Scoring average - season
Wilt Chamberlain
Scoring average - career
Michael Jordan
Assists - career
John Stockton
Assists per game - career
Magic Johnson
Technical fouls - season
Rasheed Wallace
Points - career
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Playoff points - career
LeBron James
Blocks - career
Hakeem Olajuwon
Most dunk contest wins
Nate Robinson
Triple doubles - career
Oscar Robertson
Triple doubles - season
Russell Westbrook
50-40-90 seasons
Steve Nash
Games played - career
Robert Parish
Shortest player
Muggsy Bogues
Tallest player
Gheorghe Muresan
Shortest MVP
Allen Iverson
3-point % - career
Steve Kerr
3-point % - season
Kyle Korver
3-pointers - career
Ray Allen
3-pointers - season
Stephen Curry
Most titles - player
Bill Russell
Most titles - coach
Phil Jackson
Oldest player
since 1950
44 yrs
Kevin Willis
Points in one game
since 1963
Kobe Bryant
Team wins - season
Golden State
Level ∞
Sep 17, 2012
Updated and expanded!

Note: Gheorghe Muresan was slightly taller than Manute Bol.

Level 22
Apr 22, 2013
slightly more difficult to spell too
Level 59
Nov 6, 2017
really? because they're both listed at 7'7". you should really accept both.
Level 49
Aug 6, 2019
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Level 51
Dec 8, 2013
How is Kobe Bryant the correct answer to Points (game, 1963)? Wilt Chamberlain holds the single game record with 100 points.

Level 25
Nov 1, 2018
It says since 1963, Wilt did it in 1962
Level 14
Jan 27, 2014
tough quiz. took me an hour to complete. (i stopped the timer) #more time?

Level 68
Apr 23, 2014
It depends if it's your thing or not. I finished it with 4:09 remaining :-)
Level 28
May 21, 2015
I thought of ever known three point shooter except for Ray. I thought of Korver, Curry, Bird, and Miller and completely forgot about Ray. Maybe its because he didnt play this season
Level 53
May 27, 2016
Makes me slightly angry to see Derek Fisher among the greats on this quiz.
Level 72
Apr 14, 2017
Then it would make you equally angry to note that in the modern era, the player with the most championship rings at 7, is Robert Horry.
Level 24
Nov 2, 2016
Typed in Willis just as time expired. One second left!
Level 24
Nov 2, 2016
Sad that only 76 percent of people knew Warriors won 73 games this season. See my name?
Level 28
Feb 13, 2017
dont let that distract you from the fact that the Warriors won 73 games only to lose a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals
Level 54
Oct 12, 2020
Because the refs and Lebron cheated. The League wanted Lebron to win a title in Cleveland.

With Green not suspended, the Warriors win.

Level 69
Apr 13, 2017
Making us spell out Nash's and Westbrook's full name, not just last name
Level ∞
Apr 13, 2017
Fixed. Thanks.
Level 78
Apr 14, 2017
What was the requirement for oldest player? Did they have to play a certain number of games or minutes to qualify? Because I know a couple coaches have been activated out of desperation who were older.
Level 31
Apr 25, 2017
Nat Hickey is actually the oldest nba players in history as he was 45 years and 363 days old in his last game
Level 62
May 2, 2017
Second that^^^ BUT when he played, it was technically NOT the NBA since the Basketball Association of America didn't OFFICIALLY become known as the NBA until 1949. It was in 1948 that Hickey played in a couple of games when the league was still known as the BAA.
Level 49
Aug 6, 2019
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Level 26
Nov 12, 2019
Willis for the oldest if you didn’t know
Level 56
May 3, 2020
I had read somewhere that Manute Bol was probably in his fifties but he didn't know how old he actually was. He supposedly asked the village elders where he was from, when he was born, and they said in the summer time. I don't know if that is true or not but it makes for a good story regardless.
Level 17
Jun 5, 2020
technically phil jackson has 13 rings from when he won 2 with the knicks, no one remembers that? just me?
Level 83
Oct 12, 2020
They don't count as coaching wins. There are two different questions: one for most as a player and one for most as a coach.
Level 54
Oct 12, 2020
Yes, you are the only one. We know about Reed, Frasier, Monroe, Barnett, Debusschere, Cazzie, Bradley, Monroe, and Bibby. But who the heck is Fil Jaxon?
Level 65
Sep 17, 2020
Loved that Manute Bol and Bogues photo, iconic.