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New Zealand Country Quiz

Name these facts about the country of New Zealand.
Last updated: January 23, 2014
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Most populous cities
National rugby union team
All Blacks
The population of this animal reached
a peak of 70 million in 1982
Nickname for person from
New Zealand
Name for the indigenous people
Name for New Zealand,
in the language of the above
First European explorer to
reach New Zealand
Abel Tasman
Tallest mountain
Aoraki / Mt. Cook
Range in which the above
is located
Southern Alps
Largest lake
Lake Taupo
Longest river
Waikato River
Type of gigantic flightless bird
hunted to extinction around 1400 AD
Musical comedy duo
that sang "Business Time"
Flight of the
Singer of "Royals"
Pest animal that bites beachgoers
Most famous movie director
Peter Jackson
Legendary mountain climber
who died in 2008
Edmund Hillary
level 58
Jan 23, 2014
Aukland? Missing a letter there I think....
level 23
Jan 23, 2014
Auckland is spelt wrong
level 76
Jan 23, 2014
but the correct spelling is accepted as an answer..
level 73
Jan 23, 2014
I got Mt Cook when I answered Cook for first European. My second guess was Tasman.
level 71
Jun 24, 2014
level 78
Nov 21, 2018
Same . . . except I never came up with Tasman :(
level 54
Dec 1, 2018
Same here cornflakesfu
level 23
Jan 25, 2014
kept putting mosquito for sandfly thought I was spelling it bloody wrong ffs
level 67
Jan 26, 2014
9/20... apparently I know little about New Zealand.
level 66
May 18, 2014
If you're from New Zealand, which I am, it's dead easy; 100% first time.
level 78
Nov 29, 2014
OK, I'm no kiwi, but shouldn't you accept "Conchords" based on how you've phrased the question?
level 59
Jan 29, 2015
crushed it.
level 70
Apr 5, 2017
Got crushed by it. (10/20....and I was so optimistic going into the quiz) :-(
level 35
Feb 22, 2015
New Zealander as well :D Took ages to get the sand fly one lol. Do other countries not have them??
level 13
May 30, 2016
hi abel tasman never reached new zealand
level 60
Sep 22, 2016
Abel Tasman did reach New Zealand by ship, but did not land there. His first encounter with Maori in their canoes while anchored in Golden Bay (top of the South Island) ended up with him naming the bay Murderers Bay.
level 20
Jun 6, 2016
hey could you change Edmund Hillary to Sir Edmund Hillary as he has been knighted . As a kiwi im offended
level 73
Dec 3, 2016
His name remained the same
level 36
Dec 21, 2016
Once you die, you no longer retain your knighthood
level 75
Oct 25, 2018
while the UK cabinet office has stated that you lose the honour of a knighthood when you die, in general the public still use the Sir to show respect and I suppose to distinguish between some other Edmund Hillary or whoever else it may be e.g. Sir Walter Raleigh is still called Sir even though he is very dead.
level 44
Jun 11, 2016
Dammit, missed Flight of the Conchords and Sandfly XD
level 60
Jul 25, 2016
Too easy for a kiwi quizzer? Try the quizzes: "Landmarks of New Zealand", and "New Zealand Icons - Kiwiana".
level 60
Aug 7, 2016
Also, "Birds of New Zealand" and "Plants of New Zealand". Kia ora.
level 34
Jul 16, 2017
That was so simple 20/20 with 2 minutes remaining probably helps that I'm a New Zealand though
level 22
Oct 19, 2017
Yeah that would help
level 22
Oct 19, 2017
"Some people say that rappers are invincible... We're vincible. Some people say that we are not rappers... We're rappers."
level 45
Mar 20, 2019
Australia is better than New Zealand. Change my mind.
level 60
May 26, 2019
Way. Not.