1990s Movie Quotes Quiz

Below, you will see several quotes. Name the movies they came from.
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Last updated: January 1, 2019
First submittedMay 25, 2012
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Hakuna matata
The Lion King
I'm the king of the world!
To infinity, and beyond!
Toy Story
My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know
what you're gonna get
Forrest Gump
I see dead people
The Sixth Sense
Houston, we have a problem
Apollo 13
They may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!!
Hasta la vista, baby
Terminator 2
Show me the money!
Jerry Maguire
Search every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse,
outhouse, and doghouse in that area
The Fugitive
If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don't eat the tourists
Jurassic Park
You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how
deep the rabbit-hole goes
The Matrix
You can't handle the truth!
A Few Good Men
Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays
Office Space
It's not a tumah!
Kindergarten Cop
You're shagadelic, baby!
Austin Powers
This one time, at band camp...
American Pie
That'll do, pig, that'll do
There's no crying in baseball!
A League of Their Own
All righty then
Ace Ventura
Keep the change, ya filthy animal!
Home Alone
Level 54
Jun 1, 2012
Only missed those I hadn't seen and even got some that I hadn't seen. There were some good films there.
Level 32
Jun 7, 2012
"It's not a tumah!" - I had no idea what movie that's from, but I knew it had to be Arnold :D It's so satisfying to get a question right by making educated guesses. Almost more so than when you actually know the answer.
Level 78
Apr 17, 2017
On my computer at first the word seemed to be turnah and I was totally confused for a minute.
Level 67
Aug 1, 2019
I thought tunah..
Level 79
Feb 24, 2014
What's up with "Jerry Maguire"? I typed that 5-6 times and it wouldn't take it!?!
Level 36
Feb 12, 2015
I thought the king of the world thing was from Goldeneye...
Level 82
Dec 6, 2017
You are perhaps thinking of Boris' final words: "I am invincible!"


"For England, James?"

"No. For me."

Level 81
Mar 8, 2015
This quiz is so money.
Level 56
Oct 1, 2017
But does this quiz know it?
Level 86
Jan 3, 2019
Too Hanks-centric.
Level 70
Feb 3, 2019
This quiz, or the '90s?
Level 69
Jul 15, 2020
Hanks' 90's run will never be equaled.
Level 73
Jan 4, 2019
You should really accept "Angels with Filthy Souls" for the home alone one :)
Level 70
Jan 7, 2019
"Angels With Filthy Souls" is not a real movie. It was shot to be featured in Home Alone. Same with "Angels With Even Filthier Souls" that was shot to be featured in Home Alone 2.
Level 70
Feb 3, 2019
Yes, thank you for explaining the joke.
Level 23
Jan 13, 2019
Dude... fix the spelling on "TUMOR". I missed that one because you spelled it wrong. I couldn't even read it. I only realized it was supposed to be "TUMOR" after the quiz was over and I saw the answer. I would have known it, if you had spelled it correctly. Not cool.
Level 78
Jan 13, 2019
It's a quote, that's what he said in the movie. The script doesn't matter.
Level 81
Feb 3, 2019
Do you watch all your Arnie movies with subtitles on?
Level 53
Feb 6, 2019
Honestly, if there had been an "R" at the end, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.
Level 67
Aug 1, 2019
Nothing to get this mad about. I hope you are not really a teacher.
Level 57
Feb 4, 2019
72% of y'all need to go out and watch Office Space. Right now.
Level 58
Jul 25, 2019
"Why should I have to change my name? He's the one who sucks." - Michael Bolton
Level 65
Sep 7, 2020
Damn it feels good to in this 25%
Level 60
Feb 4, 2019
Can't believe only 28% got the Office Space quote.

I weep for the future. ;-P

Level 67
Aug 1, 2019
I thought Jurassic park, but then thought no that cant be because Jurassic park was much earlier than pirates of the Caribbean..

Learned some new stuff after googling. I had no idea

Level 44
Apr 20, 2020
I knew the Home Alone one but then somehow talked myself out of typing it because the quote came from a movie in a movie... even though that movie was made up just for Home Alone >.
Level 60
Feb 26, 2021
The "search every henhouse, doghouse, warehouse..." quote is paraphrased slightly. I get why, but the "hard target search" part really adds to how memorable the line is.