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Notable Nobelists

Name these people who have won a Nobel Prize.
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Last updated: October 21, 2017
First submittedSeptember 3, 2015
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Newly elected President whose win puzzled many
Barack Obama
Group also known as Médecins Sans Frontières
Doctors Without Borders
PLO leader who briefly ceased hostilities
Yasser Arafat
Brought an end to apartheid in South Africa
Nelson Mandela
F. W. de Klerk
First person to win a prize for their songwriting
Bob Dylan
Colombian author known for "magical realism"
Gabriel García Márquez
Absurdist Irish playwright who wrote "Waiting for Godot"
Samuel Beckett
Existentialist French author whose partner
was Simone de Beauvoir
Jean-Paul Sartre
American author known for his white beard and heavy drinking
Ernest Hemingway
British politician who wrote
"A History of the English-Speaking Peoples"
Winston Churchill
Danish quantum theorist
Niels Bohr
Came up with the Theory of Relativity
Albert Einstein
1903, 1911
First woman to win. First person to win twice
Marie Curie
Discovered the structure of DNA
James Watson
Francis Crick
Discovered penicillin
Alexander Fleming
Most well-known of the "Chicago School" economists
Milton Friedman
Game theorist who was the subject of the movie "A Beautiful Mind"
John Nash
1954, 1962
Brilliant chemist, anti-nuclear activist, vitamin C quack
Linus Pauling
level 79
Oct 5, 2015
"Also known as" Médecins Sans Frontières?? That's the original name. The organization was founded in France.
level 76
Oct 23, 2017
Yes, I only knew them by the French name and ended up guessing the translation.
level 56
Nov 20, 2017
Same with me. I've only ever heard it being referred to by the name in French.
level 67
Oct 5, 2015
Dammit, couldn't spell Crick. Tried Creek, Kreek, Criek...
level 70
Oct 5, 2015
Of course Rosalind Franklin contributed mightily to the discovery of DNA, but was left off the list by the Nobel Committee.
level 58
Oct 6, 2015
She was dead. It never goes to dead people unless they died right before the announcement (as happened last year, I think).
level 74
Oct 22, 2017
First it was possible to award it to people who died after their nomination. Since 1974 they must be alive at the time of the announcement, but they may die before the actual award ceremony (William Vickrey, Economics 1996). In 2001 the laureate (Ralph M. Steinman, Medicine) died 3 days before the annoucement, but as the comittee didn't know about it at the time, they checked the wording of the rules and decided to award it anyway.
level 68
Oct 29, 2019
and Maurice Wilkins also contributed mightily, and shared the nobel prize with Watson and Crick, but was unaccountably missed off by this quiz
level 71
Oct 16, 2015
Saw Colombian and "magical realism" and could only think of Pablo Escobar.
level 51
Nov 20, 2017
Off course, Escobar Gaviria was widely known as an author.
level 67
Jun 13, 2017
I have an Economics degree from a very good British University and I have never heard of the "Chicago School" of Economists. Obviously, I have heard of and studied Friedman, I've just not heard of that 'school'. Either it's not taught/called that in Britain or I was very drunk that day.
level 72
Oct 21, 2017
I studied politics and sociology in Sheffield, 1980s, and Friedman was always identified as the leading light of the Chicago School of economists.
level 61
Nov 19, 2017
The name arises from the economics department at the University of Chicago, which is one of America's most elite (and, according to some, the most elite) universities. Their economics department is considered to be the best in the country, and many of the principles it espouses run counter to the theories popular at its peer institutions (especially Harvard).
level 66
Dec 1, 2017
Why are they all called Milton? Anyway, I only got as far as Milton Keynes.
level 59
Oct 22, 2017
Awesome quiz! However, i think the Einstein's hint is misleading... he actually won the Nobel prize by explaining the photoelectric effect.
level 74
Oct 22, 2017
And you think Hemingway was awarded for his white beard and heavy drinking?
level 59
Oct 22, 2017
it's not quite the same thing... relativity and photoelectric effect are both Physics related, no one would say Hemingway was awarded for his white beard and heavy drinking. My point is that this hint can make someone think that Einstein was awarded for the Relativity, and that's not accurate.
level 75
Nov 19, 2017
Now that would have been an interesting acceptance speech.
level 69
May 1, 2018
I mean, if there were a Nobel for drinking, he'd definitely be in with a shot.
level 66
Nov 19, 2017
I posted a quiz on female Nobel laureates here: https://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/107925/female-nobel-laureates
level 67
Nov 19, 2017
You might like to accept Howard Florey and Ernst Chain as discoverers of penicillin, as they also received the Nobel prize for this
level 67
Nov 19, 2017
Don't forget Maurice Wilkins for the structure of DNA - he also shared in the Nobel Prize.
level 71
Nov 19, 2017
Why does Obama have a Peace Prize exactly? Do be honest Jimmy Carter is the only US president (ever) that deserves a Peace Prize.
level 30
Nov 19, 2017
The peace prize is extremely subjective. Also, it is "To be honest" instead of "Do be honest"...
level 50
Nov 20, 2017
If I learn nothing else today - I now know that there is an R before the T in Sartre
level 79
Oct 3, 2018
So important when remembering someone who stole all his ideas from Heidegger. However, Heidegger espoused the Nazi cause and Sartre was a French resistance fighter, so I can see why no-one wants to know Heidegger! Satre also cut a romantic/dashing figure in post-war, Parisian cafe culture.
level 48
May 29, 2019
I'm surprised Linus Pauling, one of the 4 people to win 2 noble prizes and the only person to win 2 solo prizes is so low.