Obfuscations of Movie Titles #2

Translate these long-winded phrases into the titles of well-known movies.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: March 27, 2020
First submittedMarch 27, 2020
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Adult male Homo sapiens composed of the element with atomic symbol Fe
Iron Man
The daughter of the monarch who is also a woman whose nuptials are pending
The Princess Bride
0.5 x 102 monochromatic hues neither white nor black
Fifty Shades of Grey
Circulatory organ whose fear response is at lower than normal levels
The ability of humans to perceive the natural world that exists beyond the five
typical methods for doing so
The Sixth Sense
Cycle of terrestrial rotation dedicated to the species Marmota monax
Groundhog Day
Insanely affluent people from east of the Urals
Crazy Rich Asians
Extended military engagements of the gravitationally-bound masses of celestial plasma
Star Wars
My parent's sibling's child whose given name is Vincent
My Cousin Vinny
Location in which the remains of companionship animals are subterraneanly interred
Pet Sematary
The firearm which is completely devoid of garments
The Naked Gun
Visually locating the locomotives
The future state will include the presence of sanguinal fluid
There Will be Blood
Narrative concerning the objects designed for the amusement of prepubescent humans
Toy Story
Visage disfigured by a healed wound
The social organization devoted to the initial repast of the day
The Breakfast Club
The period of unease subsequent to abnormally high C2H6O consumption
The Hangover
Level 78
Mar 27, 2020
Great quiz. My brain hurts.
Level 83
Mar 27, 2020
Tried "Vinnie" several times before I could think of alternate spellings.
Level 72
Mar 27, 2020
After Vinnie didn't work, I thought I'd misunderstood. Any chance of allowing that as a type-in?
Level ∞
Mar 27, 2020
Vinnie will work now.
Level 73
Mar 27, 2020
This is one of the best of these kinds that I've seen. Future state of sanguinal fluid literally made me laugh out loud.
Level 67
Mar 27, 2020
These were great! Masterpieces, just wanted to let you know :)

Some were actually tóó clever for me, needed more studying to decipher them. (I guess if I was into movies I would have recognized some faster). It is definitely one to reread afterwards to appreciate it fully :)

Level 67
Mar 27, 2020
Me reading the formula as glucose instead of alcohol didnt help, crash, sugardip, withdrawl and other attempts, only a few questions later I was back on track. Missed 5 in a row from hangover.
Level 82
Mar 28, 2020
#5 could also be the Tom Cruise film War of the Worlds, which is what I tried first. Maybe accept that as an alternate?
Level 70
Apr 2, 2020
"Masses of celestial plasma" can only really apply to stars, not worlds, I'd argue.
Level 60
Jul 21, 2020
"Gravitationally-Bound Masses of Celestial Plasma" could be taken to mean masses which are bound gravitationally to celestial plasma, AKA planets orbiting stars.
Level 66
Apr 11, 2020
This series of quizzes does amuse me QM. I had no idea what marmota monax was, tried Day of the Jackal, then thought I'd nailed it with Day of the Triffids. Not to be.
Level 55
Jul 1, 2020
You have a weird idea of what "well known movie" is, imho.