Obfuscations of Song Titles #2

Translate these long-winded phrases into the titles of popular songs.
For this quiz only: save typing by entering the initials of the song
Some questions courtesy of charlesdickson
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: March 28, 2020
First submittedMarch 28, 2020
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Song Title
Precipitation in the penultimate month of the year
November Rain
Existing on a supplication to a celestial diety
Livin' on a Prayer
Free-flowing musical composition related to the western half of the Czech Republic
Bohemian Rhapsody
Creature of the class Aves which is not in a state of bondage or imprisonment
Free Bird
Ambulating upon shards of transparent silicon dioxide
Walking on Broken Glass
There is no mercantile activity like the mercantile activity of stage productions
There's No Business
Like Show Business
The high speed thoroughfare which leads to a place of suffering for the damned
Highway to Hell
Heavy spherical object employed in the demolition of structures
Wrecking Ball
Adult with a Y chromosome located within an object designed for viewing reflections
Man in the Mirror
The rhythmic sequence of movement which reduces the risk of death or injury
The Safety Dance
We did not initiate the exothermic chemical process of combustion
We Didn't Start the Fire
Sweet concoction of flour, eggs, and other ingredients near a gigantic body of water
Cake by the Ocean
Audiovisual media terminated the lifespan of celebrities from media
which was solely audial in nature
Video Killed the
Radio Star
Women of a high social status who are not currently part of a romantic pairing
Single Ladies
I identify as a large tusked pinniped
I am the Walrus
It is my conviction that I have the ability to travel through a gaseous substrate
without being in contact with a grounded surface
I Believe I Can Fly
Yuletide season that reflects all light in the visible spectrum
White Christmas
Level 71
Mar 28, 2020
Good quiz, but it shoud accept more options for the "business" one and the last one. White Christmas should be enough...
Level 83
Mar 28, 2020
Yes, the song is "White Christmas." That's all.
Level ∞
Mar 29, 2020
Fixed, thanks!
Level 67
Mar 28, 2020
Very inspired :)
Level 77
Mar 28, 2020
I actually laughed out loud at a couple of these clues, nice work :)
Level 74
Mar 28, 2020
Level 66
Mar 28, 2020
Great Quiz! ⭐ The Bohemian Rhapsody clue made me laugh so hard!!!
Level 79
Mar 29, 2020
Very funny. Maybe "Initiating the exothermic chemical process of combustion is not our fault"? As to not give away the first three words...
Level 73
Mar 29, 2020
Still wondering why I'm (seemingly) the only one in whose quiz the "a place of suffering for the damned" is a 'curse' word that blocks the quiz from being released with that particular word... Come on censor, cough up the answer! (As I asked, QM washed hands by "it wasn't me"-statement.) :D
Level 82
Mar 30, 2020
"I identify as a large tusked pinniped" is a top notch clue!
Level 73
Apr 1, 2020
I got really stuck on the celestial clue because I kept ready it as diet-y and trying to think of food songs. Then I realized it was meant to be DEITY! GOT IT!
Level 69
Apr 3, 2020
For some reason once I got down to the Single Ladies one it had already been filled in - any idea which of the previous answers had given it?
Level 80
Apr 5, 2020
Maybe you had guessed that title as an answer to the fourth question?
Level 69
May 12, 2020
I don't think so but this made me laugh! Also, love the name!
Level 42
Apr 9, 2020
Darn, I hadn't heard of the walrus song but I put I Am A Walrus. So close!
Level 65
May 24, 2020
Oooh, it's too early in the morning to start doing cryptic crosswords! Excellent quiz!