Statistics for Obfuscations of Song Titles

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Obfuscation Song Title % Correct
Pelvic body parts are incapable of fabricationsHips Don't Lie
The probability of you contacting me via telephone technology is greater
than 0% but less than 100%
Call Me Maybe
Imitating a person whose level of sexual intercourse is nilLike a Virgin
Ambulate in the method employed by a person of the northeast of the African continentWalk Like an Egyptian
Discharge some C6H12O6 on mePour Some Sugar on Me
In all future states I will express amorous emotions directed at youI Will Always Love You
Greetings upon entering a densely forested area with a high temperature and
an annual precipitation of at least 250 centimeters
Welcome to the Jungle
Person who disturbs the surface of the Earth in an attempt to
obtain minerals of an aurian nature
Gold Digger
Lunar object of a malevolent nature in ascendenceBad Moon Rising
Complete occultation of the primary organ of the circulatory systemTotal Eclipse of the Heart
The chronological instances in which a pigeon expresses lacrimal fluidWhen Doves Cry
The level of monetary remuneration is positively correlated with the number of dilemmasMo Money Mo Problems
Release it from your grasp in a manner that suggests the thermal energy
of the grasped object is too elevated
Drop it Like It's Hot
Ending my biological functions at a low decibel level with his melodious intonationsKilling Me Softly with
His Song
I ingested a pharmaceutical object on a Balearic islandI Took a Pill in Ibiza
Solely a person whose relationship is of a Platonic natureJust a Friend
Fermented fruit of the genus Vitus that reflects light in the wavelengths
between 620 and 740 nanometers
Red, Red Wine

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