People with J Initials

From JA to JZ, name the famous person with each set of initials.
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Last updated: December 11, 2019
First submittedAugust 10, 2011
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Author of "Pride and Prejudice"
Jane Austen
Obama's Veep
Joe Biden
Director of "Titanic"
James Cameron
He was a rebel without a cause
James Dean
His jail cell death in 2019 raised
many an eyebrow
Jeffrey Epstein
Actress who visited Hanoi and
made workout tapes
Jane Fonda
Star of "The Wizard of Oz"
Judy Garland
Are you experienced?
This guitarist was
Jimi Hendrix
Spain's best-selling singer
of all time
Julio Iglesias
Sister of Michael and LaToya
Janet Jackson
"Ich bin ein Berliner", he said
John F. Kennedy
Yoko Ono's husband
John Lennon
4th U.S. President
James Madison
Star of "The Shining"
Jack Nicholson
Won 4 gold medals in 1936
Jesse Owens
Starred as the Joker, in 2019
Joaquin Phoenix
Oil baron who was
the world's first billionaire
John D.
Discovered the polio vaccine
Jonas Salk
Current P.M. of Canada
Justin Trudeau
Colts quarterback defeated by
Joe Namath
Johnny Unitas
French author of "Journey to the
Center of the Earth"
Jules Verne
Western actor known as
"The Duke"
John Wayne
First female chair of the U.S.
Federal Reserve, 2014–2018
Janet Yellen
President of South Africa,
Jacob Zuma
Level ∞
Nov 24, 2013
Level 60
Jan 16, 2017
Jseus can not have a last name, he never lived
Level 46
Oct 11, 2017
Christ isn't a last name, it's a title, and historians would disagree with your assertion that he never lived.
Level 73
Jun 5, 2018
99% guessed Jesus. 90% guessed Lennon. That proves that the Beatles were not more popular than Jesus.
Level 72
Dec 17, 2013
Sweet...i get to be the first one to goes...Christ isn't Jesus' last name! Despite 98% of quiz takers getting it right, Him being the most guessed answer, AND displaying his picture on the quiz, i am STILL going to complain. How dare you, Quizmaster, offend my sensibilites and everything I stand for. Now make me more quizzes! There...i took care of nobody else has to worry about it.
Level 56
Feb 3, 2014
Plus Jesus never existed.
Level 54
Feb 3, 2014
Vidav, don't start. If you're an atheist, fine, but don't take it to the comments and tick off half the people who read it (unless you want people to give you hate spiels). And quite frankly, nowhere in the quiz does it say these have to be real people. If JB was Jason Bourne, you wouldn't be complaining about that, would you?
Level 74
Feb 3, 2014
'Hate spiels'? Surely not! Not from a Christian? :o)
Level 60
Feb 3, 2014
Nicely done, Mr. Wombat.
Level 54
Feb 5, 2014
I've got two words for you, TheWombat: Westboro Baptist.
Level 53
Jun 16, 2014
Level 82
Jul 8, 2014
He did. The historical person existed. Whether or not he was son of God is under debate.
Level 80
Dec 2, 2016
His existence is also debated. though kind of a boring debate, IMO, given the lack of evidence on either side.
Level 80
Feb 3, 2014
Sure it was, and his middle initial was H.

I'm just amazed I got the football question right.
Level 74
Jul 24, 2014
But the quiz doesn't suggest the persons' second names are their surname, or even their last names.
Level 64
Apr 19, 2016
Would be interested to know the origin of the name? I'm here to learn things that I don't already know :)
Level 32
Feb 3, 2014
I wonder if the QM was thinking about adding Jay-Z :D
Level 36
May 13, 2014
Tried Jessy, Jessie just not Jesse!!! surely at least one of these alternatives could be allowed?
Level 83
May 30, 2014
Next time, just try Ventura.
Level ∞
Mar 16, 2016
Also those alternatives would have worked.
Level 59
Dec 1, 2016
I think these 2 initial quizzes should require you to provide BOTH names.
Level 78
Dec 1, 2016
Some big hitters in there
Level 61
Dec 1, 2016
Oh thank goodness JB wasn't Justin Bieber "Phew"
Level 80
Dec 2, 2016
Justin Bieber isn't even close to being cool enough to make up half of Tenacious D. He would be like, 1/13th at best.
Level 51
Oct 26, 2017
I find it a travesty that Jay-Z was never President of South Africa
Level 77
May 14, 2018
Please update the president of South Africa to Cyril Ramaphosa, because Zuma resigned in February 2018.
Level 77
Jun 10, 2018
It doesn't say anything about *current* president.
Level 56
Jun 19, 2018
very John centric! could not spell Phoenix first name for the life of me and I saw him on the film set!
Level 74
Jul 25, 2018
The Z clue now needs to be updated. (Just add "former"?)
Level ∞
Jul 25, 2018
Level 78
Sep 22, 2018
Did Jane Fonda create workout tapes while in Hanoi?
Level 55
Oct 7, 2020
Aww, man. I tried to put together Spanish names that would work, and I actually thought of "Julio Iglesias," but I didn't know that was the name of a real person, so I didn't try it.
Level 55
Oct 12, 2020
Funny, I'm so used to doing the geography quizzes on Jetpunk that I automatically typed "Cameroon" for answer 3
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