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Name the people with these initials.
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Last updated: September 6, 2018
First submittedJanuary 25, 2012
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"Home Improvement" star and voice of Buzz Lightyear
Tim Allen
British Prime Minister, 1997-2007
Tony Blair
Prominent Scientologist who jumped on a couch
Tom Cruise
"Who's the Boss?"
Tony Danza
Invented the light bulb
Thomas Edison
"30 Rock" and "SNL" star
Tina Fey
Ex-husband of Drew Barrymore who humped a dead moose
Tom Green
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get
Tom Hanks
Lead guitarist of Black Sabbath
Tony Iommi
Purchased Louisiana
Thomas Jefferson
Brother of John and Robert
Ted Kennedy
Former husband of Pamela Anderson
Tommy Lee
"Utopia" author who became a Catholic saint after Henry VIII had him beheaded
Thomas More
Sherpa who summited Everest in 1953
Tenzing Norgay
Lead singer of Dawn who shares his name with a Florida city
Tony Orlando
Leader of a band called "The Heartbreakers"
Tom Petty
Soft speaker and big stick carrier
Theodore Roosevelt
West Coast rapper killed in 1996
Tupac Shakur
"What's Love Got to Do With it"
Tina Turner
Comedienne on whose show "The Simpsons" first appeared
Tracey Ullman
Economist who theorized that sales of luxury goods increase when prices go up
Thorstein Veblen
Playwright who wrote "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Tennessee Williams
Lead singer of Radiohead
Thom Yorke
Level 71
Feb 10, 2014
Dammit...Norgay...not Nosegay
Level 57
Mar 1, 2014
... not that there's anything wrong with that ....
Level 70
Sep 9, 2017
I tried Norgei... nope. Norgai... nope. Norgey... nope. Norgay... yay!
Level 82
May 30, 2014
Poor Norgay, bringing up the rear. Beaten even by Tom Green!
Level 55
Jun 23, 2014
I hate that book.
Level 78
Jul 1, 2014
What book?
Level 81
May 27, 2018
Novelization of Who's the Boss?
Level 63
Oct 9, 2014
I only got the Tom Green clue because of Eminem's song "The Real Slim Shady."
Level 63
Oct 9, 2014
I was sure the British PM was Ted Bundy
Level 70
Oct 14, 2014
Actually it was Anthony Blair (AB).
Level 72
Jan 23, 2018
There's a few other Anthonys on there, as well as an Edward (Ted)
Level 45
Oct 11, 2014
Help! Who the heck is Tom Green?
Level 61
Dec 12, 2016
Comedian once connected/married/dated Drew Barrymore.
Level 79
Jan 27, 2020
He sang the Bum Bum song and won multiple Razzies for Freddy Got Fingered.
Level 60
Sep 9, 2017
It's a shame Tom Green isn't funny. Unlike Clerks 2, which is all I could think of when I read that clue. You know the scene when the guy engages in "inter-species erotica" with a horse. Tina Fey, too, is very funny. Tracy Morgan could have been another entry here. Why? Because he's funny. I made something in the toilet earlier that is funnier than Tom Green.
Level 81
May 27, 2018
I mean, Tom Green's not funny, but you should still probably see a doctor about that toilet thing.
Level 60
Sep 12, 2018
Wasn't aware Tom Green humped a dead moose, but the clue did remind me of the Super Troopers scene with the bear costume.
Level 68
Nov 12, 2017
Guys, save me a trip to Google, the fourth clue, can someone explain it. Who is the answer (I don't want to write his name here and give it away to people who read the comments first)? I assume that's his catchphrase?
Level 77
Nov 20, 2017
"Who's the Boss" was the sitcom that he starred in. He was also the subject of an Elton John song, if you believe Phoebe from "Friends".
Level 77
Nov 20, 2017
What's a Thorstein Veblen??? Sounds like some kind of bovine disease.
Level 81
May 27, 2018
A vague, vague memory from U.S. history class in high school.
Level 67
Sep 12, 2018
He's an economist who theorized that sales of luxury goods increase when prices go up.
Level 44
Sep 4, 2018
Considering the pop-culture bent of this quiz ´brother of John and Robert´had me thinking of boy bands. Or maybe i´m just dense.
Level 62
Sep 12, 2018
Random observation: the people in this quiz include the founder of University of Virginia (Thomas Jefferson), as well as two alumni (Ted Kennedy and Tina Fey).
Level 67
Sep 12, 2018
Tracey Ullman <3
Level 72
Sep 12, 2018
Got all but the dead moose guy. You know what? I'm cool with that.
Level 79
Jan 29, 2019
It's true, people are more likely to think something is valuable and worth buying if it costs more. One of Starbucks' chief innovations that led to their success was charging $3+ for something that everyone else was selling for 50 cents. People are schmucks.