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Regions of France Map Quiz

Fill in the blank map of France by correctly selecting each highlighted region.
Overseas regions not pictured
Last updated: October 29, 2018
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Centre-Val de Loire
Grand Est
Nouvelle Aquitaine
Pays de la Loire
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
This Region is:
level 67
Jan 27, 2014
The best I've ever done on this is 18/22... pretty hard
level 37
Feb 21, 2014
I guessed Languedoc wrong twice. Guess I better brush up
level 30
Aug 21, 2014
Facile pour un français !
level 36
Feb 9, 2015
100% I am American and live in America.
level 51
Jan 12, 2019
level 59
Apr 13, 2015
Where has Monaco gone? You've got the borders of Andorra and Luxembourg, but Monaco is seemingly swallowed up in Cote d'Azur.
level 73
Jun 27, 2015
Monaco is so tiny that it has only a 5km border with France. You could barely see it at this scale.
level 62
Dec 1, 2015
Actually the regions of France have changed now, there are less, bigger regions.
level 37
Mar 2, 2016
Please update
level 73
Apr 16, 2016
The new entities does not already have an official name, maybe later when this clusterf*ck will be settled.
level 57
Mar 26, 2016
19/22 on my first try. Kind of surprised by it, Thanks EU4!
level 56
Aug 27, 2016
playing in the french region enough to remember all the provinces is nothing to be proud of
level 37
Apr 29, 2016
Great quiz! Unfortunately, from a geography buff point of view, France now has only 13 regions. Need to update. Thanks!
level ∞
Aug 11, 2016
I had to wait for the new regions to get names. Why they didn't sort that out first I have no idea.
level 65
Aug 19, 2016
The whole process has been an unbelievable mess for no reason whatsoever. There were not too many regions in France, there were and still are too many municipalities. Of France's 36.000 cities, 27.000 have fewer than 1000 inhabitants. Nearly half of all cities have fewer than 500 inhabitants. But if you want to change that, you have to deal with the 500.000+ city councillor, and the 500.000+ others who'd like to become a city councillor - which already amounts to several times the members of all French political parties. It's a mess. Sorry. Rant over.
level 59
Aug 27, 2016
Sounds like some unbelievable bureaucratic non-sense.
level 57
May 13, 2016
You are missing some Regions. Such as French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique etc....
level 82
Aug 15, 2016
But as they aren't on this map, I support the omission.
level 43
Aug 27, 2016
Me too, because this regions are a regions of France and not a overseas regions.
level 43
Aug 27, 2016
otherwise indicate "Metropolitan" beside France
level 57
Aug 27, 2016
The thumbnail looks a bit skewed.
level 20
Aug 28, 2016
What about French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion and Mayotte?
level 34
Aug 29, 2016
If you cannot get Grand Est, there is something very wrong with your French.
level 54
Sep 23, 2016
So much easier with the merges, I half forgot some of the old regions
level 45
Mar 26, 2017
I have never been to France, nor do I know much about it. I guessed all regions on my first try simply from my knowledge of history and geography, many of the names have little hints like that.
level 53
May 13, 2017
How come Bretagne is Brittany in the quiz but Bourgogne isn't Burgundy?
level 22
Jun 25, 2017
"Bourgogne" should be "Burgundy"