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Religion General Knowledge #5

Answer these questions about various world religions, past and present.
Last updated: September 20, 2018
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What country has the most Orthodox Christians?
What Indian religious principle can be roughly defined as "what goes around comes around"?
According to 2014 Gallup poll, what country has the highest percentage of people
who don't consider themselves religious (90%)?
What Islamic religious symbol can be found on the flags of 19 different countries,
including Turkey and Malaysia?
What religious symbol is depicted on the flag of Israel?
Star of David
Who was the Greek goddess of wisdom?
What is the name for the belief that, after death, a person starts a life in a new body?
What is the term for a person who has been canonized?
a Saint
According to Jewish folklore, who had a first wife named Lilith?
What country has the most Shia muslims?
What hallucinogen desert plant do some Native Americans consume for religious purposes?
In Chinese philosophy, what is the opposite of "Yang"?
What is the Asian country with the largest Christian population?
The Chinese government recongizes five religions: Buddhism, Catholicism,
Islam, Protestantism, and ... ?
What American religious group is famous for eschewing modern technology?
The Amish
What title was given to the supreme Islamic leaders who succeeded Mohammed?
(Hint: starts with C)
Who called religion "the opium of the people"?
Karl Marx
Who was the first patriarch of the Jewish religion?
What is the name for a form of government based on religion?
What are Seraphim and Cherubim?
level 59
Feb 15, 2018
It's kind of odd that the Chinese government recognizes Buddhism. It's really not a religion and more of a way of life.
level 80
Feb 16, 2018
That's how a lot people view their own belief system.
level 69
Feb 16, 2018
I'm a Buddhist and I'm fine with calling it a religion, as it has many of the traditional components: mythologies, rituals, sacred texts, holy days, ordination, study, contemplation, etc. Some people find calling a school of thought that doesn't recognize God as being inherently disqualified from being called a religion, but I think most of those people probably believe in God :-)
level 71
Sep 13, 2018
Right - a religion does not have to be theistic
level 58
Feb 16, 2018
"Metempsychosis" for "reincarnation" should also be accepted.
level 73
Feb 16, 2018
That question's not well worded anyway, as reincarnation isn't the word for the belief but for the process.
level 71
Feb 19, 2018
Agreed - it's interesting to realise there's no actual word that means "having a belief in reincarnation". That's a riddle that'll take me few lifetimes to contemplate.
level 70
Feb 17, 2018
agreed, i think metempsychosis is even more correct
level 74
Feb 16, 2018
Easy. Couldn't think of the quote for a while... which I usually see translated "religion is the opiate of the masses"
level 52
Feb 16, 2018
Would Quakers be an acceptable answer for the 'eschewing modern technology' question?
level 64
Feb 16, 2018
No. Quakers, generally speaking, do not avoid modern technology.
level 74
Feb 16, 2018
Tried payote, payoti, payotte, payotti, pajote, pajoti, pajotte, pajotte, pyote, pyoti, pyotte, pyotti. If the quiz was a few more hours, I might have eventually tried peyote. Or maybe there could be some flexibility on this one?
level 75
Feb 26, 2018
Well I tried peyotl, which is the original Nahuatl name (and also what it's called in French).
level 39
Feb 17, 2018
Absolutely Kalbahamut: "Opiate of the masses" is the quote from Karl Marx.
level 65
Feb 17, 2018
that's how it's usually translated into English, anyway.
level 66
Feb 17, 2018
I disagree. I've heard a few times that it should be opiate but the original quote in German is 'das Opium des Volkes'. The German word Opium mostly naturally translates as Opium, so Quizmaster has it right.
level 71
Feb 18, 2018
In communist eastern Europe it was translated as opium
level 74
Mar 2, 2018
I said it's how I usually see it translated. But Marx was not writing in English.
level 12
Feb 22, 2018
you should do a 1900s music quiz
level 70
Mar 19, 2018
That China answer surprised me. Notwithstanding the government's official position on the matter, I would have thought there would be much higher religious adherence amongst the population.
level 74
Oct 29, 2018
Contemporary Chinese life is still heavily influenced by Confucianism and Maoism and some consider these to be religions (with a dash of Buddhism, Taoism, and ancestor worship thrown in for good measure), but I think what this says is that the average Chinese person does not think of it this way.
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