Robert De Niro Movies Quiz

Name these movies that have starred Robert De Niro.
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Last updated: November 20, 2019
First submittedNovember 2, 2012
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Wannabe comedian goes insane and starts killing people.
Hilarity ensues as a retired executive gets a new job as an intern.
The Intern
Two people with mental illness fall in love while practicing for a dance competition.
The father of one is a die-hard Eagles fan.
Silver Linings
Dishonest male nurse must win the approval of his girlfriend's father,
a former CIA operative.
Meet the Parents
Mobster seeks therapy after having panic attacks.
Analyze This
Freelancing intelligence agent tries to recover a suitcase wanted by the
Russians and the Irish Republican Army.
Number-crunching mobster and his violent friend Nicky run a
gambling establishment in Vegas.
Boy growing up in a New York borough has an honest bus driver father
and a kind-hearted mob boss mentor.
A Bronx Tale
On the Carolina coast, a psychotic rapist stalks the family of his former lawyer.
Cape Fear
Chicago brothers are firefighters who must track down an arsonist.
"I always wanted to be a gangster" says a boy who grew up to be just that.
Bounty hunter has five days to capture an accountant wanted by both
the FBI and the mob.
Midnight Run
Only Elliot Ness has the guts to take on gangster Al Capone.
The Untouchables
The true story of boxer Jake LaMotta.
Raging Bull
American soldiers from a steel town in Pennsylvania are captured in Vietnam
and forced to play Russian roulette.
The Deer Hunter
Cab driver takes vigilante action against a New York City pimp.
Taxi Driver
Sicilian man escapes to America where he becomes a respected mob boss.
The Godfather:
Part II
Level 66
Dec 26, 2014
the words mob and mobster are very repeated
Level ∞
Dec 26, 2014
I wonder why
Level 84
Dec 27, 2014
Really hoped to see Midnight Run on here! And I think QM was kind to DeNiro; he's made a fair number of stinkers but nearly all these are pretty good.
Level 81
Dec 30, 2014
yeah most of these movies were good, but the majority of them were from very early in his career. I think the point was, if you look at the 70s, 80s, and early 90s... you have easily one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. Look at the 2000s, though? You get... New Year's Eve, Meet the Fockers, Little Fockers, Killer Elite, Analyze That, Shark Tale, and a whole bunch of crappy low-budget movies most people have never heard of. Considering his stature, it's odd that he would consider such roles. He's made 7 movies just since 2003 that are rated under 10% at RottenTomatoes. The only thing he's done recently that was any good was Silver Linings Playbook.
Level 81
Dec 31, 2014
To put my last comment in perspective a bit. Many actors and directors go their entire careers without ever making a film so badly reviewed that it's under 10% at RottenTomatoes. DeNiro, on the other hand, has made seven in just the last 10 years.
Level 77
Dec 13, 2016
Level 78
Dec 28, 2014
Unbelievable that Heat doesn't show up on either this or the Al Pacino quiz. Seeing those two together on the screen (in something other than the Godfather) is fantastic. "Never have anything in your life that you can't walk out on in thirty seconds flat, if you spot the heat coming around the corner." There are more memorable quotes from that film, but none that would probably pass the censor.
Level 37
Apr 10, 2018
DeNiro played a young version of Michael's father in Godfather II, but they didn't appear together on screen. Totally agree about "Heat", however, it was great seeing them play off each other. Great film!
Level 61
May 13, 2015
Was surprised not to see his role in Stardust on here XD
Level 49
Aug 10, 2017
Midnight Run really deserves to be on here
Level ∞
Nov 20, 2019
Added that one.
Level ∞
Dec 4, 2019
.... and it's the least-guessed answer.
Level 57
Feb 15, 2020
It still deserved to be on though.
Level 72
Aug 23, 2017
Awakenings is greatly missed.
Level 83
Aug 3, 2018
First movie I like Robin Williams as an actor.
Level 85
Nov 20, 2019
Would love to have seen Brazil on here.
Level 72
Nov 21, 2019
Angel Heart! It’s a cult classic.
Level 75
Dec 6, 2019
The movie I miss is The King of Comedy, but you can never satisfy everyone with such a quiz. I like the fact that "A Bronx Tale" is there, it's a great mafia-themed movie for people who don't like mafia movies (and also those who do).
Level 59
Dec 21, 2019
Jackie Brown should be on here
Level 75
Feb 15, 2020
One of the most hilarious characters IMO.
Level 80
Feb 8, 2020
The 2 least-guessed, Ronin and Midnight Run, are my 2 favorites of his.
Level 81
Feb 15, 2020
To add to the long list of conspicuously absent films already mentioned above: The Irishman!
Level 62
Feb 15, 2020
Two of my favourite de Niro films: Ronin and A Bronx Tale are here. My three favourite de Niro films that are missing: Heat, Angel Heart and The King of Comedy.
Level 45
Apr 8, 2020
Wasn't he in Home Alone?
Level 45
Apr 8, 2020
Also Irishman
Level 34
Jun 18, 2020
Where the hell is ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA?
Level 37
Jan 24, 2021
loved him in the fan.

Come on Bobby