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SAT Vocabulary Words Starting With C

Can you guess the definitions of these words that commonly appear on the Scholastic Aptitude Test?
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Last updated: October 16, 2019
First submittedSeptember 21, 2019
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1. Callow (adjective)
Overly simplified
Having a yellowish complexion
Lacking in experience
Handsome but unintelligent
We can't expect wise decisions from these callow youths
2. Candid (adjective)
Honest; frank
We need to have a candid discussion about your drinking problem
3. Calamity (noun)
A speech intended to inflame passions
A type of officer on a naval ship
A damaging lie
A disaster
Most of the buildings were destroyed in the calamity of 1906
4. Capricious (adjective)
Warm and pleasant
Impulsive and unpredictable
The President's capricious behavior damaged relationships with vital allies
5. Capitulate (verb)
To conduct a census
To surrender
To give an explanation or excuse
To remove the head of
Japan finally capitulated on August 15th, 1945
6. Castigate (verb)
To shower with praise
To release from servitude
To reprimand severely
To cripple
She was castigated by the online mob for using an incorrect pronoun
7. Catharsis (noun)
The part of a story's plot that happens after the climax
A reversal of fortunes
A dramatic release of emotional tension
A sudden revelation
The tears brought the catharsis she needed
8. Clemency (noun)
Disorder; confusion
A cloying sweetness
A condition of lowered intelligence caused by iodine deficiency
Leniency or mercy in judgement
The defendant pled for clemency from the judge
9. Craven (adjective)
Having a dark color
Highly sought after
Legendary or mythical
The craven soldiers refused to fight
10. Colloquial (adjective)
Like a bell
Related to monks or religious scholars
Cliquish; secretive
Related to informal, everyday speech
Please refrain from using colloquial expressions in legal documents
11. Concurrent (adjective)
Happening at the same time
The two semifinals were held concurrently
12. Cede (verb)
To yield or surrender something
To completely destroy
To underline or highlight
To travel around the perimeter of something
After losing the war, Mexico was forced to cede much of its territory to the United States
13. Calumny (noun)
The alignment of two or more planets
A slanderous accusation
A bowl-like depression in the earth
A disaster
The newspaper printed calumnies against me
14. Cynic (noun)
One who distrusts the motivations of others
A young swan
A petty criminal
A corrosive acid
The cynic does not believe that humans are capable of true love
15. Concise (adjective)
Merely satisfactory
Brief but comprehensive
The board members appreciated her concise summary of the relevant facts
Level 83
Sep 21, 2019
Cool. Number 8 has a typo, should be defendant, not defendent. Also why don't you have periods at the end of the example sentences?
Level ∞
Sep 21, 2019
Fixed the spelling
Level 69
Oct 3, 2019
Great quiz :D
Level 77
Oct 24, 2019
First one I've aced in quite a while, so of course I think it's a great quiz, too. :)
Level 68
Oct 16, 2019
I reckon the answer for "capitulate" should start "to give", not "the give"?
Level ∞
Oct 16, 2019
Level 56
Oct 24, 2019
I was wrong about 'capitulate' as I remembered that 'caput' means 'head' so I answered 'beheading'. And I answered 'bold' for 'candid' as some people (especially in Ireland) use 'bold' to mean a bit upfront and outspoken (e.g. 'My kid is being bold by answering back') rather than meaning 'brave' or 'courageous'.
Level 74
Oct 24, 2019
Same root, but it means headings, like drawing up terms for surrender under different headings(topics).
Level 68
Oct 24, 2019
Great quiz. More please.
Level 49
Mar 10, 2020
lmao, only got 7 out of 15, I guess that's what I get for only being a first-year in high school
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