Seattle Trivia Quiz

Based on the clues, name these facts about the Seattle area.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: August 30, 2018
First submittedAugust 11, 2010
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Most famous landmark
The Space Needle
Event for which the above was built
1962 World's Fair
Huge volcano visible from the city
Mount Rainier
Oceanic sound on which Seattle is located
Puget Sound
Airline based in Seattle
Alaska Airlines
What gets thrown at Pike Place market
What you'll see at the Chihuly museum
Two richest people in the world
(as of August 2018)
Jeff Bezos
Bill Gates
Aircraft company founded in Seattle
Rapper who goes to thrift shops
County that Seattle is within
Seattle is famous for this - but gets less
than New York, Boston, or Houston
Two nearest major cities to Seattle
Mountain ranges visible from Seattle
Olympic Mountains
Pro sports teams
Famous 1990s grunge bands
Layne Staley
Alice in Chains
Kurt Cobain
Eddie Vedder
Pearl Jam
Chris Cornell
Most famous TV shows
set in Seattle
Kelsey Grammer
Patrick Dempsey
Grey's Anatomy
Biggest companies based
in the Seattle area
Level 78
Aug 15, 2013
Should accept Mt. Baker for the volcano as it is frequently visible from Seattle as well, plus Jet City for nickname.
Level 62
Aug 19, 2013
Alaska Airlines?! Ugh, talk about false advertising. ;-)
Level 58
Nov 18, 2015
No kidding, right?
Level 81
May 25, 2014
Based any knowledge mainly on Fifty Shades of Grey :P
Level 83
Jun 1, 2015
Most famous grunge bands is a bit vague. Could include Hole or Foo Fighters or others.

Still, fun quiz.

Level ∞
Apr 12, 2017
Added the lead singer as a clue.
Level 80
Jan 23, 2016
I now know about a dozen WRONG ways to spell "Rainier!"
Level 75
Jul 10, 2016
A great shame Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine does not get a mention in this quiz.
Level 78
Apr 12, 2017
About rain – it seems it's similar to London. It doesn't rain so much as the stereotype says, but it rains often and if it doesn't, it's often cloudy. Averages from Wikipedia:

Seattle: 950mm, 152 days with precipitations, 2170

NYC: 1270mm. 122 days, 2535h

Boston: 1110mm, 126 days, 2633h

Houston: 1260mm, 104 days, 2578h

London: 600mm, 110 days, 1632h

Bern: 1060mm, 124 days, 1682 h

Ljubljana: 1360mm, 153 days, 1974h

Podgorica: 1660mm, 122 days, 2473h

Level 78
Jun 26, 2017
h = hours of sun
Level 62
Jun 26, 2017
very cool to see. cool and cloudy.
Level 82
Apr 14, 2017
Rainier gives away rain. Also, it's pretty sad not to see Jimi in here :/.
Level 30
Jul 22, 2017
Word is, Jimi didn't like Seattle.
Level 76
Feb 5, 2019
He spent way more time in Vancouver, hanging with his grandmother in the Hogan Alley neighbourhood.
Level 69
Jun 26, 2017
Wow I didn't know Houston got so many rain.
Level 65
Jun 26, 2017
Tacoma and Bellevue for major cities. >.>
Level 63
Jun 26, 2017
Quizmaster, for a TV show whose title character is female, you chose a male actor who moreover was not part of the complete series run. You picked rightly the actor playing the title character of the other TV show (Sorry those trying to cheat from the comments!), so I cannot imagine any reason not to list Ellen Pompeo but the patriarchy.
Level 66
Jun 26, 2017
Your point is a fair one, although I would point out that Patrick Dempsey has become more of a star in his own right than Ellen Pompeo (whose name I had to look up). Dempsey certainly isn't a superstar, but he does show up in a lot of mainstream movies. The only movie I can think of with Ellen Pompeo is Old School. So if you're trying to make the clue more accessible to the general public, you might pick the most famous actor from the show (although that's actually probably Catherine Heigl anyway). This is all very unscientific of course, but I could imagine someone picking Patrick Dempsey over Ellen Pompeo because Dempsey is generally a more recognized name...but then, why not pick Heigl? Who knows.
Level 81
Jun 27, 2017
Apparently they haven't been there since 2008 but I'm still sure more people know the Supersonics than the Sounders. I haven't been in the States in a long time... are people acting like soccer is a real sport now?
Level 62
Jun 29, 2017
Level 44
Sep 22, 2017
Should accept Salmon for fish since it always is...
Level 76
Feb 5, 2019
Good one. Any chance you can accept Expo for World's Fair? It's a commonly accepted short form (from World Exposition).
Level 70
Apr 26, 2019
Interesting only 12% got Costco. Must just be a North American thing!
Level 44
Jul 6, 2019
What defines a major city?
Level 44
Jul 6, 2019
For example, why doesn't Tacoma work?
Level 78
Jun 25, 2020
Often it's 100k people, but I'd argue that it also has to be the main city of its metro area and Tacoma isn't.
Level 73
Aug 23, 2019
Patrick Dempsey has been gone from GA for a little while. How about Ellen Pompeo?

Tried to put in Seattle Storm for professional sports team . . . have they moved or maybe this quiz predates them?

Level 62
Sep 6, 2020
Took me a half hour, but I got em all!
Level 59
Oct 23, 2020
You'll soon be able to add Seattle Kraken to the list of Seattle sports teams