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Shared Prefixes Quiz #2

Each pair of words starts with the same prefix. Guess the prefix.
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: December 4, 2019
First submittedOctober 4, 2011
Times taken20,398
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Pyrotechnic, Pyromaniac
Bicycle, Biped
Zooplankton, Zookeeper
Miniskirt, Minivan
Democracy, Demography
Malodorous, Malfeasance
Contraband, Contraception
Neolithic, Neonatal
Geothermal, Geodesic
Multicultural, Multigrain
Interchange, Interloper
Stepladder, Stepbrother
Downgrade, Downtrodden
Foreground, Forefather
Amphitheater, Amphibious
Synapse, Syntax
Nonfactor, Nondairy
Circumscribe, Circumnavigate
Counterpunch, Counterweight
Dismount, Disrobe
Telegram, Telecommute
Level 81
Oct 5, 2011
What about deband and deception?
Level ∞
Oct 5, 2011
I actually used a computer program to generate these, so it's unlikely that there are any oversights. Deband isn't in my dictionary. Are you thinking of disband?
Level 24
Oct 6, 2011
How could I not get Miniskirt and Minivan?! :(
Level 55
Oct 13, 2011
Dammit! Wrote 'amphi' without the h..
Level 58
May 26, 2014
I read dairy as "diary", and I had no word that ended in "diary", let alone one that matched with factor.
Level 83
Feb 15, 2016
"Holy ground" and "holy father" anyone? Although I do know it's not an acceptable answer, I had to try.
Level 77
Mar 22, 2016
I tried it too! Though I have to admit, those are both two-word phrases.
Level 59
Mar 29, 2016
Flashed to SpongeBob to think of something having to do with Plankton and I never seen one episode of plankton in a zoo. But, I did seen an episode of Futurama with the ZooKeeper. The point I am trying to make, or the take-away from all of this, The bullet point if you may, is that I watch a lot of cartoons.
Level 71
Nov 1, 2016
"bious" isn't a word, so amphi- in this case is not a prefix.
Level 55
Nov 7, 2016
This could actually apply to alot of these words. It comes from Greek ἀμφί ‎(amphí) + βίος ‎(bíos, “life”). Today, however, these would be considered as either cranberry morphs, meaning when a morpheme appears to exist but doesn't (for example -mit in remit, transmit, commit, submit etc., or -bious in amphibious), or unpaired words, where the existence of a particular affix (for example non-) makes it seem as though an antonym should be formed upon its removal, but isn't (for example nonplussed and *plussed or nonchalant and *chalant). I suppose you can hence say that 'amphi-' is a prefix just as much as, say, 'bi-' or 'mal-' (you're not using 'ped' or 'feasance' anymore either), in that they were once formed from productive means whereas now they are just fossilised but the affixational morphology is still clear.
Level 69
Nov 1, 2016
Autocracy and autography?
Level 67
Nov 5, 2018
Yeah, this could count. They are both real words.
Level 55
Oct 29, 2019
Tried this too
Level 51
Nov 2, 2016
For ___dairy I tried "Legend". I even waited for it...
Level 76
Feb 25, 2017
Nice! Partial credit for creativity, surely.
Level 68
Jul 26, 2017
I even tried "milk"
Level 39
Sep 14, 2017
how about tri-
Level 67
Nov 5, 2018
I've never heard of a triped. Tripod, sure, but not triped.
Level 81
Jul 15, 2019
i saw a dog come out of a vet once which was best described as a triped.
Level 66
Oct 7, 2019
Missed; zoo, multi (should have gotten that one), down, syn (could help to think about taxes) and non. I was about to look nondairy up, because I wanted to say I have never heard of it and wondered what it could mean, but then it dawned, ow do they mean non-dairy? It is weird without a hyphen.
Level 48
Nov 13, 2019
I've never heard of nondairy or nonfactor. Regional terms perhaps.
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