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Simpsons Trivia Quiz #2

Can you answer these questions from the TV show "The Simpsons"?
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedMarch 31, 2010
Last updatedAugust 27, 2018
Times taken34,418
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Who says "D'oh!"
What is Springfield's rival town?
Who is the local underboss of the Springfield mafia?
Fat Tony
Who drives the school bus?
What put Ogdenville and North Haverbrook on the map?
What was the name of the dog briefly featured on the Itchy & Scratchy show?
What is the name of Flanders's store?
The Leftorium
Who said "I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords?"
Kent Brockman
What word did Freddy Quimby want the French waiter to say correctly?
Molloy the Cat Burgler attempted to steal the world's largest what?
Cubic Zirconia
What is the secret ingredient in a Flaming Moe?
Cough Syrup
Who shot Mr. Burns?
What does Smithers collect?
Malibu Stacy Dolls
What is the name of Springfield's baseball team?
The Isotopes
What is the profession of Krusty's father?
Who was the voice of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure?
Phil Hartman
Who is Lisa's first boyfriend?
What is Chief Wiggum's first name?
Ned and Marge starred in a community production of what play?
A Streetcar Named Desire
What is the name of Lisa's teacher?
Miss Hoover
level 37
Apr 23, 2013
Can you allow Leftatorium?
level ∞
Sep 17, 2017
Four years later, Leftatorium will work
level 32
Apr 23, 2013
cough medicine?
level ∞
Apr 27, 2013
That will work now.
level 74
Sep 30, 2013
level 55
Apr 27, 2014
The play is actually called "Oh, Streetcar!"
level 67
Feb 17, 2018
A stranger's just a friend you haven't met.
level 39
Dec 4, 2018
I thought my life would be a Mardi Gras, A neverending party... Hah! I'm just a faded southern belle without a dime
level 43
May 23, 2014
Instead of Flaming Moe I was putting the ingredients of the "Forget-me-shot" with the Jagermeister and the venom of the moth or butterfly or whatever it was. I tried so many different things... for the wrong drink lol
level 56
Nov 2, 2017
"the secret ingredient is...... love?? is this thing broken or something?"
level 10
Nov 23, 2017
where did u see that? ;)
level 46
Feb 18, 2018
Whooosh! Over their head.
level 85
Mar 8, 2015
Nelson is Lisa's 4th boyfriend. Ralph season 4 episode 15, Hugh Parkfield season 6 episode 19, Langdon Alger season 7 episode 20 and THEN Nelson season 8 episode 7.
level 64
Apr 9, 2015
Hugh was in the future, though, so he's actually way after all the boyfriends Lisa has had in the show.
level 45
Jun 27, 2015
Ralph wasn't Lisa's boyfriend, he had a crush on her, but she didn't like him, hence they weren't dating. As previously stated Hugh was her college bf so doesn't count, and Langdon Alger was a boy Lisa liked but only for a few days, that doesn't mean they were dating.
level 62
Apr 11, 2016
She did go on a date with Ralph. Just because she didn't actually like him doesn't mean they weren't briefly dating.
level 66
Apr 12, 2016
it says who was her boyfriend. one date (that she accepted out of pity) does not make him her boyfriend.
level 66
Apr 12, 2016
And since Hugh was in the future, Ralph liked her but she didn't like Ralph, and she like langdon but never (that I know of) went on a date with him. I would say nelson is the clear winner
level 39
Jan 11, 2017
I totally forgot about cough syrup! I thought it was the butterfly venom.
level 76
Feb 17, 2018
The first question was so obvious I thought this was going to be really easy. That was some major misdirection!
level 75
Feb 17, 2018
That's the only one I knew. At least I tried.
level 67
Feb 17, 2018
I tried Malibu Stacies. Kids collect "Barbies," right?
level 44
Feb 18, 2018
100% FOR THE PERSON THAT SAYS D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
level 39
Dec 4, 2018
*annoyed grunt*
level 62
Dec 14, 2018
Put Clam Chowder instead of just Chowder. Oops.
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