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Simpsons Trivia Quiz #4

Can you answer these questions from the TV show "The Simpsons"?
Quiz by Quizmaster
First submittedAugust 3, 2010
Last updatedAugust 27, 2018
Times taken26,421
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Who is Principal Skinner's boss?
Superintendent Chalmers
Who starred in the Planet of the Apes musical?
Troy McClure
Homer works in what sector of the power plant?
Sector 7G
What is the name of Homer's barbershop quartet?
The Be-Sharps
What is Mr. Burns catchphrase?
What theme park is the "violentest place on Earth?"
Itchy & Scratchy Land
On what street do the Simpsons live?
Evergreen Terrace
Who created the Simpsons?
Matt Groening
What is Marge's maiden name?
What country threatens to give Bart “The Boot” for making a prank call?
Who is Bart's best friend?
Who owns the military antiques store?
Who is the evil mastermind of the Globex Corporation? Hint: He was a great boss
Hank Scorpio
What late-night host was once a Simpsons' writer?
Conan O'Brien
What is the name of the Simpson family cat?
Snowball 2
What is Marge's worst addiction?
Who is Springfield's mayor?
Diamond Joe Quimby
What convenience store does Apu own?
And what is that store's version of a Slurpee?
What is peculiar about baby Gerald, Maggie's nemesis?
His Unibrow
level 21
Oct 5, 2013
nobody calls it a unibrow, it's a monobrow
level ∞
Oct 6, 2013
Unibrow is far more popular according to Google. Nevertheless, I'll allow monobrow now.
level 35
Oct 27, 2013
Please tell me you're kidding. I have never heard of the word monobrow ever.. or it being in use. It's a g'dam unibrow
level 42
Jun 20, 2014
It's called a uni-brow in Minnesota but in the show Lisa refers to him as "the baby with the one eye brow"
level 48
Oct 10, 2017
Ask Anthony Davis what he calls his
level 10
Oct 16, 2013
Can you accept one eyebrow for unibrow?
level 17
Feb 2, 2014
fun! i thought an 80 was good, but its a 67 on the curve :(
level 76
Jun 1, 2014
I got 1. Never saw the show.
level 57
Oct 5, 2018
I got 0. I even thought I'd try my luck with the country 'boot' question and guess Italy....yeah that didn't work.
level 64
Apr 29, 2014
So, I retook this quiz just to see if it would accept SuperNintendo Chalmers. And it did! Kudos to you, quizmaster.
level 62
Aug 21, 2019
It accepts anything before a surname, so it's not an Easter egg disappointingly.
level 11
May 1, 2014
You should accept Shoplifting for Marge's worst addiction, there was an episode where she was a kleptomaniac.....
level 16
May 8, 2015
Also, Long Island ice teas
level 67
Feb 6, 2018
They should call them LARGE Island iced teas!
level 44
Jul 10, 2014
20/20 but shoe accept 'eyebrows'.
level 44
Jul 10, 2014
Yes! 20/20, This beats or equals 100% of test takers.
level 27
May 6, 2015
I put "Itchy and Strachty land" and it didn't accept it
level 44
Jul 14, 2015
Because that spelling is not in any way correct for Scratchy.
level 69
Oct 5, 2018
That's unpossible
level 54
Oct 19, 2015
Mr. Burns' catchphrase is release the hounds. Do you even watch The Simpsons?
level 48
Oct 10, 2017
no need to be a jerk. he says "excellent" far more than he does release the hounds
level 61
Oct 5, 2018
"Excellent" was used as Burns' catchphrase in "Bart Gets Famous" (Season 5) where everyone did their catchphrases. Or did you miss that episode?
level 60
Oct 5, 2018
He says "excellent" way more than he says "release the hounds." I actually thought of "ahoy, hoy" first...
level 39
Apr 20, 2019
Or "Simpson, eh?"
level 28
Mar 30, 2016
level 57
Oct 6, 2018
points to the quizmaster for mentioning the two best simpson episodes, "Bart vs Australia" and "You Only Move Twice"
level 55
Oct 26, 2018
Remember the Simpsons was good and not the steaming pile of cow dung it is now?
level 40
Apr 21, 2019
Says who? You?
level 67
May 3, 2019
A little more leeway on the type ins for the barbershop quartet please.
level 67
Jun 13, 2019
Oh, terrace is spelt with a C. T.T
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